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  • germany Berlin Brandenburg International Airport

    Berlin, Brandenburg



    Satellite and aerial maps of Berlin Brandenburg with nearby locations

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    1.9172 Diepensee, Brandenburg
    7.3328 Vivantes Klinikum, Berlin
    8.6040 Krankenhaus Koepenick, Berlin
    11.5138 Achenbach Krankenhaus, Brandenburg
    12.4207 Rangsdorf, Brandenburg
    12.5322EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof, Berlin

    52° 22' 54.88'' N - 13° 30' 54.88'' E
    Elevation: 157 feet

    History of this Location

    The original Berlin Shönefeld International Airport (which had IATA code SXF) is on the north side of this site.

    To the south is the much delayed Berlin Brandenberg Willy Brandt International Airport, due to open in May 2012. It has been plagued by a complex mix of design, build quality, programme management, financial, legal and political issues. Berlin Brandenburg finally opened in Oct 2020 and the Shönefeld site has become its Terminal 5.

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    Berlin Brandenburg News

    Rockwell Collins at ILA 2016, 02-Jun-16 : Rockwell Collins is showcasing its Common Architecture Avionic System (CAAS) Cockpit and Joint Secure Air Combat Training System (JSAS) at the ILA Berlin ExpoCenter Air Show, June 1-4

    The NH90 Displayed at ILA Berlin, 14-May-14 : NHI is proud to announce that the NH90 helicopter will be displayed at ILA Berlin airshow.

    Airshows at Berlin Brandenburg

    20-may-06ILA 2006

    List of aircraft and events at Berlin Brandenburg

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    By Date | By Serial

    1992-jun-14 W-3RM 0411
    1992-jun-20 Bundespolizei 212 D-HEPP
    1992-jun-20 300C D-HRUT
    1992-jun-20 OMSZ Légimentő kht AS350B2 HA-BDB
    1992-jun-20 ATE AS355F OK-MIQ
    1992-jun-20 RAF HAR.3 XZ594
    1992-jun-20 Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+36
    1993 Storedlandstreitkrafte MI-2 504
    1994-may-30 HDM Flugservice 230 D-HHEH
    1994-may-30 HAR.3 XZ588 / D
    1994-jun MD500E D-HASP
    1995-mar-25 Landespolizei MI-8T D-HOZC
    1998-may-01 NH90 F-ZWTI
    2000-jun-06 Landespolizei EC135P1 D-HECM
    2000-jun-10 MBB NH90 98+90
    2000-jun-11 AS532U2 8202
    2002-may-01 HDM Flugservice 412HP D-HHVV
    2002-may-01 CH-53G 8413
    2002-may-01 CH-53G 8421
    2002-may-01 EC120B D-HEHA / 346
    2002-may-01 EC130B4 F-WQES
    2002-may-01 EC135P2 D-HECW / 348
    2002-may-01 Bundespolizei EC135T1 D-HECW / 348
    2002-may-01 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEA
    2002-may-01 Landespolizei MD902 D-HPNA
    2002-may-01 UH-1D 7048
    2002-may-06 HFWS /98 90 NH90 98+90
    2002-may-09 EC135T1 D-HVBC / 389
    2002-may-10 105P 8693
    2002-may-10 212 D-HBZT
    2002-may-11 AS350B3 D-HQIX
    2002-may-11 Eurocopter France EC120B F-WQDB
    2002-may-11 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH EC135P2 D-HECW
    2002-may-11 International Flug-Ambulanz MD902 D-HIFA
    2002-may-11 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH TIGER 98+25
    2002-may-11 Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+91
    2004-may-10 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBY
    2004-may-10 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBZ
    2004-may-10 EC155B D-HLTM
    2004-may-11 212 D-HBZS
    2004-may-11 EC120B D-HUAE / 257
    2004-may-11 Heeresflieger EC135T1 8255
    2004-may-11 EC145 D-HMBM
    2004-may-11 Eurocopter France NH90 F-ZWTI
    2004-may-11 NH90 F-ZWTI
    2004-may-11 Heeresflieger TTH 98+91
    2004-may-12 UH-60A 88-26071
    2004-may-13 105CBS-2 N4573T
    2004-may-13 105P 8755
    2004-may-13 412HP D-HHCC
    2004-may-14 Agrarflug Helilift GmbH 205A-1 D-HAFO
    2004-may-14 AS350B D-HFCE
    2004-may-14 CH-53G 8413
    2004-may-14 CH-53G 8421
    2004-may-14 EC120B D-HMSB
    2004-may-14 International Flug-Ambulanz EC135T1 D-HEOY
    2004-may-14 MK41 8952
    2004-may-14 UH-1D 7030
    2005-may-16 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBY
    2005-may-21 ADAC EC135P2 D-HBLN
    2006-may-12 MK88 8311
    2006-may-14 Flying Bulls EC135T2 OE-XFB
    2006-may-15 MD900 OE-XWH
    2006-may-15 UHT 7408
    2006-may-16 AS355F2 OE-XAG
    2006-may-16 Helisureste AW109S EC-JPP
    2006-may-16 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBY
    2006-may-16 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBZ
    2006-may-16 Heeresflieger EC135T1 8251
    2006-may-16 EC145 9A-HKA
    2006-may-16 EC155B D-HLRZ
    2006-may-16 UH-1D 7072
    2006-may-16 UHT 9826
    2006-may-17 AS532U2 8201
    2006-may-17 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBZ
    2006-may-18 412HP D-HHCC
    2006-may-18 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBY
    2006-may-18 W-3A 0718
    2006-may-19 AS350B D-HFCE
    2006-may-19 EC135T2 D-HMFR
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   105CBS-2 D-HNWA
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   МЧС России 105CBS-5 RF-32762
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFWS 105P 86+09
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   105P 8725
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFVS910 105P 87+29
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   BMI 212 D-HBZT
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HDM Flugservice 412HP D-HHCC
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Flying Bulls AH-1F N11FX
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Army AH-64D 00-5207
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heli-Flight GmbH AS350B D-HFCE
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Knaus Helicopter GmbH AS355F2 OE-XAG
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   AS532U2 8202
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe AS532U2 82+02
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe AS532U2 82+01
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Helisureste AW109S EC-JPP
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   BETA II D-HDIM
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFWS CH-53G 84+05
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFWS CH-53G 84+11
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   CH-53G 8414
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFWS CH-53G 84+14
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+24
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFR25 CH-53G 84+43
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+82
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   CH-53G 8485
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+85
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+88
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+97
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 85+02
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger CH-53G 85+10
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   LifeFlight GmbH EC120B D-HKMM
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   EC130B4 D-HSTS
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFWS EC135T1 82 51
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   EC135T1 D-HFHS
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   EC135T2 D-HMFR
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Flying Bulls EC135T2 OE-XFB
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HIKO EC145 9A-HKA
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Bundespolizei EC155B D-HLRZ
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   EFA HAP 2002
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   EFA HAP 2003
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Knaus Helicopter GmbH MD900 OE-XWH
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Marineflieger MK88A 83+11
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heli-Flight GmbH RAVEN II D-HXXR
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger SE3130 76-92
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Siły Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej SW-4 0201
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH TTH 98+92
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+55
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+72
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+37
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+53
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+59
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+70
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+96
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   HFR10 UH-1D 73+45
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Heeresflieger UH-1D 72+77
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   1-214 AVN UH-60A 89-26142
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   D/F HFAZT UHT 74+06
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH UHT 98+26
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   D/F HFAZT UHT 74+08
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   D/F HFAZT UHT 74+07
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   D/F HFAZT UHT 74+09
    2006-may-20 ILA 2006   Vzdušné síly AČR W-3A 0718
    2008-jan-28 DHRUV J4063
    2008-apr-28 TTH 9893 / H412
    2008-may-01 105P 8752
    2008-may-01 230 D-HHHA
    2008-may-01 AS532U2 8201
    2008-may-01 CH-47D ZA705 / AN
    2008-may-01 RAF CH-47D ZA718
    2008-may-01 CH-53G 8413
    2008-may-01 CH-53G 8417 / 18
    2008-may-01 CH-53G 8435
    2008-may-01 CH-53G 8500
    2008-may-01 DHRUV J4042
    2008-may-01 DHRUV J4049
    2008-may-01 EC120B D-HMSB
    2008-may-01 EC725R2 2552 / SE/H402
    2008-may-01 MI-24V 714 / 9
    2008-may-01 UHT 9826 / 398
    2008-may-01 UHT 7405
    2008-may-04 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBY
    2008-may-23 MK41 8961
    2008-may-23 MK41 8961
    2008-may-24 105P 8762
    2008-may-24 EC135T1 8260
    2008-may-24 UH-1D 7119
    2008-may-27 AS350B3 OE-XPP
    2008-may-27 DHRUV J4043
    2008-may-27 EC120B D-HUAE / 257
    2008-may-27 Heeresflieger EC135T1 8261
    2008-may-27 EC135T2 D-HMFR
    2008-may-28 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBZ
    2008-may-28 HSD Luftrettung MD900 D-HMDX
    2008-may-28 MI-171SH ?
    2008-may-28 UH-1D 7291
    2008-may-29 EC135T2 D-HVBQ
    2008-may-30 AS350B D-HFCE
    2008-may-30 CH-53G 8405
    2008-may-30 MK88A 8321
    2008-may-31 105C D-HTDM
    2008-may-31 CH-53G 8484
    2008-jun-01 DHRUV J4043
    2009-dec-03 AS332L1 D-HEGY
    2010-may-05 ADAC EC135P2 D-HSWG
    2010-jun Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH STYLENCE D-HTCL
    2010-jun-01 AS532U2 8201
    2010-jun-01 EC635P2 T-354
    2010-jun-01 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-110
    2010-jun-04 EC135T1 8260
    2010-jun-04 TTH 7804
    2010-jun-05 BMI EC135T2+ D-HZSK
    2010-jun-07 REGA AW109SP HB-ZRZ
    2010-jun-07 Landespolizei EC135P2+ D-HBPH
    2010-jun-08 105P 8798
    2010-jun-08 CH-53G 8504
    2010-jun-08 EC135P2+ SP-HXE
    2010-jun-08 EC135T1 8254
    2010-jun-08 Valstybes Sienos Apsaugos Tarnyba EC145 LY-HCF
    2010-jun-08 EC145 D-HDRZ / V68190
    2010-jun-08 AgustaWestland UK MK510 G-17-510
    2010-jun-08 STYLENCE D-HTCL
    2010-jun-08 TTH 7814 / 342
    2010-jun-09 105C D-HTDM
    2010-jun-09 105P 8801
    2010-jun-09 AS532U2 8203
    2010-jun-09 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBZ
    2010-jun-09 ADAC EC135P2 D-HBLN
    2010-jun-09 DRF EC135T1 D-HEOY
    2010-jun-09 Heeresflieger TTH 78+14
    2010-jun-09 Heeresflieger UHT 98+10
    2010-jun-10 AS355N D-HAUL
    2010-jun-11 Heeresflieger TTH 78+04
    2010-jun-12 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBY
    2011-jul-01 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HBBZ
    2012-may-12 Bundespolizei AS332L1 D-HEGC
    2012-sep-10 429 C-FTNB
    2012-sep-10 Bundespolizei EC135T1 ?
    2012-sep-10 UH-72A 09-72105
    2012-sep-10 X3 F-ZXXX
    2012-sep-11 EC135P2+ SP-HXT
    2012-sep-11 Heeresflieger EC135T1 8255
    2012-sep-11 NFH MM81581
    2012-sep-12 105CB D-HDDP
    2012-sep-12 105CB D-HDDP
    2012-sep-12 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-321
    2012-sep-12 AS350B D-HCOR
    2012-sep-12 Berlin ILA 2012 AS350B D-HCOR
    2012-sep-12 Luftwaffe CH-53G 84+86
    2012-sep-12 EC145 D-HAKA
    2012-sep-12 HTM EC145 D-HAKA
    2012-sep-12 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81581
    2012-sep-12 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81581
    2012-sep-12 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81581
    2012-sep-12 Robinson Helicopter R66 N44829
    2012-sep-12 Heli-Flight GmbH RAVEN D-HWUF
    2012-sep-12 Heli-Flight GmbH RAVEN D-HWUF
    2012-sep-12 PZL Mielec S-70I SP-YVC
    2012-sep-12 PZL Mielec S-70I SP-YVC
    2012-sep-12 Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+11
    2012-sep-12 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH UHT 98+18
    2012-sep-12 Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH UHT 98+18
    2012-sep-12 Eurocopter France X3 F-ZXXX
    2012-sep-13 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-321
    2012-sep-13 LPR EC135P2+ D-HCBR / JDN
    2012-sep-14 HTG64 TTH 79+06
    2014-may-01 MI-171SH 9868
    2014-may-20 Bundespolizei EC135T2 D-HVBT
    2014-may-20 EC145 D-HAKA
    2014-may-20 Vzdušné síly AČR MI-24V 7354
    2014-may-21 T129 BG1001
    2014-may-21 Heeresflieger UHT 74+14
    2014-may-21 Heeresflieger UHT 74+15
    2014-may-22 Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH H145 D-HADW
    2014-may-22 T129 BG1001
    2014-may-23 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81586
    2014-may-24 Bundespolizei AS332L D-HEGD
    2014-may-25 MI-171SH 9837
    2014-jul-21 Army UH-72A 09-72105
    2016-may-31 Army CH-47F 13-08132
    2016-jun-01 HSG64Luftwaffe CH-53G 85+03
    2016-jun-01 Vzdušné síly AČR MI-35 3368
    2016-jun-01 HFR30 /78 11 TTH 78+11
    2016-jun-01 Heeresflieger TTH 78+32
    2016-jun-01 HFWS /78 29 TTH 78+29
    2016-jun-01 Heeresflieger TTH 78+31
    2016-jun-03 KHR36KHR36 UHT 74+26
    2016-jun-03 KHR36KHR36 UHT 74+28
    2018-apr-25 Bundespolizei AS332L D-HEGU
    2018-apr-25 THR10HFR10 TTH 78+25
    2018-apr-25 KHR36Heeresflieger UHT 74+21
    2018-apr-26 Luftwaffe CH-53G 84+59
    2018-apr-26 Luftwaffe H145M 76+07
    2018-apr-26 Luftwaffe H145M 76+11
    2018-apr-26 Luftwaffe H145M 76+10
    2018-apr-26 Heeresflieger TTH 78+40
    2018-apr-26 KHR36Heeresflieger UHT 74+63
    2018-apr-27 Army CH-47F 13-08436
    2018-apr-27 Sikorsky Helicopters CH-53K 169019
    2018-apr-30 RAF CH-47D ZD983
    2020-jul-12 DRF EC135P2 D-HDRB
    2022-jun-21 GHS EC225LP D-HAFT
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022 105CB D-HDDP
    2022-jun-22 ILA 20227/17 CAV AH-64E 16-03098
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022RAF CH-47D ZA680
    2022-jun-22 ILA 20222-227th AVN CH-47F 16-08478
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022HSG64 CH-53G 84+75
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022VMX-1 /009 CH-53K 169662
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022IHAZ EC135T1 82 51
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022IHAZ EC135T1 82+63
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022GHS EC225LP D-HAFT
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022THR30 H145 77+03
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH H145 D-HCBS
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022HSG64 H145M 76+09
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022MFG5 MK88A 83+07
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022MFG5 NTH 79+58
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022THR30 TTH 79+16
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022THR30 TTH 79+15
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022STA UH-60A OM-BHK
    2022-jun-22 ILA 20223-227th AVN UH-60M 16-20811
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022JMRC UH-72A 09-72105
    2022-jun-22 ILA 2022KHR36 UHT 74+46

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