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  • germany Rhein-Main

    Frankfurt, Hesse



    Satellite and aerial maps of Frankfurt am Main with nearby locations

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    2.4067EDAF Rhein-Main, Hesse
    9.2138EDFE Frankfurt Egelsbach, Hesse
    16.9280ETOU Wiesbaden, Hesse
    21.0002 Rolls Royce museum, Hesse
    21.8261 Klinikum Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate
    23.9213EDGP Oppenheim, Hesse

    50° 1' 18.48'' N - 8° 33' 23.22'' E

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    Frankfurt am Main News

    Developing Future Airport Infrastructure, 13-Feb-19 : #FutureMobility Designing new ways for connecting airports with urban transport and the mobility of the future, Fraport airport operator and Volocopter are developing airport infrastructure and passenger processes for air taxi services

    List of aircraft and events at Frankfurt am Main

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    By Date | By Serial

    1988-jun-01 HT.3 XW902
    1988-jun-01 SA330E XW219
    1988-jun-01 UH-1N 69-6619
    1989-sep-08 S-58C D-HAUD
    2002-aug-07 SA330J D-HAXH
    2006-jun-10 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEC
    2007-aug-24 BK117C-1 D-HNWO
    2008-jan-25 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEC
    2009-dec-07 AS332L D-HEGI
    2010-may-22 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEA
    2011-aug-21 EC135T2+ D-HZSC
    2014-may-20 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEA
    2015-apr-19 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2016-jul-01 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUE
    2016-aug-25 CHC NL AB139 PH-SHK
    2016-sep-10 Skymedia AG AW139 T7-LSS

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