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  • united kingdom Manchester City Airport / Heliport

    Manchester, Greater Manchester, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Barton with nearby locations

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    9.0086 MMSI Air and Space Hall, England
    10.7095 Central Manchester University Hospitals, England
    11.4144EGM40 UHSM, England
    13.1070 Moston, England
    15.2149EGCC Manchester, England
    15.2272 Haydock Park, England

    53° 28' 19.20'' N - 2° 23' 22.45'' W
    Elevation: 73 feet

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    List of units at Barton

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2008/    NWAA

    List of aircraft and events at Barton

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    By Date | By Serial

    1983-may-15 AAC AH.1 XX393
    1990-may-01 HT.2 XW853 / CU-53
    2003-jul-06 HM.1 ZH855 / CU-267
    2006-jun-23 AS355F2 G-WMPA
    2006-jul-13 AS355F1 G-WIRE
    2008-aug-15 MD902 G-GMPX
    2008-sep-27 A109E G-WRBI
    2009-mar-28 280FX G-OJMF
    2009-may-16 MD902 G-GMPX
    2009-sep-19 EC135T2 G-SPHU
    2010-apr-16 R22 G-BLDK
    2010-may-09 A109E G-HCFC
    2010-aug-14 280FX G-OJMF
    2010-oct-30 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2011-jan-29 AS355F G-SKYN
    2011-jan-29 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2011-feb-24 EC155B1 M-HELI
    2011-jul-03 430 N5120
    2011-jul-03 MD902 G-GMPX
    2011-oct-14 R66 N66MV
    2012-feb-01 206B-3 G-BXAY
    2012-feb-19 206B-2 G-OJPS
    2012-apr R22 G-BLDK
    2012-apr RAVEN II G-IAJJ
    2012-apr-21 Helimed 75NWAA EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2012-jul-04 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2013-jan-05 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2013-jun-26 SA341G HA-LFT
    2014-may-17 Bond Aviation Group EC135T2 G-NWAE
    2014-sep-10 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2015-may-07 AW109E G-ZIPE
    2015-jul-05 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2015-jul-22 369HS G-SWEL
    2015-dec-28 AW109E G-ZIPE
    2017-may-25 AAC AH.1 XW846
    2017-may-25 658 Squadron AS365N3 ZJ780
    2017-may-25 658 Squadron AS365N3 ZJ783
    2017-may-25 658 Squadron AS365N3 ZJ787
    2018-may Helimed 75NWAA EC135T2 G-NWAE
    2018-may Helimed 72NWAA EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2018-jul-15 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWAE
    2019-apr-29 AS350B2 G-OGUN
    2019-dec-16 Eastern Atlantic Helicopters MD520N N520EA

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