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Hannover, Niedersachsen

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12.1136 Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Niedersachsen
18.2265ETNW Wunstorf, Niedersachsen
26.9 58ETHC Celle-Wietzenbruch, Niedersachsen
36.5150EDVM Hildesheim, Niedersachsen
37.6100EDVP Peine-Eddesse, Niedersachsen
46.3241ETHB Bückeburg, Niedersachsen

1952 to present

52 27 50.17 secs N - 9 41 2.09 secs E
6m N of Hannover
Elevation: 175 feet

From 1957 to 1990 the airport hosted the ILA (Internationale Luftfahrtausstellung, International Aviation Display), Germany largest airshow. The bi-annual show moved to Berlin in 1992.

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List of units at Hannover Langenhagen

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1995/    Christoph Niedersachsen (HSD)EC145 2010/   
MD900 Explorer 1996/10
222 1995/96
Polizei-Hubschrauberstaffel NiedersachsenEC135 2015/   
MD902 Explorer 2000/15

List of aircraft and events at Hannover Langenhagen

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By Date | By Serial

1976-may-01 LandespolizeiSA341G GazelleD-HOPL
1984-may-26 AS350B EcureuilD-HKBO
1988-may-01 AS350B1 EcureuilF-GIHI
1988-may-06 accidentUK Royal Air ForceCH-47C ChinookZA672
1988-may-07 369E / 500EG-SUTT
1988-may-07 BundespolizeiUH-1D72+29
1994-feb-16 SA365C2 Dauphin 2D-HOPQ
1999-jul-26 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2000-jun-09 AS532U2 Cougar 8203
2002-jul-13 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2003-feb-19 SA330E PumaXW224
2003-dec-18 Bk117B-2D-HBRB
2003-dec-18 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2004-jul-29 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2004-dec-19 MD900 ExplorerD-HITH
2005-mar-11 accidentHSD LuftrettungMD900 ExplorerD-HITH
2005-mar-14 Bo105CD-HAYE
2005-may-28 MD900 ExplorerD-HMDX
2005-jul-14 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2006-feb-22 SA365C Dauphin 2D-HOPE
2006-mar-08 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2006-dec-10 MD900 ExplorerD-HMDX
2007-mar-11 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2007-mar-14 A109E PowerD-HABM
2007-aug-04 MD900 ExplorerD-HMDX
2007-nov-14 accidentLandespolizeiMD902 ExplorerD-HPNB
2008-mar-05 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2008-apr-24 EC130B4PH-RIS
2008-apr-26 SA365C Dauphin 2D-HOPE
2008-aug-14 Bk117A-3D-HILF
2008-aug-24 AS350BA EcureuilD-HJOE
2008-aug-24 Bk117B-2D-HEOE / 118
2008-dec-22 MD900 ExplorerD-HMDX
2009-jul-15 Bo105CBS-5D-HBWH
2009-aug-07 MD900 ExplorerD-HMDX
2009-aug-23 R44 RavenD-HUBY
2009-dec-19 A109CM-DBOY
2009-dec-23 EC145D-HDPP
2010-oct-06 230D-HHHB
2011-feb-25 EC145D-HDPP
2011-oct HSD LuftrettungEC145D-HDPP
2011-oct-19 407OK-SOL
2011-oct-26 SA365C2 Dauphin 2D-HOPQ
2012-jan-14 EC145D-HDPP
2013-apr EC120BD-HCLC
2013-oct-13 SA365C Dauphin 2D-HOPE
2013-nov-26 EC145D-HDPP
2015-apr-19 EC145D-HDPP
2015-oct-30 LandespolizeiEC135P2+D-HPNE
2015-oct-30 LandespolizeiEC135P2+D-HPNF

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