Flughafn Münster Osnabrück

Greven , North Rhine-Westphalia

germany Germany

Satellite and aerial maps of Münster/Osnabrück with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Luftrettungszentrum Greven , North Rhine-Westphalia 1.3163
Klinikum Ibbenbueren , Lower Saxony 16.1007
Klinikum Münster , North Rhine-Westphalia 20.4198
Oxford Barracks, Münster , North Rhine-Westphalia 20.7201
Waterloo Barracks, Münster , North Rhine-Westphalia 21.3188
Munster Telgte , North Rhine-Westphalia 21.9163EDLT


52° 8' 4'' N     7° 41' 5'' E
Ladbergen, Greven, North Rhine-Westphalia
Elevation: 160 feet

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  List of units at Münster/Osnabrück

Years Unit
2002/11Christoph Westfalen (ADAC)Bk117,

List of aircraft and events at Münster/Osnabrück

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1987 AAC AH.1 ZA729
1987-jun-08 Luftwaffe UH-1D 70+97

1988-may-23 Hæren 369HM H-203
1988-may-23 AS350B D-HLOS
1988-may-23 Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+27

1989-may-15 AS350B D-HLTI

1990-jun-03 Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+20
1990-jun-03 Luftwaffe UH-1D 71+75

1992-may-14 helicopter service Hannover AS350B D-HEEB

2004-may-31 EC120B D-HKLE

2005-may-16 EC120B D-HKLE

2008-may-19 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+55
2008-sep-09 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+63

2009-sep-08 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+63

2010-jul-16 CH-53G 84+46
2010-aug-05 ADAC BK117B2 D-HBRB
2010-sep-06 Bundespolizei AS332L1 D-HEGA

2011-aug-15 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+61
2011-oct-14 CH-53G 8446

2012-oct-11 BK117B1 D-HSFB

2013-oct-02 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+51

2015-jul-01 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+64

2017-jun-01 Heeresflieger EC135T1 82+63
2017-jul-01 Bundespolizei EC155B1 D-HLTN

2019-feb-17 Landespolizei H145D2 D-HNWW

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