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  • united kingdom Breighton

    Market Weighton, East Riding of Yorkshire, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Breighton

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    By Date | By Serial

    1998-aug-31 369HS G-IDWR
    1998-aug-31 BETA G-BNUZ
    2004-apr-24 HT.3 G-BZYB / M
    2004-apr-24 HT.3 G-DMSS / C
    2004-may-03 HT.3 G-DMSS / XW858
    2005-may-01 HT.3 G-DMSS / C
    2005-may-01 SA341G HA-LFM
    2005-jun-26 HT.3 XX382
    2005-sep-04 S-76B G-VONB
    2005-dec-11 HT.2 G-ZELE
    2006-mar-18 HT.3 XX382
    2006-apr-22 HT.2 G-BXZD / XW895
    2006-jul-15 SA341G HA-LFM
    2007-jul-14 HT.3 G-DMSS / XW858/C
    2007-jul-14 SA341G HA-LFM
    2007-jul-14 SA342L HA-LFQ
    2007-aug-26 HT.2 G-DFKI
    2008-jun-08 AS355N G-XOIL
    2008-jun-08 ASTRO G-FABI
    2008-jun-08 HT.3 G-CBSK / ZB627/A
    2008-jun-08 MD902 G-CEMS
    2008-jun-08 SA341G HA-LFM
    2008-oct RN Wasp XT434
    2008-nov-01 SA341G N505HA
    2009-apr-19 SA341G HA-LFM
    2009-apr-19 SA342L HA-LFQ
    2009-jul-12 SE3130 HA-PPC
    2009-aug-02 Wasp XT434 / 455
    2009-sep-13 HT.2 G-ZZLE / XX436
    2009-sep-20 HT.2 G-CBKA
    2010-jun-05 HC.3 ZJ136 / U
    2010-jun-05 MK512 ZJ994 / AC
    2010-sep-12 HT.2 G-ZZLE / XX436
    2011-jul-23 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2011-jul-23 206L-4 G-PTOO
    2011-jul-24 SE3130 HA-PPC
    2011-sep-18 AS350B1 G-PDGI
    2011-sep-18 RAF HC.3 ZJ118
    2011-sep-18 HC.3 ZJ119
    2011-sep-18 HT.2 G-ZZLE / XX436
    2011-sep-18 R44 G-HGRB
    2011-sep-18 R66 N4478K
    2011-sep-18 RAVEN II G-CEKA
    2012-jan-28 SE3130 HA-PPC
    2012-mar-10 EC135T2+ G-GOWF
    2012-apr-01 206B-2 G-RAMY
    2012-sep-15 SA342L HA-LFQ
    2012-oct-07 206L-4 G-PTOO
    2013-jun-08 RAVEN G-JBKA
    2016-jul-17 accident SE3130 HA-PPC
    2017-jun 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2017-jun-04 AS350D G-JOZI
    2017-oct-29 407GX G-HUMM
    2018-feb-04 RAVEN II G-TGTT
    2019-mar-24 UK Air Ambulances H145 G-YOAA

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