germany Fürth - Monteith Barracks

Walldürn, Bavaria



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8.5090EDDN Nürnberg, Bavaria
11.2326EDQH Herzogenaurach, Bavaria
19.9130EDIG Feucht AAF, Bavaria
26.0171EDPH Schwabach / Heidenberg, Bavaria
26.1063EDQI Lauf Lillinghof, Bavaria
31.3227ETEB Ansbach / Katterbach, Bavaria

1915 to 1993

49° 30' 0'' N - 10° 57' 34'' E
Elevation: 990 feet

History of this Location

From 1915 to 1945 the airfield called Atzenhof flugplatz. After WWII the US Army confiscated the airfield and named it Monteith Barracks.

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List of units at Fürth - Monteith Barracks

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1973/77US 159 MedDet205 1967/86

List of aircraft and events at Fürth - Monteith Barracks

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1985 US US Army AviationOH-58A Kiowa70-15073

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