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  • belgium Koksijde / Coxyde AB

    Koksijde, West-Vlaanderen


    Satellite and aerial maps of Koksijde / Coxyde AB with nearby locations

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    2.7150EBVS Veurne Ziekenhuis, West-Vlaanderen
    7.1162EBVE Veurne, West-Vlaanderen
    8.6235LFAK Les Moeres, Hauts-de-France
    16.2116EBDI Diksmuide Heliport, West-Vlaanderen
    18.8049EBNH Oostende Heliport, West-Vlaanderen
    19.7048EBOS Ostend / Bruges, West-Vlaanderen

    51° 5' 0'' N - 2° 39' 0'' E
    0.5nm SE of Koksijde
    Elevation: 20 feet

    History of this Location

    Final flight of Sea King Mk48 in Belgian service took place here on 21 Mar 2019.

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    List of units at Koksijde / Coxyde AB

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1974/    40 SquadronNH90 2013/   
    Sea King Mk.48 1976/18
    HSS-1 Seabat 1974/86
    S-58C 1974/77

    Koksijde / Coxyde AB News

    Koksijde SAR Meet 2016, 07-Oct-16 : Belgium with Austria, Germany and Poland taking part of Search and Rescue SAR Meet 2016 at Koksijde, October 10-14

    Belgian NH90 First SAR Mission, 28-Aug-15 : Belgium NH90 Kaaiman helicopter completed their first scramble rescue mission evacuating an ill cruise passenger in British waters

    Belgian NH90 NFH Achieves IOC for SAR, 21-Aug-15 : Belgian 40th Squadron achieved Initial Operational Capability (IOC) for Search and Rescue (SAR) operations with the NH90 NFH helicopter


    17-may-1021-may-10SAR meet 2010

    List of aircraft and events at Koksijde / Coxyde AB

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    By Date | By Serial

    1979 Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK81 277
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+91
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   RAF HAR.3 XZ599
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   RAF HC.2 XR497
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   RAF HC.2 XV720
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   USAF HH-53C 69-5796
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   Force Aérienne Belge HSS-1 B4
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   Marineflieger MK41 89+57
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS02
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   Aéronautique Navale SA319B 262
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   Armée de l'Air SA330B 1595
    1980-jul-17 NATO SAR Meeting 1980   RNLAF SE3160 H-75
    1981-jun-03 AccidentRAF HAR10 XP347
    1983-jul-01 HAR.3 ZA105
    1983-aug-04 RAF HAR.3 ZA105
    1983-aug-04 Flyvevåbnet S-61A-1 U-276
    1983-aug-04 UN SA316B ?
    1986-jul-01 AH.1 ZB672
    1986-jul-01 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    1986-jul-01 SE3160 H-81
    1986-jul-19 AS-61R MM80983 / 15-12
    1986-jul-19 AS-61R MM80980 / 15-07
    1987-jun-01 MK81 277
    1987-jul-01 AH.1 ZA771 / Z
    1987-jul-01 AH1 XZ643
    1987-jul-01 SE3160 A-465
    1987-jul-07 HC.2 XV720
    1989 Army UH-60A 86-24531
    1989-jul-08 299 Squadron 105CB B-79
    1989-jul-08 Army AH-64A 84-24298
    1990-jul Westland Lynx G-LYNX
    1991 Force Aérienne Belge HSS-1 OT-ZKH
    1991-jul-01 CH-53G 8482
    1991-jul-01 UH-1D 7143
    1991-jul-05 AH.1 XX392 / A1
    1991-jul-05 MI-8T ?
    1991-jul-06 AS332B HD21-8
    1992-jul Heeresflieger 105P 86+60
    1992-jul-01 HAS.5 ZA167 / CU-822
    1992-jul-04 HAS.3 ZD262 / 632
    1993-jun Heeresflieger 105M 80+74
    1993-jun MD520N OO-MRI
    1993-jul ALAT SA342M 3895
    1993-jul-04 A109BA H21
    1993-jul-04 SA316B M-3 / OT-ZPC
    1994 Army OH-58A 68-16963
    1994-jul-03 Army AH-64A 85-25482
    1994-jul-03 ALAT SA341F 1420
    1994-jul-03 RNLAF SE3160 A-390
    2000-jun-27 HSS-1 B4 / OT-ZKD
    2000-jul-09 HM.1 ZH837
    2001-jul-07 UH-1D 7176
    2003-jul-04 CH-47D D-666
    2003-jul-04 SA316B M-3 / OT-ZPC
    2003-jul-05 CH-149 149915 / 915
    2003-jul-05 HAS.1 XV673 / CU-827
    2003-jul-06 HM.1 ZH858 / MM-415
    2003-jul-07 NH90 F-ZWTI
    2003-aug-27 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2004-jan-01 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2004-mar-12 HM.1 ZH831 / 583
    2004-mar-12 HM.1 ZH859 / 584
    2004-apr-28 MK41 8968
    2004-may-14 HAS.2 XZ250 / 304
    2004-jul-02 HAS.1 XV714 / R-188
    2004-jul-02 HAS.5 ZA166 / CU-828
    2004-jul-03 A109BA H01
    2004-jul-03 A109BA H45
    2004-jul-03 AB206A OO-COP
    2004-jul-03 AMI AB212ICO MM81151
    2004-jul-03 SA316B M-2 / OT-ZPB
    2004-jul-03 SA365N 91
    2004-jul-19 MK41 8961
    2004-jul-19 MK41 8961
    2004-jul-26 CH-53G 8482
    2004-oct-22 MD900 G-11
    2005-jan-19 HAR.3A ZH544 / Y
    2005-jan-26 HC.4 ZD476 / WU
    2005-jan-26 HC.4 ZB507 / WN
    2005-apr-19 SA316B M-3 / OT-ZPC
    2005-may-17 AH9 ZG888
    2005-may-22 A109BA H28
    2005-jun-11 AB412EP YU-HEK
    2005-jun-14 UH-1D 7164
    2005-jun-27 RAF CH-47D ZH775
    2005-jun-27 RAF CH-47D ZH891
    2005-jun-28 RNLAF CH-47D D-103
    2005-jul-11 SA316B M-2 / OT-ZPB
    2005-jul-12 A109BA H05
    2005-jul-29 MK41 8955
    2005-aug-01 UH-1D 7164
    2005-sep-02 A109BA H46
    2005-sep-02 AH1 ZD281 / K
    2005-sep-02 HAS.1 XV707 / 184
    2005-sep-02 SE3160 A-247
    2005-sep-02 UH-60A 87-24583
    2005-sep-03 SA318C A66
    2005-sep-03 SA365N 157
    2005-nov-03 EC135P2 271
    2005-dec-09 HC.4 ZE427
    2005-dec-29 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2006-jan-02 SA316B M-1 / OT-ZPA
    2006-jan-06 AH7 ZF538
    2006-jan-24 SA316B M-3 / OT-ZPC
    2006-may-30 RNLAF CH-47D D-103
    2006-jun-30 AB412SP R-01
    2006-jun-30 RN HM.1 ZH846 / 587
    2006-jul-01 MK48 RS01
    2006-jul-01 SA365N 91
    2006-jul-02 AS350BB ZJ276
    2006-jul-03 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2006-jul-03 MK81 278
    2006-aug-02 AH9 ZG918
    2006-aug-31 MK48 RS03
    2006-sep-08 A109BA H36
    2006-sep-11 HC.4 ZA314 / WT
    2006-sep-27 AH.1 XZ308
    2006-oct-17 MD900 G-11
    2007-jan-02 MK48 RS03
    2007-mar-03 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2007-mar-07 tdyHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+68
    2007-mar-07 tdyHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+72
    2007-mar-07 tdyMarineflieger MK41 89+54
    2007-mar-07 tdyMarineflieger MK41 89+58
    2007-mar-07 MK48 RS04
    2007-mar-08 CH-53G 8472
    2007-mar-09 tdyHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+37
    2007-mar-12 AS532U2 8203
    2007-mar-12 visitLuftwaffe AS532U2 82+03
    2007-mar-12 MK41 8954
    2007-mar-13 visitHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+34
    2007-mar-14 12 Flt AH.1 XX386
    2007-mar-14 AAC AH9 ZG884
    2007-mar-14 AAC AH9 ZG921
    2007-jun-30 A109BA H16 / OT-ARP
    2007-jun-30 A109BA H38
    2007-jun-30 AB412SP R-01
    2007-jun-30 EC135T1 8252
    2007-jun-30 HSS-1 B4 / OT-ZKD
    2007-jun-30 MD520N G-14 / OT-GID
    2007-jun-30 MK48 RS02
    2007-jul-01 A109BA H23
    2007-jul-01 MK48 RS01
    2007-jul-01 SA316B M-1 / OT-ZPA
    2007-jul-11 VisitingHeeresflieger CH-53G 84+54
    2007-jul-11 VisitingLuftwaffe UH-1D 71+72
    2007-aug-22 MK48 RS02
    2007-sep-13 A109BA H35
    2007-oct-15 AS-61R MM81346 / 15-34
    2007-oct-17 MK48 RS02
    2007-nov-26 MK41 8966
    2008-jan-22 MK48 RS01
    2008-mar-12 AH9 ZG915
    2008-apr-01 Flyvevåbnet MK512 M-507
    2008-apr-11 AH9 ZG916
    2008-jul-31 MK41 8964
    2008-aug-28 MD520N G-15
    2008-aug-28 MK48 RS05
    2008-aug-28 SA365N 81
    2008-sep-19 AH1 XZ203
    2008-sep-28 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2008-dec-12 MK48 RS01
    2008-dec-12 SA316B M-1 / OT-ZPA
    2009-jul-03 AS532UL T-339
    2009-jul-04 SA341F 1420 / BXO
    2009-jul-05 SA365N 19
    2009-aug-04 AH1 XZ679
    2009-aug-18 SA318C A64 / 11-RO
    2009-aug-26 Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS04
    2009-oct-01 MK48 RS02
    2009-oct-09 A109BA H44
    2009-dec-22 SA316B M-2 / OT-ZPB
    2010-may EH01.067 SA330B 1657
    2010-may-19 AS-61R MM81343 / 15-31
    2010-may-19 MK48 RS02
    2010-may-19 MK48 RS03
    2011-feb-25 MK48 RS02
    2011-mar-09 HSS-1 OT-ZKH
    2011-may-18 MK48 RS04
    2011-may-31 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-110
    2011-jun-14 HC.4 ZF115 / R
    2011-jun-14 HC.4 ZF123
    2011-jul Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-175
    2011-jul-05 SA342M 4019 / GAY
    2011-jul-06 105P 8666
    2011-jul-06 A109BA H36
    2011-jul-06 HAR.3A ZH545 / Z
    2011-jul-06 HSS-1 B4 / OT-ZKD
    2011-jul-06 MI-8MTV-1 5528
    2011-jul-06 SE3160 A-247
    2011-jul-07 AH-64D Q-17
    2011-jul-07 EC120B F-HBVN
    2011-jul-07 MD520N G-14 / OT-GID
    2011-jul-07 MK48 RS05
    2011-jul-07 SA316B 3E-KR
    2011-jul-07 SA365N 157
    2011-jul-07 W-3A 0715
    2011-jul-08 HM.1 ZH832
    2011-jul-19 MK48 RS03
    2012-mar-22 A109BA H38
    2012-mar-22 HSS-1 B8 / OT-ZKH
    2012-mar-22 MK48 RS02
    2012-jul-21 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-164
    2012-aug-03 MK48 RS03
    2012-aug-03 SA316B M-1 / OT-ZPA
    2013-may-07 HSS-1 OT-ZKH
    2013-may-15 RAF CH-47D ZA710
    2013-aug Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS03
    2013-sep-02 3000 flightForce Aérienne Belge MK48 RS02
    2014-apr-23 Force Aérienne Belge TTH RN05
    2014-may-09 Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN02
    2014-aug-02 SA341G N700SH
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre A109BA H16
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS04
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS05
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN02
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   RAVEN OO-STD
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   RAVEN II OO-CHE
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   RAVEN II OO-RVG
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   Marine SA316B M-1
    2014-aug-03 Koksijde Fly-in 2014   SA341G N341AS
    2014-dec Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN03
    2015-feb-24 Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN01
    2015-feb-24 Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN03
    2015-nov-24 Force Aérienne Belge HAR.3A ?
    2016-mar-03 Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS04
    2016-mar-17 Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS03
    2016-oct-11 Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN03
    2018-aug storedForce Aérienne Belge HSS-1 OT-ZKH
    2019-feb-01 Force Aérienne Belge HAR.3A -
    2019-may Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS02
    2019-may Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS04
    2020-apr-16 Force Aérienne Belge NFH RN03

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