italy Cascina Costa Agusta

Gallarate, Lombardia

1.6265LIMC Milano Malpensa, Lombardia
9.7339LILG Vergiate, Lombardia
12.6207LIMN Cameri, Piedmont
16.5 42LILN Venegono, Lombardia
20.7 5LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia
21.7 85 Saronno,

45° 37' 53.04'' N - 8° 44' 36.10'' E

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News about this location

Third AW609 Tiltrotor Prototype Closer To Maiden Flight, 04-May-16 : Third AW609 prototype completed first ground round in Italy. Now flight tests are scheduled in mid-2016 in Philadelphia with certification expected in 2018

AW109 Trekker First Flight, 02-Mar-16 : Finmeccanica announced the maiden flight of the new AgustaWestland AW109 Trekker light twin engine helicopter prototype at Cascina Costa , Italy

Third AW169 Performs Its Maiden Flight, 23-Nov-12 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that the third prototype of the new generation 4.5 tonne light intermediate AW169 helicopter recently successfully completed its maiden flight at Cascina Costa in Italy.

AW189 Completes Its Maiden Flight, 22-Dec-11 : The AW189 twin engine 8-tonne class helicopter completed its maiden flight at Cascina Costa plant in Italy


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By Date | By Serial

1987-dec-14 S-61D-3N-3007
1990 Basic Flight TestingUK Westlandeh.101PP1
2007-sep-23 A109a-IIMM81318 / CC-106
2007-sep-23 A109a-IIMM81468 / GdiF-145
2007-sep-23 A109cmMM81249 / EI-872
2007-sep-23 A109e PowerI-PWER
2007-sep-23 A109e PowerI-VRGT
2007-sep-23 A109e PowerI-FZIT
2007-sep-23 ab139I-ATWO
2007-sep-23 AB206B-3PS-90
2007-sep-23 ab212MM81501 / EI-418
2007-sep-23 AB212 ICOMM81157
2007-sep-23 ab412hpMM81505 / GdiF-217
2007-sep-23 ab412spMM81385 / 9-04
2007-sep-23 AS-61RMM80975 / 15-02
2007-sep-23 AW139I-DPCK
2007-sep-23 CH-47C ChinookMM81230 / EI-829
2007-sep-23 EH101 Mk.413MM81633 / 2-18
2007-sep-23 NH90 TTHCSX81517 / EI-200
2011-dec-21 AgustaWestland ItalyAW189I-RAIH
2013-feb-19 Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAW139MMM81798
2013-jul-25 AgustaWestland ItalyAW609N609AG
2014 Polizia di StatoAB47J-3MM80728
2015-oct-30 accidentAgustaWestland ItalyAW609N609AG
2016-mar-02 first flightAgustaWestland ItalyAW109S GrandI-AGGR
2017 Agusta SpaA102I-AGUT

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