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  • united kingdom Halfpenny Green

    Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Wolverhampton with nearby locations

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    14.0347EGWC RAF Cosford, England
    14.0137 Hagley Hall, England
    15.7350 Castle Wood, England
    16.5059 Willenhall, England
    22.5108EGA84 QEHB, England
    25.1098 Birmingham Childrens Hospital, England

    52° 31' 3.01'' N - 2° 15' 34.99'' W
    Elevation: 283 feet

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    List of units at Wolverhampton

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    Central Counties Air Operations Unit

    List of aircraft and events at Wolverhampton

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    By Date | By Serial

    2003-jan-15 AS355F G-OHMS
    2003-jan-15 AW109S N109GR
    2003-jan-23 CH-47D ZH894
    2003-jan-27 RAF CH-47D ZA710
    2003-mar-18 206B-3 G-TGRZ
    2003-mar-18 206B-3 G-BTHY
    2003-mar-18 A109E G-PWER
    2003-jun-01 EC135T1 G-CCAU
    2003-jun-01 HT.3 ZB627
    2003-sep-01 MD902 G-WMID
    2005-mar-18 EC135T1 G-CCAU
    2005-mar-19 MD600N N958SD
    2005-sep-27 206B-2 G-BARP
    2005-sep-27 AS355F1 G-WIRE
    2005-oct-21 AW109E G-JMXA
    2005-oct-27 MD600N G-GOON
    2005-oct-29 430 EI-TIP
    2005-nov-09 RAVEN G-BZMG
    2005-nov-12 ASTRO G-LUKY
    2005-nov-25 SHG AS350B3 SE-JHC
    2005-dec-10 HT.3 ZB627
    2006-jan-12 AS355N G-LINE
    2006-jan-20 AS355E G-LECA
    2006-feb-01 AS350B2 G-IFBP
    2006-feb-05 A109A-II N109AR
    2006-feb-22 369HS G-IDWR
    2006-feb-28 206B-2 G-BARP
    2006-feb-28 MD600N G-NELY
    2006-mar-06 206B-3 G-MFMF
    2006-mar-06 AS355F G-OHMS
    2006-mar-23 RAVEN II G-CDXX
    2006-mar-25 AS355F G-TAKE
    2006-apr-03 206B-3 G-BXNS
    2006-apr-08 EC135T1 G-CCAU
    2006-apr-15 MD902 G-WMID
    2006-apr-25 430 EI-TIP
    2006-apr-27 AS355F G-LNTY
    2006-apr-30 AS355F1 G-NETR
    2006-may-05 AS350D G-NUTY
    2006-may-05 SA330E XW229 / DB
    2006-may-05 SA330E XW223
    2006-may-09 AS365N2 G-DAUF
    2006-may-10 AS350B G-TATS
    2006-may-10 SA330E XW216
    2006-may-11 UH-1H G-UHIH / 72-21509/129
    2006-may-12 AS355E G-BVLG
    2006-may-28 S-76C G-FULM
    2006-jun-03 HT.3 G-BZYB
    2006-jun-07 S-76B G-VONB
    2006-jun-14 CH-47C ZA674
    2006-jun-14 CH-47D ZA674
    2006-jun-14 CH-47D ZA714
    2006-jun-21 EC135T2 G-WHIN
    2006-jun-24 412EP ZJ238 / Y
    2006-jun-24 EC135T1 G-WMAS
    2006-jul-04 McAlpine Helicopters AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2006-jul-12 AS355N G-XOIL
    2006-jul-25 AW109E G-TMWC
    2006-jul-26 333 G-TAMD
    2006-jul-27 AW109E ZR321
    2006-jul-28 AH.1 XZ344
    2006-aug-02 AW109E N109MJ
    2006-aug-18 AS350B1 G-PLMH
    2006-aug-21 AS365N2 G-MLTY
    2006-aug-21 CH-47C ZA680
    2006-aug-21 RAF CH-47D ZA680
    2006-aug-22 333 G-TAMC
    2006-aug-25 UH-1H G-UHIH / 72-21509/129
    2006-aug-30 BETA G-BTBA
    2006-aug-30 SA341G G-CDJT
    2006-sep-04 206B-3 G-BXNT
    2006-sep-05 NEWS G-PIXX
    2006-sep-09 AS350B2 G-CDTD
    2006-sep-19 S-76C G-JCBJ
    2006-sep-26 HT.2 G-BZDV
    2006-oct-04 AS350B G-OMCC
    2006-oct-07 HT.2 G-SIVJ
    2006-oct-10 430 N5120
    2006-oct-20 AS350B1 G-BVJE
    2006-oct-21 206B-3 G-LBDC
    2006-oct-23 206B-2 G-OJPS
    2006-oct-24 AS355F1 G-WIRE
    2006-oct-24 AW109S G-CDWY
    2006-nov-01 480 G-IGHH
    2006-nov-09 AW109S G-CDWY
    2006-nov-18 AW109S G-CGRI
    2006-nov-27 BETA G-TINK
    2006-dec-15 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-EMAA
    2007-jan-25 206B-3 G-TGRZ
    2007-feb-05 AS355F G-BPRJ
    2007-feb-05 PDG Helicopters AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2007-mar-02 AH.1 XT626
    2007-mar-02 AH.1 ZB673 / P
    2007-mar-02 AH1 XZ184
    2007-mar-03 BETA G-HONI
    2007-mar-08 430 N901RL
    2007-mar-08 MD500E G-CCKS
    2007-mar-09 AS355N N604AZ
    2007-mar-09 EC135T2 G-EWRT
    2007-mar-25 HAR.3 ZE370
    2007-apr-04 EC135T1 G-WMAS
    2007-apr-17 AS355F G-TOPS
    2007-apr-18 206B-3 G-BXNS
    2007-apr-26 MD500E G-JIVE
    2007-may-02 206B-2 G-BARP
    2007-may-03 AS355F1 G-EMHH
    2007-may-05 430 N5120
    2007-may-05 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-HWAA
    2007-may-17 206B-3 G-BPWI
    2007-may-18 AS350B2 D-HAHN
    2007-may-26 R44 G-OLOW
    2007-jun-02 MD902 G-WMID
    2007-jun-04 AS355N G-LINE
    2007-jun-19 A109E N109TD
    2007-jun-23 UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-PSNI
    2007-jun-28 AS355F1 G-VONK
    2007-jun-28 EC135T2 G-PLAL
    2007-jul-21 AW109E G-TYCN
    2007-aug-01 EC135P2 G-WMAO
    2007-aug-09 AS350B2 G-IFBP
    2007-aug-10 222B N510W
    2007-aug-12 EC135P2+ G-EMID
    2007-sep-01 HT.2 G-SWWM
    2007-sep-04 206B-3 G-BXNT
    2007-sep-10 MK512 ZJ992
    2007-sep-11 369HS G-IDWR
    2007-sep-11 EC135T1 G-CCAU
    2007-sep-12 206B-3 G-JETX
    2007-sep-23 206L-3 G-OFST
    2007-oct-06 ASTRO G-LUKY
    2007-oct-06 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-EMAA
    2007-oct-09 AS355F G-BPRJ
    2007-oct-10 AS355 G-BYZA
    2007-oct-18 AB206B-3 G-ONTV
    2007-oct-18 SA342J YU-HET
    2007-oct-27 AS350B2 G-WHST
    2007-oct-31 AS355F2 G-JEMH
    2007-nov-01 A109A-II G-OCMM
    2007-nov-30 206B-3 G-TAMF
    2007-dec-05 MD600N G-NELY
    2007-dec-06 SA365N2 G-LCPL
    2007-dec-10 333 G-TAMD
    2008-jan-31 AW109E EI-TWO
    2008-feb-08 AS350B2 G-IFBP
    2008-feb-12 A109E G-SDCT
    2008-feb-13 369HS G-SWEL
    2008-feb-13 BETA G-GJCD
    2008-feb-16 HT.2 G-SIVJ
    2008-feb-25 SA365N2 G-LCPL
    2008-mar-03 MD900 N555WA
    2008-mar-09 National Rail AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2008-mar-12 AS350B G-OMCC
    2008-mar-16 206B-3 G-TAMF
    2008-mar-19 AW109E ZR321
    2008-mar-31 AS355N G-LINE
    2008-apr-17 SA330E XW223
    2008-apr-17 SA330H ZJ954
    2008-apr-22 A109E G-WRBI
    2008-may-02 A109A-II G-HDTV
    2008-may-02 S-76B G-VONC
    2008-may-06 430 N901RL
    2008-may-18 EC135P2 G-WMAO
    2008-may-19 AS355F1 G-WIRE
    2008-may-21 AS355F1 G-TOPC
    2008-may-24 AS355F2 G-PDGT
    2008-may-29 333 G-TAMD
    2008-jun-08 HT.3 G-CBSK / ZB627/A
    2008-jun-12 RAVEN II G-CDXX
    2008-jun-17 BETA G-BTBA
    2008-jun-22 AW109E G-PLPL
    2008-jun-30 AS350B3 G-JCOP
    2008-jul-06 SA365N1 G-OLNT
    2008-jul-16 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-HWAA
    2008-jul-18 AS355F2 G-ULES
    2008-jul-21 A109A ZE413
    2008-jul-24 AS355E G-LECA
    2008-jul-25 EC120B G-ZZZS
    2008-jul-26 AB206B-2 G-BYSE
    2008-jul-28 AS355F G-OHMS
    2008-jul-29 AS350B G-ORKY
    2008-aug-11 BETA II G-LYNC
    2008-aug-15 206B-2 G-OJPS
    2008-aug-18 280FX G-CKCK
    2008-sep-18 AS355F G-BOSN
    2008-sep-23 412EP ZJ238 / Y
    2008-sep-25 333 G-TAMC
    2008-oct-07 MD500E G-DIGR
    2008-oct-09 206B-2 G-BARP
    2008-oct-12 EC130B4 ZK-IGM
    2008-oct-12 EC135T1 G-CCAU
    2008-oct-12 UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-PSNI
    2008-oct-18 AS355 G-BYZA
    2008-oct-21 206B-3 G-MFMF
    2008-oct-21 AW109E G-WOFM
    2008-oct-24 AS355F G-TAKE
    2008-oct-26 206B-3 G-LBDC
    2008-nov-12 AW109S G-CGRI
    2008-nov-12 UH-1H G-UHIH / 72-21509/129
    2008-nov-14 AS355F2 G-SEWP
    2008-dec-15 SA365N1 EI-DUF
    2009-jan-06 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-EMAA
    2009-jan-15 AW109S G-STGR
    2009-jan-20 AS365N3 ZJ780
    2009-feb-03 AS355N G-STON
    2009-feb-21 Starspeed Ltd EC135T1 G-CEYF
    2009-feb-21 EC155B P4-HEC
    2009-feb-28 EC135T1 G-WMAS
    2009-mar-06 SA342J YU-HET
    2009-mar-10 AS355F G-SKYN
    2009-mar-11 AW109E N91TH
    2009-mar-19 AS355F1 G-WIRE
    2009-mar-26 AS355F2 G-SEWP
    2009-mar-27 RAVEN II G-MDDT
    2009-apr-01 206B-2 G-SDCI
    2009-apr-01 AW109E G-JMXA
    2009-apr-04 HAR.3A ZH545 / Z
    2009-apr-05 280FX G-OJMF
    2009-apr-12 ASTRO G-LUKY
    2009-apr-13 EC135T1 G-CCAU
    2009-apr-15 AS365N3 ZJ781
    2009-apr-22 SE3130 G-BVSD
    2009-may-05 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2009-may-06 206B-3 G-BXNS
    2009-may-10 206L-4 N340AJ
    2009-may-11 AW109E ZR321
    2009-may-13 AW109E G-WELY
    2009-jun-05 AS350B3 G-OLFA
    2009-jun-08 206B-3 G-BXDS
    2009-jun-23 AS355NP G-RIDA
    2009-jun-24 AS355F1 G-TOPC
    2009-jun-25 BETA G-BTBA
    2009-jun-26 AH9 ZG920
    2009-jun-27 206A G-BLZN
    2009-jun-29 AW109S G-CGRI
    2009-jul-08 RAVEN G-CDUE
    2009-jul-17 SE3130 XR379
    2009-jul-20 206B-2 G-OJPS
    2009-jul-24 206B-2 G-JBHH
    2009-jul-24 206B-3 G-MFMF
    2009-aug-06 A109A-II G-TELY
    2009-aug-11 RAVEN G-ETFF
    2009-aug-18 AW109E ZR322
    2009-aug-23 AS355F G-WDKR
    2009-aug-29 A109A-II G-ZIZZ
    2009-sep-10 206B-2 G-BARP
    2009-sep-12 AB206B-3 G-ONTV
    2009-sep-20 UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-PSNI
    2009-sep-21 MD902 N902JW
    2009-oct-10 AS355 G-BYZA
    2009-oct-10 AS355F2 G-TVHD
    2009-oct-10 S-76B G-VONC
    2009-oct-13 A109E G-WRBI
    2009-oct-14 AH7 ZF537
    2009-nov-06 AW109E G-JONW
    2009-nov-22 206L-3 G-OFST
    2009-dec-08 S-76C G-URSA
    2009-dec-10 RAVEN II G-CDXX
    2009-dec-24 AW109E G-TYCN
    2010-jan-04 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-HEOI
    2010-jan-21 SA330H ZJ957
    2010-feb-05 AS355N G-XOIL
    2010-feb-22 ASTRO G-DCSE
    2010-mar-02 EC135T1 G-WMAS
    2010-mar-04 AS365N3 ZJ782
    2010-mar-06 MD902 N902PD
    2010-mar-10 SA330E XW216
    2010-apr-08 430 N5120
    2010-apr-11 S-76C G-URSA
    2010-apr-13 A109A-II G-JODI
    2010-apr-15 SA330E XW220
    2010-apr-26 EC120B G-FCKD
    2010-may-03 BETA G-BTBA
    2010-may-04 RAVEN G-ETFF
    2010-may-12 AS355E G-LECA
    2010-may-13 480 G-IGHH
    2010-may-13 AW109E ZR323
    2010-may-20 BETA G-GJCD
    2010-may-26 AS355E G-BVLG
    2010-may-26 AS355F G-BPRJ
    2010-jun-11 105CB G-BTKL
    2010-jun-13 CLIPPER II G-HHOG
    2010-jun-14 206L-3 G-ODCC
    2010-jun-14 AS355F G-TAKE
    2010-jun-14 AS355F2 G-TVHD
    2010-jun-18 369HS G-IDWR
    2010-jun-18 EC135T2+ G-HOLM
    2010-jun-18 SA330E XW224
    2010-jun-18 SA330E XW237
    2010-jun-30 MD520N N18GH
    2010-jul-07 RAVEN G-JBKA
    2010-jul-08 A109A-II G-TELY
    2010-jul-08 AS365N3 ZJ783
    2010-jul-24 EC130B4 G-ECBO
    2010-jul-24 EC130B4 G-ECBO
    2010-jul-25 206B-3 G-XBOX
    2010-jul-30 AS355N G-VONE
    2010-jul-31 AW109S G-FRZN
    2010-aug-02 AS350B3 G-GMCM
    2010-aug-08 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2010-aug-11 206B-3 G-BXDS
    2010-aug-18 AS355N G-STON
    2010-aug-27 AS365N3 G-MRMJ
    2010-aug-29 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-POLA
    2010-sep-07 AS355N G-LINE
    2010-sep-07 EC135T2+ G-RWLA
    2010-sep-12 AS355E G-XLLL
    2010-sep-18 EC120B G-KLNP
    2010-sep-20 SA330E XW213
    2010-sep-20 SA330E XW223
    2010-oct-04 AS350B1 G-PLMH / 18
    2010-oct-04 AS350B2 G-BXGA / 17
    2010-oct-04 S-76B G-VONB / 25
    2010-oct-08 AS355NP G-RIDA
    2010-oct-13 AS365N3 ZJ781
    2010-oct-18 AS355N LN-OBW
    2010-oct-19 SA330E ZA936
    2010-oct-20 SA330E XW222
    2010-oct-27 206L-3 G-OFST
    2010-oct-27 UK Police Forces EC145 G-PSNO
    2010-nov-10 SA342J YU-HET
    2010-nov-14 AS355F G-IDEB
    2010-nov-21 SA341G G-CDJT
    2010-nov-29 AS355F1 G-NETR
    2010-dec-11 AS350B2 G-WHST
    2010-dec-18 AW109E G-TYCN
    2011-feb-05 206L-4 G-PTOO
    2011-feb-08 WAH-64 ZJ174
    2011-feb-15 WAH-64 ZJ198
    2011-feb-27 AS350B2 G-IFBP
    2011-mar-01 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-POLA
    2011-mar-07 BETA G-WINR
    2011-mar-08 AS355N G-LINE
    2011-mar-08 AS355NP G-RIDA
    2011-mar-08 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-HEOI
    2011-mar-09 AB206B-3 G-OMDR
    2011-mar-09 AB206B-3 G-ONTV
    2011-mar-14 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2011-mar-19 206L-3 G-LVDC
    2011-mar-24 206B-3 G-BTHY
    2011-mar-31 AS350BB ZJ262
    2011-mar-31 WAH-64 ZJ168
    2011-mar-31 WAH-64 ZJ233
    2011-apr-02 206B-2 G-OJPS
    2011-apr-02 AS355F G-BPRJ
    2011-apr-04 206B-3 G-XBOX
    2011-apr-08 AB206B-3 G-SUEX
    2011-apr-13 AAC WAH-64 ZJ220
    2011-apr-14 R22 G-BLDK
    2011-apr-15 AS350B G-OMCC
    2011-apr-27 105CB G-BTKL
    2011-may-19 WAH-64 ZJ172
    2011-may-22 AS350BB ZJ266
    2011-jun-01 206B-3 G-JETX
    2011-jun-03 SA342J YU-HET
    2011-jun-15 A109E G-CRST
    2011-jun-16 S-76C G-PACO
    2011-jun-27 AW109E M-ONEY
    2011-jul-01 A109A-II G-TELY
    2011-jul-03 206B-3 G-LBDC
    2011-jul-07 National Rail AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2011-jul-12 AS355F2 G-VVBA
    2011-aug-05 A119 N119JT
    2011-aug-05 RAVEN II G-CCYG
    2011-aug-16 AS355E G-XLLL
    2011-aug-17 S-76B G-VONC
    2011-aug-19 AS355F G-SKYN
    2011-aug-25 RAVEN II G-MENU
    2011-aug-26 AS350B3 G-GMCM
    2011-aug-26 AS365N3 ZJ782
    2011-sep-06 RAVEN II G-IBMS
    2011-sep-11 SE3130 G-BVSD / V-54
    2011-sep-27 206B-3 G-MFMF
    2011-oct-22 AS355F G-TAKE
    2011-oct-22 AS355F1 G-JESE
    2011-nov-17 MD902 N902JW
    2011-nov-18 AW109E G-PLPL
    2011-nov-18 AW109S G-MCAN
    2011-nov-25 AS355F2 G-PDGT
    2011-nov-30 BETA G-HONI
    2011-dec-20 AW109SP G-SGRP
    2011-dec-29 206A G-SUET
    2012-jan-16 Starspeed Ltd EC135T1 G-CEYF
    2012-jan-17 A109A-II N64EA
    2012-jan-19 HT.3 G-BXTH
    2012-jan-24 429 N10984
    2012-mar-08 WAH-64 ZJ197
    2012-mar-22 A109A-II G-HDTV
    2012-apr-05 EC135P1 G-WPDB
    2012-apr-08 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-HEOI
    2012-apr-12 206B-3 G-BTHY
    2012-apr-14 AS350B3 G-JBBZ
    2012-apr-15 206B-3 G-LBDC
    2012-apr-30 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-POLA
    2012-may-22 BETA II G-CBXN
    2012-jun-05 206B-3 G-NORK
    2012-jul-01 AS355F2 G-PDGT
    2012-jul-02 AS355N G-SCHZ
    2012-jul-13 R66 N4502G
    2012-aug-11 AW109S G-FRZN
    2012-aug-20 369HS G-SWEL
    2012-aug-21 MD902 N90011
    2012-sep-13 AS355N G-LINE
    2012-sep-14 EC135P1 G-WPDA
    2012-sep-19 ADAC EC135P1 G-WPDC
    2012-sep-28 Capital Air Services Ltd EC135T2+ G-SENS
    2012-oct-16 AS365N3 ZJ785
    2012-nov-01 AS355F G-WDKR
    2013-jan-13 Cabri G2 G-UIMB
    2013-jan-26 EC130B4 G-ESET
    2013-jan-30 Castle Air Charters A109E G-TRAW
    2013-feb-08 WPD EC135P1 G-WPDC
    2013-feb-14 AS355F G-PDGS
    2013-apr-02 EC135P1 G-WPDA
    2013-may-06 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-HEOI
    2013-jun-03 480 G-IGHH
    2013-jun-03 AS355N G-LINE
    2013-jun-07 AW109SP G-SGRP
    2013-jun-19 AS350B3 G-WHAM
    2013-jun-27 CLIPPER II G-WALI
    2013-jul-08 AS355F2 G-ULES
    2013-jul-09 AW109S G-MCAN
    2013-jul-13 206B-3 G-JETX
    2013-jul-13 EC155B1 G-CFOJ
    2013-aug-13 EC120B G-VIPR
    2013-aug-28 National Grid 429 G-RIDB
    2013-aug-31 MD500E N369E
    2013-sep-01 RAVEN G-OBSM
    2013-sep-02 AS365N3 ZJ781
    2013-sep-18 AW109S G-PDAY
    2013-sep-28 429 M-YMCM
    2013-oct-09 429 M-YMCM
    2013-oct-18 AS350B G-ORKY
    2013-oct-18 EC135T2+ G-HOLM
    2013-oct-25 WAH-64 ZJ184
    2013-nov-15 AS365N3 ZJ780
    2013-nov-21 AW109E G-IVIP
    2013-dec-03 Sloane Helicopters AW109SP G-MAOL
    2013-dec-09 AS365N3 ZJ782
    2013-dec-18 AS365N3 ZJ785
    2014-jan-05 UK Police Forces EC135T2 G-SURY
    2014-jan-06 AW109SP G-SGRP
    2014-jan-09 SA365C G-PLMI
    2014-jan-11 PDG Helicopters AS355F2 G-NLSE
    2014-jan-11 S-76B M-ERRY
    2014-jan-14 CLIPPER II G-WALI
    2014-jan-23 EC135P1 G-WPDA
    2014-feb-07 AW109E G-ZIPE
    2014-feb-16 AS355F G-NLDR
    2014-mar-13 SA341G N700SH
    2014-mar-28 A109A-II N64EA
    2014-apr-13 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-POLA
    2014-apr-21 SE3130 G-BVSD / V-54
    2014-apr-28 AS365N3 ZJ785
    2014-may-02 HT.2 G-DFKI
    2014-may-07 206B-3 G-NORK
    2014-may-21 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-HEOI
    2014-jun-07 AB206B-3 G-SUEX
    2014-jun-25 206B-3 G-BXNT
    2014-jun-26 WAH-64 ZJ172
    2014-jul-09 AS355F2 G-VVBA
    2014-aug-08 AW109S G-STGR
    2014-aug-18 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2+ G-OMAA
    2014-sep-06 AW109S G-GRND
    2014-sep-22 Air Harrods Ltd AW109S G-FUFU
    2014-oct-10 EC155B1 G-HBJT
    2014-dec-14 EC135P2+ G-CPAO
    2014-dec-15 National Grid 429 G-RIDB
    2015-jan-19 EC135T1 G-GWAA
    2015-jan-25 PDG Helicopters SA365C G-PLMI
    2015-mar-03 WPD EC135P1 G-WPDC
    2015-mar-06 AW109S G-SKBL
    2015-mar-22 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-POLA
    2015-apr-17 AS355NP G-DCAM
    2015-may-03 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-HWAA
    2015-may-10 AS350B G-TATS
    2015-may-26 Cabri G2 G-CPLH
    2015-jul-20 EC135P1 G-WPDA
    2015-aug-23 HT.2 G-SIVJ
    2015-aug-30 206B-3 G-XBOX
    2015-oct-29 Capital Air Services Ltd EC135T2+ G-HOLM
    2015-nov-13 429 M-HRPN
    2015-nov-23 Commissioners of Irish Lights EC135T2+ EI-ILS
    2016-mar-01 Cabri G2 G-CHAG
    2020-jul-18 Multiflight Ltd EC155B1 G-HOTB
    2021-jun-10 JCB S-76C M-JCBA

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