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  • germany Frankfurt Egelsbach

    Egelsbach, Hesse



    Satellite and aerial maps of Frankfurt Egelsbach with nearby locations

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    8.7333EDAF Rhein-Main, Hesse
    9.2318EDDF Frankfurt am Main, Hesse
    14.9005UMF_G Universitaet Medizinische Frankfurt G, Hesse
    15.1005UMF Universitaet Medizinische Frankfurt R, Hesse
    17.1028SKO SK Offenbach, Hesse
    21.0013 BGUK Frankfurt G, Hesse

    49° 57' 37.08'' N - 8° 38' 29.54'' E
    Elevation: 385 feet

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    List of units at Frankfurt Egelsbach

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    IbisEC145 2002/   

    List of aircraft and events at Frankfurt Egelsbach

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    By Date | By Serial

    1999-nov Heli Transair AS355N D-HSMM
    2002 Heli Transair BK117A4 D-HHTD
    2003-jan Heli Transair AS350B2 D-HHTA
    2004 Heli Transair AW109E D-HARY
    2004-jun-14 BETA II D-HUPS
    2004-jul-04 BK117A1 D-HBKK
    2004-jul-04 EC155B D-HLTI
    2004-jul-04 MD902 D-HBWE
    2004-jul-04 SA330J D-HAXL
    2004-aug-14 BETA II D-HUBZ
    2004-aug-15 A109C HB-ZFK
    2004-sep-03 KA-32 HB-XKE
    2005-dec-11 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2006-jun-10 A109E OE-XHD
    2006-jun-26 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2006-jul-30 407 D-HACC
    2007-aug-25 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2007-sep-09 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEC
    2011-jan-29 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2011-may-26 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEA
    2012-may-25 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEC
    2012-jun-17 BETA II D-HUPS
    2012-jul-07 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEA
    2012-sep-01 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2012-dec Heli Transair AW109E D-HNHG
    2013-jun Heli Transair AW109S D-HTAR
    2013-sep homebaseHeli Transair BETA II D-HUPS
    2013-sep Heli Transair BETA II D-HUPS
    2013-sep homebaseHeli Transair Cabri G2 D-HATC
    2013-sep homebaseHeli Transair Cabri G2 D-HTAM
    2013-sep homebaseHeli Transair Cabri G2 D-HTAT
    2013-sep Heli Transair EC120B D-HRIK
    2013-sep homebaseHeli Transair RAVEN D-HNAS
    2013-sep homebaseHeli Transair RAVEN II D-HOMI
    2014-oct-18 accidentHeli Aviation GmbH Cabri G2 D-HAVG
    2015-jun-04 Landespolizei EC145 D-HHEB
    2017-mar Heli Transair RAVEN II D-HTAB
    2018-jul AW109SP D-HHHC
    2018-aug-19 HeliJet Charter GmbH S-76C D-HMGX
    2020 407GXP D-HHNH
    2020-feb 407GXP D-HHNH
    2020-may-18 Ibis /IBIS2 EC145 D-HHEB

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