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  • united kingdom Brighton City Airport

    Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, England

    United Kingdom

    List of aircraft and events at Shoreham

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    By Date | By Serial

    1979-jul-01 HU.5 XT767 / LS-811
    1984-apr Southern Air Ltd 369HS G-GASB
    1989-may 369E G-OSOO
    1990-mar Wreckage F-28A G-AVUK
    2001-dec-19 HC.2 XR517 / N
    2002-apr-16 MD520N G-NOTR
    2003-jun-19 480 G-IGHH
    2003-jun-21 206B-3 G-JETX
    2003-jun-21 BETA G-JBII
    2003-jul-19 MD600N N958SD
    2003-aug-31 RAF CH-47D ZA679
    2004-mar-27 480 G-IGHH
    2004-may-02 HT.2 G-SIVJ
    2004-jun-08 AS355F G-SKYN
    2004-jun-13 206B-3 G-JETX
    2004-jun-13 MD900 N9208V
    2004-jun-19 206A G-BLZN
    2004-jun-19 EC135T1 G-ETHU
    2004-jul-19 BETA G-JBII
    2004-jul-25 AS355F2 N620LH
    2004-aug-14 AH.1 ZB688
    2004-aug-28 CH-47D ZA713
    2004-oct-16 MD600N N958SD
    2004-oct-18 AS355N G-SEPB
    2005-jan-16 300C G-BWAV
    2005-jan-22 MD600N N958SD
    2005-feb-04 280FX G-CKCK
    2005-feb-19 CLIPPER II G-HHOG
    2005-feb-19 MD600N G-GOON
    2005-feb-20 206B-2 G-JBHH
    2005-mar-09 MD520N G-NOTR
    2005-mar-16 480 G-TRUD
    2005-mar-19 RAVEN II G-SEFI
    2005-mar-25 MD902 G-SUSX
    2005-mar-27 MD500E G-CCKS
    2005-apr-02 206B-3 G-BPWI
    2005-apr-02 206B-3 G-JETX
    2005-may-13 AS355F2 G-WMPA
    2005-may-13 SA330E XW229
    2005-may-13 SA330E XW222
    2005-aug-12 480B G-TRYX
    2005-aug-12 A109C N109TW
    2005-sep-04 CH-47D ZA682
    2005-sep-04 HAS.3 ZD254
    2005-sep-17 MD500E N252JP
    2006-jan-22 MD520N G-NEEN
    2006-feb-24 MD902 G-SUSX
    2006-apr-13 206B-3 G-JETX
    2006-apr-13 480B G-TRYX
    2006-apr-13 AS355F2 G-FTWO
    2006-apr-22 MD600N G-NELY
    2006-apr-29 RAVEN G-BZMG
    2006-may-06 CLIPPER II G-HHOG
    2006-may-06 S61N.MK2 G-BPWB
    2006-may-13 BETA G-OKEY
    2006-may-20 A109A-II N109AR
    2006-jun-11 ASTRO G-FABI
    2006-aug-07 MD500E G-CCKS
    2006-aug-18 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    2006-aug-27 206B-2 G-BNYD
    2006-aug-27 300C G-BWAV
    2006-sep-04 MDHI MD902 N7006X
    2006-sep-16 CH-47C ZA674
    2006-sep-16 CH-47D ZA674
    2006-sep-16 HC.3 ZJ131 / P
    2007-jan-14 MD520N G-NEEN
    2007-jan-24 480 G-TRUD
    2007-feb-01 206B-2 G-BARP
    2007-feb-17 206L-3 G-OFST
    2007-mar-19 480B G-TRYX
    2007-apr-08 AS355F G-TOPS
    2007-apr-08 BETA G-OKEY
    2007-apr-29 MD902 N902JW
    2007-may-02 MD902 G-SUSX
    2007-may-26 MD900 N555WA
    2007-jun-09 A109A-II N800WK
    2007-aug-17 A109A-II N109AG
    2007-aug-31 MD902 N90011
    2007-sep-09 CH-47D ZD575 / BC
    2007-sep-15 206L-3 G-ODCC
    2007-sep-15 BK117C-1 G-RESC
    2007-sep-15 CLIPPER II G-HHOG
    2007-sep-15 HAS.2 XZ254 / 631
    2007-sep-15 HAS.2 XZ250 / 635
    2007-sep-15 MK512 ZJ992
    2007-sep-16 UH-1H G-HUEY / 560
    2007-sep-30 RAVEN G-OHJV
    2007-oct-13 MD500E N252JP
    2007-oct-27 RAVEN II G-HFLY
    2007-nov-03 HAR.3A ZH544
    2007-nov-10 MD500E G-CCKS
    2007-nov-23 MD520N N18GH
    2008-jan Eastern Atlantic Helicopters MD500E G-OPCS
    2008-jan-12 RAVEN II G-HFLY
    2008-feb-15 A109A-II G-TMUR
    2008-feb-15 MD500E G-OPCS
    2008-feb-15 MD902 G-SUSX
    2008-apr-05 BETA G-OKEY
    2008-apr-18 AS350B2 G-CDTD
    2008-apr-25 EC155B P4-HEC
    2008-apr-25 SA341G G-MANN
    2008-may-03 RAVEN G-OHJV
    2008-jun-08 MD500E G-DIGR
    2008-jun-15 AW109E N174ST
    2008-jul-18 480B G-TRYX
    2008-aug-15 AB412SP R-01
    2008-aug-15 AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2008-aug-22 MD902 N902JW
    2008-aug-30 AS350BB ZJ276
    2008-aug-30 RAF CH-47D ZA710 / BC
    2008-aug-30 HAS.2 XZ233 / 634
    2008-oct-04 MD600N G-NELY
    2008-dec-06 222 G-NOIR
    2009-jan-02 S-76B G-VONB
    2009-jan-23 MD902 N90011
    2009-mar-20 HT.2 G-LEDR
    2009-apr-22 CLIPPER II G-HHOG
    2009-apr-24 333 G-TAMC
    2009-apr-25 HM Coastguard AW139 G-SARD
    2009-apr-25 MD902 G-KSSH
    2009-jul-03 AS355F G-OHMS
    2009-aug-18 206B-3 G-ELLI
    2009-aug-21 MD902 N902JW
    2009-aug-23 HAS.2 XZ255 / 318
    2009-aug-30 MD902 G-SUSX
    2009-sep-04 AS332C HB-XVY
    2009-sep-18 AH1 ZD282
    2009-oct-14 BETA G-OKEY
    2009-oct-25 RAVEN II G-HFLY
    2009-oct-30 HAS.2 XZ732
    2009-nov-15 BETA G-JBII
    2009-dec-06 MD902 G-KAAT
    2010-feb-12 MD902 N90011
    2010-feb-12 RAVEN II G-SPYS
    2010-mar-06 MD902 G-SUSX
    2010-mar-07 MD902 N902PD
    2010-apr-11 480B G-TRYX
    2010-apr-11 RAVEN II G-HFLY
    2010-apr-27 BETA G-OKEY
    2010-may-07 SA330E XW224
    2010-may-14 480B N480PP
    2010-jun-26 MD902 N902JW
    2010-oct-02 333 G-TAMC
    2010-oct-02 333 G-TAMD
    2010-oct-09 BETA G-JBII
    2010-oct-23 AS355F G-BPRJ
    2010-nov-07 AW109S G-IOOZ
    2011-feb-01 CLIPPER II G-HHOG
    2011-feb-27 BETA G-OKEY
    2011-feb-27 UK Police Forces EC145 G-MPSA
    2011-mar-12 A109A-II G-DWAL
    2011-apr-17 AW109E G-WELY
    2011-jun-10 MD902 G-SUSX
    2011-jun-30 A109BA H35
    2011-jul-21 MD902 N902JW
    2011-aug-20 MH-47E ZH898
    2011-nov-25 300CBI G-CDOJ
    2012-jun-14 BETA G-BTBA
    2012-jul-22 AS350B2 G-IFBP
    2012-sep-07 MD902 G-SUSX
    2012-oct-07 EC120B SX-HVR
    2013-jan Eastern Atlantic Helicopters MD500E G-JIVE
    2013-mar-04 BETA G-BTBA
    2013-mar-04 MD500E N369E
    2013-apr-01 EC120B G-UYFI
    2013-apr-01 EC130B4 G-SASY
    2013-apr-14 UK Police Forces EC145 G-MPSB
    2013-jul-06 HT.2 G-DFKI
    2013-aug-28 EC120B G-DEVL
    2013-aug-30 AS365N3 G-MRMJ
    2013-sep-16 369HS G-IDWR
    2013-sep-16 430 N430EA
    2013-sep-16 DSA Delta System Air 480B G-TRYX
    2013-sep-16 480B N480PP
    2013-dec-29 WPD EC135P1 G-WPDC
    2014-jan-03 A109A-II N64EA
    2014-jan-08 National Grid 429 G-RIDB
    2014-mar-16 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGIJ
    2014-aug-30 Cabri G2 G-UMBL
    2015-aug-22 HM Coastguard AW139 G-SARD
    2015-oct-02 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-CPAS
    2015-nov-18 SA365N2 G-LCPL
    2015-dec R66 G-FLOE
    2016-feb-05 AW109S G-YRTE
    2016-apr-23 UK Police Forces EC135P2+ G-CPAS
    2016-may-24 North Shore Helicopters EC130B4 ZK-IGM
    2016-jun-13 HM Coastguard AW139 G-SARD
    2016-oct-15 S-76C M-ONTY
    2016-nov-10 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGS
    2017-jan Transair MD500E G-KAYS
    2018-nov Eastern Atlantic Helicopters MD500E N727CH
    2019-mar-29 PDG Helicopters AS355 G-BYZA
    2019-may Eastern Atlantic Helicopters MD600N G-CLFP

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