germany Rhein-Ruhr

Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen

10.4 7 Unfallklinik Duisburg, Nordrhein-Westfalen
16.5311EDLK Krefeld Egelsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen
17.3 42EDLE Essen Mulheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen
19.4251EDLN Dusseldorf-Monchengladbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen
22.3 43 Universitatsklinikum Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
35.3165ETBB Butzweilerhof, Nordrhein-Westfalen

1927 to present

51 17 14.77 secs N - 6 46 7 secs E
North of Duesseldorf
Elevation: 115 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2007/    HeliJet Charter
1962/    Polizei-Hubschrauberstaffel Nordrhein-WestfalenH145 / EC145T2 2016/   
bk117 2004/   
AS365 Dauphin 2 2002/   
bk117 1989/   
bo105 1978/06
Gazelle 1973/90
Alouette III 1973/79
Alouette II 1964/85
47 1962/64


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By Date | By Serial

2000-dec-22 bo105cbs-2D-HNWF
2001-jan-02 bo105cbs-2D-HNWF
2002-feb-27 bo105cbs-2D-HNWF
2002-may-17 bo105cbs-2D-HNWG
2002-jul-20 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2002-aug-17 bo105cbs-4D-HNWJ
2002-aug-30 EC155BD-HNWM
2003-feb-22 bo105cbs-4D-HNWH
2003-may-05 EC155B1D-HNWN
2003-jun-02 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2003-jun-02 bo105cbs-2D-HNWG
2003-jul-02 bo105cbs-4D-HNWJ
2003-jul-16 bo105cbs-2D-HNWF
2004-feb-06 bo105cbs-4D-HNWJ
2004-mar-30 bo105cbs-2D-HNWG
2004-apr-16 EC155BD-HNWM
2004-may-01 bo105cbs-4D-HNWH
2004-jul-02 bo105cbs-2D-HNWF
2004-aug-15 BK117B-1D-HIMU
2004-sep-07 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2004-oct-15 EC155B1D-HNWN
2004-dec-21 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2005-feb-05 bo105cbs-2D-HNWG
2005-apr-07 EC145D-HHEA
2005-may-27 EC155B1D-HNWN
2005-aug-29 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2005-sep-08 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2005-oct-14 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2005-oct-18 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2006-jan-07 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2006-apr-04 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2006-apr-11 BK117B-1D-HNWK
2006-may-03 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2006-may-03 EC155BD-HNWM
2006-may-28 AS532U2 Cougar 8201
2006-jun-10 EC155B1D-HNWN
2006-jun-18 EC135T1D-HVBI
2006-jun-26 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2007-jan-14 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2007-apr-07 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2007-may-24 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2007-jul-22 BK117B-1D-HNWK
2007-aug-14 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2007-aug-14 EC155BD-HNWM
2007-sep-14 EC155B1D-HNWN
2008-feb-03 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2008-feb-10 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2008-mar-21 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2008-may-11 BK117B-1D-HNWK
2008-may-25 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2009-jan-28 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2009-feb-07 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2009-mar-20 EC155BD-HNWM
2009-may-02 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2009-may-10 SA330E PumaXW216
2009-may-23 BK117B-1D-HNWK
2009-aug-01 EC155B1D-HNWN
2009-oct-20 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2010-jan-20 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2010-feb-13 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2010-mar-28 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2010-apr-02 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2010-apr-28 EC155BD-HNWM
2010-may-29 BK117B-1D-HNWK
2010-jul-13 EC155B1D-HNWN
2010-aug-20 EC135T2+D-HZSC
2011-jan-29 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2011-feb-09 EC155B1D-HNWN
2011-feb-17 BK117B-1D-HNWK
2011-mar-06 S-76AD-HULK / 993
2011-mar-08 EC155BD-HNWM
2011-jul-23 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2011-aug-02 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2011-aug-15 BK117C-1D-HNWP
2012-jul-23 EC155BD-HNWM
2012-jul-31 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2012-sep-04 BK117C-1D-HNWQ
2012-nov-04 BK117B-1D-HNWL
2013-may-28 BK117C-1D-HNWO
2013-jul-02 EC155BD-HNWM
2014-jan-14 LandespolizeiEC155BD-HNWM
2014-jan-16 LandespolizeiBK117C-1D-HNWO
2014-mar-27 Heli-Flight GmbHR44 AstroD-HROY

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