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  • germany Berlin Shönefeld International Airport

    Berlin, Brandenburg



    Satellite and aerial maps of Berlin Schoenefeld with nearby locations

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    7.3328 Vivantes Klinikum, Berlin
    10.1150 Diepensee, Brandenburg
    12.5322EDDI Berlin-Tempelhof, Berlin
    14.7296CUKBF Universitaetsklinikum Berlin, Berlin
    15.7013 Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, Berlin
    19.8329 Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin, Berlin

    52° 22' 54.88'' N - 13° 30' 54.88'' E
    Elevation: 157 feet

    History of this Location

    The original Berlin Shönefeld International Airport is on the north side of this site.

    To the south is the much delayed (as of 2019) Berlin Brandberg International Airport, due to open in May 2012. It has been plagued by a complex mix of design, build quality, programme management, financial, legal and political issues.

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    Berlin Schoenefeld News

    Rockwell Collins at ILA 2016, 02-Jun-16 : Rockwell Collins is showcasing its Common Architecture Avionic System (CAAS) Cockpit and Joint Secure Air Combat Training System (JSAS) at the ILA Berlin ExpoCenter Air Show, June 1-4

    The NH90 Displayed at ILA Berlin, 14-May-14 : NHI is proud to announce that the NH90 helicopter will be displayed at ILA Berlin airshow.

    List of aircraft and events at Berlin Schoenefeld

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    By Date | By Serial

    105CD-HTDM 31may08 09jun10
    105CBS-2D-HNWA 20may06
    105CBS-2N4573T 13may04
    105CBS-5RF-32762 20may06
    105P86+09 20may06
    105P8693 10may02
    105P87+29 20may06
    105P8725 20may06
    105P8752 01may08
    105P8755 13may04
    105P8762 24may08
    105P8798 08jun10
    105P8801 09jun10
    212D-HBZS 11may04
    212D-HBZT 10may02 20may06
    212D-HEPP 20jun92
    230D-HHEH 30may94
    230D-HHHA 01may08
    300CD-HRUT 20jun92
    412HPD-HHCC 13may04 18may06 20may06
    412HPD-HHVV 01may02
    429C-FTNB 10sep12
    AH-1FN11FX 20may06
    AH-64D00-5207 20may06
    AS332LD-HEGD 24may14
    AS332LD-HEGU 25apr18
    AS332L1D-HEGY 03dec09
    AS350BD-HCOR 12sep12 12sep12
    AS350BD-HFCE 14may04 19may06 20may06 30may08
    AS350B2HA-BDB 20jun92
    AS350B3D-HQIX 11may02
    AS350B3OE-XPP 27may08
    AS355FOK-MIQ 20jun92
    AS355F2OE-XAG 16may06 20may06
    AS355ND-HAUL 10jun10
    AS532U282+01 20may06
    AS532U282+02 20may06
    AS532U28201 17may06 01may08 01jun10
    AS532U28202 11jun00 20may06
    AS532U28203 09jun10
    AW109SEC-JPP 20may06
    AW109SPHB-ZRZ 07jun10
    BETA IID-HDIM 20may06
    CH-47DZA705 / AN 01may08
    CH-47DZA718 01may08
    CH-47DZD983 30apr18
    CH-47F13-08132 31may16
    CH-47F13-08436 27apr18
    CH-53G84+05 20may06
    CH-53G84+11 20may06
    CH-53G84+14 20may06
    CH-53G84+24 20may06
    CH-53G84+43 20may06
    CH-53G84+59 26apr18
    CH-53G84+82 20may06
    CH-53G84+85 20may06
    CH-53G84+86 12sep12
    CH-53G84+88 20may06
    CH-53G84+97 20may06
    CH-53G8405 30may08
    CH-53G8413 01may02 14may04 01may08
    CH-53G8414 20may06
    CH-53G8417 / 18 01may08
    CH-53G8421 01may02 14may04
    CH-53G8435 01may08
    CH-53G8484 31may08
    CH-53G8485 20may06
    CH-53G85+02 20may06
    CH-53G85+03 01jun16
    CH-53G85+10 20may06
    CH-53G8500 01may08
    CH-53G8504 08jun10
    CH-53K169019 27apr18
    DHRUVJ4042 01may08
    DHRUVJ4043 27may08 01jun08
    DHRUVJ4049 01may08
    DHRUVJ4063 28jan08
    EC120BD-HEHA / 346 01may02
    EC120BD-HKMM 20may06
    EC120BD-HMSB 14may04 01may08
    EC120BD-HUAE / 257 11may04 27may08
    EC120BF-WQDB 11may02
    EC130B4D-HSTS 20may06
    EC130B4F-WQES 01may02
    EC135P1D-HECM 06jun00
    EC135P2D-HBBY 10may04 16may05 16may06 18may06 04may08 12jun10
    EC135P2D-HBBZ 10may04 16may06 17may06 28may08 09jun10 01jul11
    EC135P2D-HBLN 21may05 09jun10
    EC135P2D-HDRB 12jul20
    EC135P2D-HECW 11may02
    EC135P2D-HECW / 348 01may02
    EC135P2D-HSWG 05may10
    EC135P2+D-HBPH 07jun10
    EC135P2+D-HCBR / JDN 13sep12
    EC135P2+SP-HXE 08jun10
    EC135P2+SP-HXT 11sep12
    EC135T1? 10sep12
    EC135T182 51 20may06
    EC135T18251 16may06
    EC135T18254 08jun10
    EC135T18260 24may08 04jun10
    EC135T18261 27may08
    EC135T1D-HECW / 348 01may02
    EC135T1D-HEOY 14may04 09jun10
    EC135T1D-HFHS 20may06
    EC135T1D-HVBC / 389 09may02
    EC135T2D-HMFR 19may06 20may06 27may08
    EC135T2D-HVBQ 29may08
    EC135T2OE-XFB 14may06 20may06
    EC135T2+D-HECG 06jun00
    EC135T2+D-HZSK 05jun10
    EC1459A-HKA 16may06 20may06
    EC145D-HAKA 12sep12 20may14
    EC145D-HDRZ / V68190 08jun10
    EC145D-HHEA 01may02
    EC145D-HMBM 11may04
    EC145LY-HCF 08jun10
    EC155BD-HLRZ 16may06 20may06
    EC155BD-HLTM 10may04
    EC635P2T-354 01jun10
    EC725R2 2552 / SE/H402 01may08
    H145D-HADW 22may14
    H145M76+07 26apr18
    H145M76+10 26apr18
    H145M76+11 26apr18
    HAP2002 20may06
    HAP2003 20may06
    HAR.3XZ588 / D 30may94
    HAR.3XZ594 20jun92
    MD500ED-HASP jun94
    MD900D-HMDX 28may08
    MD900OE-XWH 15may06 20may06
    MD902D-HIFA 11may02
    MD902D-HPNA 01may02
    MI-171SH? 28may08
    MI-171SH9837 25may14
    MI-171SH9868 01may14
    MI-24V714 / 9 01may08
    MI-24V7354 20may14
    MI-353368 01jun16
    MI-8TD-HOZC 25mar95
    MK418952 14may04
    MK418961 23may08 23may08
    MK510G-17-510 08jun10
    MK888311 12may06
    MK88A83+11 20may06
    MK88A8321 30may08
    NFHMM81581 11sep12 12sep12
    NFHMM81586 23may14
    NFHN-110 01jun10
    NH9098+90 10jun00 06may02
    NH90F-ZWTI 01may98 11may04 11may04
    RAVEN IID-HXXR 20may06
    SE3130 76-92 20may06
    STYLENCED-HTCL jun10 08jun10
    SW-40201 20may06
    T129BG1001 22may14
    TIGER98+25 11may02
    TTH78+11 01jun16
    TTH78+14 09jun10
    TTH78+25 25apr18
    TTH78+29 01jun16
    TTH78+31 01jun16
    TTH78+32 01jun16
    TTH78+40 26apr18
    TTH7804 04jun10
    TTH7814 / 342 08jun10
    TTH98+91 11may04
    TTH98+92 20may06
    TTH9893 / H412 28apr08
    UH-1D70+53 20may06
    UH-1D70+59 20may06
    UH-1D70+70 20may06
    UH-1D70+72 20may06
    UH-1D70+91 11may02
    UH-1D70+96 20may06
    UH-1D7030 14may04
    UH-1D7048 01may02
    UH-1D7072 16may06
    UH-1D71+36 20jun92
    UH-1D71+37 20may06
    UH-1D71+55 20may06
    UH-1D7119 24may08
    UH-1D72+77 20may06
    UH-1D7291 28may08
    UH-1D73+45 20may06
    UH-60A88-26071 12may04
    UH-60A89-26142 20may06
    UH-72A09-72105 10sep12 21jul14
    UHT74+06 20may06
    UHT74+07 20may06
    UHT74+08 20may06
    UHT74+09 20may06
    UHT74+14 21may14
    UHT74+15 21may14
    UHT74+21 25apr18
    UHT74+26 03jun16
    UHT74+28 03jun16
    UHT74+63 26apr18
    UHT7405 01may08
    UHT7408 15may06
    UHT98+10 09jun10
    UHT98+26 20may06
    UHT9826 16may06
    UHT9826 / 398 01may08
    W-3A0718 18may06 20may06
    W-3RM0411 14jun92
    X3F-ZXXX 10sep12

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