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    Hamburg, Hamburg



    Satellite and aerial maps of Hamburg with nearby locations

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    5.0186 UKE Hamburg, Hamburg
    7.7124 Hamburg Bundeswehrkrankenhaus, Hamburg
    10.4210AKHA Asklepios Klinik Altona, Hamburg
    10.6189 Blohm + Voss, Hamburg
    11.1176DEHAM Hamburg Port, Hamburg
    13.2114KKKW KKK Wilhelmstift, Hamburg

    53° 38' 10.68'' N - 9° 58' 57.40'' E

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    List of units at Hamburg

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2007/    DL HelicopterBk117 2011/   
    AS350BA Ecureuil 2007/12
    R22 2007/10
    Bk117 2007/09
    R44 2007/   
    LibelleEC135 2004/   

    List of aircraft and events at Hamburg

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    By Date | By Serial

    1999-sep-01 AS532U2 8201
    2000 Helicopter Service Wasserthal GmbH EC120B D-HHSR
    2001-jul-01 UH-1D 7280
    2002-apr-27 Christoph Hansa (ADAC) MD900 D-HMDX
    2002-dec-31 AS332L1 A4O-HM
    2003-feb-16 ADAC EC135P1 D-HKUG
    2003-sep-13 206L D-HHRW
    2003-sep-14 MD900 D-HMDX
    2003-sep-14 SA330J D-HAXP
    2004-mar-14 UH-1D 7143
    2004-mar-18 206L D-HHRW
    2004-apr-24 Christoph Hansa (ADAC) MD900 D-HMDX
    2004-may-01 MD900 D-HMDX
    2004-jun-06 EC120B D-HUAE
    2004-jun-08 UH-1D 7175
    2004-jul-06 UH-1D 7118
    2004-sep-08 105D D-HIBY
    2004-nov-23 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2005-mar-20 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO / 2
    2005-mar-31 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2005-jun-26 206L D-HHRW
    2006-feb-19 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2006-may-06 206L D-HHRW
    2006-jun-20 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO
    2007 DL Helicopter Technik BK117B2 D-HEOE
    2007-jan-24 AS332L1 D-HEGE
    2007-may-13 206L D-HHRW
    2007-may-13 MK41 8961
    2007-sep-15 BK117B2 D-HEOE / 118
    2007-sep-15 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2007-sep-15 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO / 2
    2007-sep-16 CH-53G 8441
    2007-sep-16 EC135T1 8254
    2007-sep-16 UH-1D 7175
    2008-may-04 AS332L1 D-HEGB
    2009-jun-30 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO / 2
    2010 DL Helicopter Technik AS350BA D-HJOE
    2010 homebaseDL Helicopter Technik BETA II D-HUBZ
    2010-mar-13 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO
    2010-jun-23 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2011 homebaseDL Helicopter Technik RAVEN D-HUBY
    2011-feb-15 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO
    2011-jul-31 BMI EC135T2+ D-HZSD
    2011-sep-24 MK41 8951
    2012 homebaseDL Helicopter Technik RAVEN II D-HDLH
    2012-may-12 RAVEN D-HUBY
    2012-oct-21 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO / 2
    2012-nov-20 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2013-jun-29 Libelle EC135P2 D-HONE
    2014-may-01 CV-22B 11-0060
    2014-jun-24 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2014-jun-24 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO / 2
    2015-may-18 CV-22B 12-0062
    2015-aug-22 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-321
    2015-aug-22 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HONE
    2015-aug-22 Landespolizei EC135P2 D-HTWO
    2016-may-01 BMI EC135T2+ D-HZSP
    2016-nov-11 Landespolizei H145 D-HNWS
    2016-dec-08 Landespolizei EC135P1 D-HMVP
    2017-jul-04 HMX-1 VH-60N 163260
    2017-jul-04 HMX-1 VH-60N 163259
    2017-jul-05 Landespolizei H145 D-HNWW
    2017-sep-15 Army CH-47F 13-08133

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