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  • united kingdom Osprey Quays

    Portland, Dorset, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Portland Heliport

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    By Date | By Serial

    1959-mar RN HR.3 WG751
    1965-may 829 NAS Wasp XS545
    1969-mar 829 NAS Wasp XS545
    1969-jun-24 AccidentRN Wasp XS544
    1969-jun-24 AccidentRN Wasp XV629
    1970-oct 829 NAS /466-AT Wasp XS564
    1976-feb 737 NASRN HAS.1 XS119
    1977-mar G I AirframeRN Wasp XS544
    1977-aug-24 Fire DumpRAF HAR10 XP300
    1978 772 NAS HU.5 XT480
    1978-jul-22 737 NAS HAS.1 XP156
    1979-jul-22 RN HAS.1 XP118
    1979-jul-22 DumpRN Wasp XS476
    1979-jul-22 703 NAS Wasp XS537
    1980-jun 772 NAS /436-RG HU.5 XT480
    1980-jun-17 G I AirframeRN Wasp XS537
    1982-sep-21 Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK27 266
    1982-sep-21 Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK27 272
    1982-sep-21 Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK27 273
    1985-sep-13 First In Readiness 3829 NAS Wasp XT415
    1986-nov-21 Portland Dump829 NAS Wasp XT786
    1987-aug 829 NAS HAS.2 XZ690
    1987-aug 702 NAS HAS.2 XZ693
    1987-aug RN HAS.2 XZ691
    1987-aug RN HAS.2 XZ233
    1987-aug 702 NAS HAS.2 XZ238
    1987-aug 702 NAS HAS.2 XZ257
    1987-aug 702 NAS HAS.2 XZ731
    1987-aug Marineflieger MK41 89+66
    1987-aug RN Wasp XT432
    1987-sep-08 702 NAS HAS.3 ZD263
    1988-may Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK27 270
    1988-may-16 849 NAS HAS.1 XV664
    1988-may-16 829 NAS HAS.2 XZ237
    1988-may-16 RN HAS.2 XZ695
    1988-may-16 RN HT.2 XW864
    1988-may-16 705 NAS HT.2 XW857
    1988-may-16 705 NAS HT.2 XW884
    1988-may-16 705 NAS HT.2 XX431
    1988-may-16 705 NAS HT.2 XX446
    1988-may-18 824 NAS HAS.1 XV676
    1988-may-26 AAC AH.1 XW911
    1988-jun Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+04
    1988-jul-04 772 NAS HC.4 ZF120
    1988-jul-12 HFR35 CH-53G 84+35
    1988-jul-13 AAC A109A ZE412
    1988-jul-13 RN HAS.3 ZD265
    1988-jul-13 PID TrialsMcAlpine Helicopters SA365N G-BNZY
    1988-jul-17 RN HAS.1 XV666
    1988-nov-22 Ministry of Defence (MoD) HT.3 XZ936
    1989-apr Conv HAS.3GMRN HAS.3 ZD256
    1991-mar-14 819 NAS HAS.1 XV708
    1991-sep-09 772 NAS HC.4 ZF121
    1991-sep-09 RN HC.4 ZF124
    1993-jul HAS3S conversion702 NAS HAS.3 ZD262
    1995-sep-28 HC.4 ZG820
    1997-dec RN HAS.1 XS870
    1997-dec RN Wasp XT778
    1998-jan-14 HAS.2 XZ730 / 304
    1998-oct-17 HAS.2 XZ695 / 345
    1998-oct-17 HAS.2 XZ691 / RM-474
    1998-oct-17 HAS.3 ZD265 / 376
    1998-oct-17 HC.4 ZF120 / K
    1998-oct-17 S-76B G-BWDO
    2003 Portland District S61N.MK2 G-BPWB
    2012-apr-13 HM Coastguard AW139 G-SARD
    2013-mar Marina gate guardRN HAS.2 XZ250
    2013-jun-25 HM Coastguard AW139 G-SARD
    2015-feb-23 Gate GuardianRN HAS.2 XZ250
    2015-apr-01 AAC AS365N3 ZJ782
    2016-jul-13 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGWB
    2016-jul-20 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGIJ
    2016-sep-10 Portland District AW139 G-CGIJ
    2016-nov-22 AW139 G-SARD
    2017-sep German Navy SAR pilot trainingDeveloping Assets (UK) Ltd HAS.1 XV666
    2017-sep German Navy SAR pilot trainingDeveloping Assets (UK) Ltd HAS.5 ZA166
    2018-sep-06 VisitingMarineflieger MK41 89+57

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