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  • united kingdom Eastleigh

    Southampton, Hampshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Southampton with nearby locations

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    5.6250EGI40 Southampton General, England
    6.4196GBWST Vosper Thornycroft, England
    6.9213 Mayflower Park, England
    7.3261EGS50 Lords Hill, England
    7.9216GBMAW SMC Marchwood, England
    10.3169 Hamble South, England

    50° 57' 1.07'' N - 1° 21' 24.52'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Southampton

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    By Date | By Serial

    1946-dec C.30 G-ACUU
    1948-oct-10 W.14 Skeeter 1 G-AJCJ
    1949 Cierva Skeeter 2 G-ALUF
    1949-nov-15 Skeeter 2 G-ALUF
    1950-jun-26 Destroyed Skeeter 2 G-ALUF
    1951 Ministry of Defence (MoD) Skeeter 3 WF113
    1951-oct Ministry of Defence (MoD) Skeeter 3 WF112
    1952-apr-15 Ministry of Defence (MoD) Skeeter 4 WF114
    1953-apr-28 AccidentMinistry of Defence (MoD) Skeeter 3 WF112
    1953-may DestroyedMinistry of Defence (MoD) Skeeter 3 WF113
    1953-jun Skeeter 5 G-AMTZ
    1954-aug-29 First Flight Skeeter 6 G-ANMH
    1955 Conv to Skeeter 6 Skeeter 5 G-AMTZ
    1956-aug Napier peroxide blade tip mods Skeeter 6 G-ANMI
    1957 conv Skeeter 7 Skeeter 6 G-ANMI
    1957-mar-26 AAC Skeeter 6A XK482
    1957-may HTP booster fit Skeeter 5 G-AMTZ
    1958-sep Trials and storage Skeeter 8 G-APOI
    1959-jun AAC Skeeter 7 XL737
    1960-feb-16 AAC Skeeter 7 XN344
    1960-sep-28 AAC Skeeter 7 XN353
    1961-mar VisitingWestland Widgeon G-APVD
    1962-apr Westland Skeeter 8 G-APOI
    1984-feb-20 280C G-COLL
    2003-nov-16 MH-53E 162514 / HC-50
    2003-nov-16 MH-53E 163053 / HC-44
    2004-feb-24 AS355F2 G-ULES
    2004-mar-05 A109A ZE412
    2004-mar-05 A109BA H24
    2004-jul-05 MD902 G-KAAT
    2004-sep-10 105C G-THLS
    2004-dec-28 S-76B VP-BNM
    2005-apr-02 EC155B LX-HEC
    2005-apr-06 SA330E XW236
    2006-mar-05 AS355F G-TAKE
    2012-sep-15 EC135T1 G-BZRS
    2013-aug-13 AgustaWestland UK AW109E G-CDVB
    2014-sep-09 Bristow S-92A G-CIGZ
    2015-aug-30 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGIJ
    2015-nov-10 429 G-WLTS
    2015-dec-11 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGIJ
    2016-jan-29 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-NWEM
    2016-dec-21 SA365N2 G-LCPL
    2018-aug-06 AW139 M-AJOR
    2020-mar-23 EC155B1 G-LCPX
    2021-jan-28 FB Heliservices 412EP G-CBVP

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