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Brussels, Vlaams-Brabant

Satellite and aerial maps of Melsbroek AB with nearby locations

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1.2189EBBR Brussel - Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant
7.2201EBUC Brussels / UCL, Brussels
8.6120EBME Meerbeek, Vlaams-Brabant
10.5220 Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels
11.5238 Allée Verte, Brussels
13.4107EBGA Leuven / UZG, Vlaams-Brabant

1940 to present

50° 54' 46.95'' N - 4° 29' 26.11'' E
6 mile NE of Brussel
Elevation: 190 feet

History of this Location

Melsbroek is the military part on the north side of Brussel airport.

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List of units at Melsbroek AB

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/    Air Support UnitMD520N 1999/   
MD900 Explorer 1997/   
Alouette II 1992/00
SA330L Puma 1992/98

List of aircraft and events at Melsbroek AB

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By Date | By Serial

1957 SABENAWidgeonG-ALIK
1992-may DE HeeresfliegerMi-8PS93+45
2006-oct Federale Politie / Police FédéraleMD900 ExplorerG-12
2006-oct-30 MD520NG-15
2006-oct-30 Federale Politie / Police FédéraleMD900 ExplorerG-11
2007-sep-24 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2008-mar-27 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2008-may-07 MD520NG-15
2008-sep-14 MD520NG-15
2011-jan-21 MD900 ExplorerG-11
2013-sep-21 FR Gendarmerie NationaleEC135T2+F-MJDD
2013-sep-22 NL Politie Luchtvaart DienstAW139PH-PXY
2013-sep-22 Federale Politie / Police FédéraleMD902 ExplorerG-16

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