Rosyth , Mid Scotland and Fife , Scotland

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Inverkeithing , Scotland 3.6239GBINK
HMD Rosyth , Scotland 6.4254GBROY
Edinburgh , Scotland 10.1184EGPH
Crombie , Scotland 11.4265GBCMP
Leith Docks , Scotland 12.3120GBLEI
Robb Caledon (Leith) , Scotland 12.6120


1917 to 1959

56° 2' 25'' N     3° 21' 0'' W
2.5nm NE of North Queensferry, Rosyth, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scotland
Elevation: 125 feet

First used by Royal Flying Corps by 1917, Donibristle became an RN Air Station by Aug 1917, only to be handed to the RAF when it was created on 1 Apr 1918. Largely inactive from 1921, it reopened in 1925 and in May 1939, it was commissioned as HMS Merlin for aircraft refit, refurbishment and parts recovery as an Aircraft Yard (RNAY). Hoverfly were repaired at Donibristle as early as 1947 .

HMS Merlin was decommissioned in Nov 1953 when routine flying ceased and the site became HMS Cochrane, which took on much of the Dragonfly conversion work. During 1958 its closure was announced, most work ceased on 28 Aug 1959 and the site closed in Oct 1959, although there was still some minor activity until c 1963.

The site was re-developed for light industry and by Jul 1965 house building had begun for the New Town to become Dalgety Bay.

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List of aircraft and events at Donibristle

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1953-mar-10 HR.3 conversion705 NAS HR.1 VZ963

1954-apr RepairRN HR.3 WP504
1954-jun HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WG664
1954-aug Repair705 NAS HR.1 VZ962

1955-feb RN HR.3 WN495
1955-sep-20 WreckRN HAR.1 XA863
1955-sep-30 RepairRN HR.3 WN492

1956-nov HR.5 conversionETPS HR.1 VX595
1956-nov HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WP494

1957-jan Conv HR.5RN HR.3 WG667
1957-jan Conv to HR.5RN HR.3 WP502
1957-feb HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WN499
1957-may Conv HR.5RN HR.3 WP504
1957-jun HR5 conversionRN HR.3 WP495
1957-jul RN HRS-2 WV198
1957-oct Conv. HR.5RN HR.3 WG752
1957-nov HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WP493
1957-dec Conv HR.5RN HR.3 WN492
1957-dec-06 Conv HR.5RN HR.3 WN493

1958-jan-21 Accident701 NAS HAR3 XG581
1958-mar HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WN500
1958-mar Conv HR.5RN HR.3 WG718
1958-apr HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WG751
1958-apr-02 HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WG724
1958-jul HR.5 conversionRN HR.3 WG722
1958-jul Conv HR.5RN HR.3 WG709

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