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  • united kingdom Eastleigh

    Southampton, Hampshire, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Southampton with nearby locations

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    5.6250EGI40 Southampton General, England
    6.4196GBWST Vosper Thornycroft, England
    6.9213 Mayflower Park, England
    7.3261EGS50 Lords Hill, England
    7.9216GBMAW SMC Marchwood, England
    10.3169 Hamble South, England

    50° 57' 1.07'' N - 1° 21' 24.52'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Southampton

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    By Date | By Serial

    105CG-THLS 10sep04
    412EPG-CBVP 28jan21
    429G-WLTS 10nov15
    A109AZE412 05mar04
    A109BAH24 05mar04
    AS355FG-TAKE 05mar06
    AS355F2G-ULES 24feb04
    AW109EG-CDVB 13aug13
    AW139G-CGIJ 30aug15 11dec15
    AW139M-AJOR 06aug18
    C.30G-ACUU dec46
    EC135T1G-BZRS 15sep12
    EC135T2G-NWEM 29jan16
    EC155BLX-HEC 02apr05
    EC155B1G-LCPX 23mar20
    MD902G-KAAT 05jul04
    MH-53E162514 / HC-50 16nov03
    MH-53E163053 / HC-44 16nov03
    S-76BVP-BNM 28dec04
    S-92AG-CIGZ 09sep14
    SA330EXW236 06apr05
    SA365N2G-LCPL 21dec16
    Skeeter 2G-ALUF 49 15nov49 26jun50
    Skeeter 3WF112 oct51 28apr53
    Skeeter 3WF113 51 may53
    Skeeter 4WF114 15apr52
    Skeeter 5G-AMTZ jun53 55 may57
    Skeeter 6G-ANMH 29aug54
    Skeeter 6G-ANMI aug56 57
    Skeeter 6AXK482 26mar57
    Skeeter 7XL737 jun59
    Skeeter 7XN344 16feb60
    Skeeter 7XN353 28sep60
    Skeeter 8G-APOI sep58 apr62
    W.14 Skeeter 1G-AJCJ 10oct48
    WidgeonG-APVD mar61

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