belgium BA Jean Offenberg de Florennes

Florennes, Namur


Satellite and aerial maps of Florennes AB with nearby locations

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18.7321EBGE Loverval / GHDC Gerpinnes, Hainaut
21.3241EBCF Cerfontaine, Namur
23.6302EBMT Montigny-le-Tilleul, Hainaut
24.6053EBML ULM Assesse / Maillen, Namur
27.8330EBCI Charleroi Brussels South, Hainaut
28.5017EBNM Namur Temploux, Namur

50° 14' 36.96'' N - 4° 38' 55.00'' E
Elevation: 935 feet

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Florennes AB News

Black Blade Takes Off in Belgium, 16-Nov-16 : European Defence Agency Black Blade helicopter exercise is hosted by Belgium at Florennes airbase

Black Blade 2016 in Belgium, 08-Nov-16 : European Defence Agency’s Helicopter Exercise Programme (HEP) organizing exercise Black Blade (BB16) for special forces in Belgium

PZL Świdnik W-3PL Głuszec in European Exercise, 08-Oct-14 : Florennes, Belgium - PZL-Świdnik, an AgustaWestland company, is pleased to announce that two Świdnik-produced W-3PL Głuszec helicopters, in service with the Polish Land Forces, are successfully demonstrating their combat support capabilities during the Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardisation Course (CJPRSC) that is being held in Florennes, Belgium.


14-nov-1602-dec-16Black Blade 2016
08-sep-0515-sep-05Volcanex 2005

List of aircraft and events at Florennes AB

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By Date | By Serial

A109BAH05 05jul08
A109BAH25 23jun12
A109BAH27 01jun12 22jun12
A109BAH28 05jul08
A109BAH29 25jun16
A109BAH38 07may09
A109BAH44 04jul08
AH-64D ApacheQ-13 sep05
AH-64D ApacheQ-18 25jun16
AH-64D ApacheQ-21 28aug06
AH-64D ApacheQ-22 sep05
AS-61RMM80976 / 15-03 01may08
AS332B Super PumaHT.21-01 / 803-13 02oct14
AS350BB EcureuilZJ275 / 75 04jul08
AS350BB EcureuilZJ276 05jul08
Bo105P PAH-186+66 23jun12
CH-47D ChinookD-667 25jun16
CH7 Kompress Charlie 2I-B041 23jun12
EC120BF-HBKC / C 23jun12
EH101 Mk.413MM81635 / 2-20 01may08
Lynx HAS2XZ234 / 743VL 22jun79
Lynx mk25265 05jul08
MD900 ExplorerG-11 23jun12
MD902 ExplorerG-16 25jun16
NH90 NFHRN02 26jun16
NH90 NFHRN03 25jun16 26jun16
NH90 TTHRN05 25jun16
NH90 TTHRN08 14nov16
S-70A-42 Black Hawk6M-BA 14nov16
SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 06jul08 23jun12
SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 / OT-ZPA 05jul08
SA318C Alouette IIA68 04jul08
SA330B Puma1311 sep05
SA330B Puma1321 sep05
SA330B Puma1321 / AH 01may08
SA342M1 Gazelle4209 06jul08
Sea King Mk.48RS02 23jun12
Sea King Mk.48RS03 05jul08

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