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  • united kingdom Mountford

    Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Wellesbourne Mountford with nearby locations

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    11.4236EGBL Long Marston, England
    18.5234 All Things Wild, England
    20.2146 Swalcliffe, England
    21.8024EGBE Coventry, England
    22.2024 Baginton, England
    22.3191 Moreton-in-Marsh, England

    52° 11' 31.92'' N - 1° 36' 51.98'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Wellesbourne Mountford

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    By Date | By Serial

    1981-aug R22 G-BISC
    2004-mar-09 RAVEN G-RAVN
    2004-jul-11 S-76C G-JCBJ
    2004-aug-13 369D G-HKHM
    2005-mar-10 AS350D G-NUTY
    2005-mar-10 BETA G-WIZY
    2005-sep-18 RAVEN II G-STOP
    2006-jun-17 AS350B2 G-WHST
    2006-jun-17 ASTRO G-OJRH
    2006-jun-17 RAVEN G-RAVN
    2006-oct-04 369D G-HKHM
    2008-jun-20 369D G-HKHM
    2008-aug-29 BETA G-ZAPY
    2009-mar-29 BETA G-BVGS
    2009-mar-29 RAVEN II G-MENU
    2009-mar-29 S-76B G-DPJR
    2009-may-22 BETA G-ZAPY
    2009-jun-14 RAVEN G-RAVN
    2010-jun-28 BETA G-ZAPY
    2010-aug-27 BETA G-WINR
    2011-apr-23 BETA G-TINK
    2012-may-24 ASTRO G-OJRH
    2012-may-24 BETA G-ZAPY
    2013-apr-06 R66 N4502G
    2013-apr-06 RAVEN II G-IBMS
    2013-apr-06 RAVEN II G-STOP
    2013-apr-06 RAVEN II G-MENU
    2013-apr-13 ASTRO G-OJRH

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