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Shetland Islands, Scotland
United Kingdom

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29.9 50EG39 Fetlar, Scotland
42.5 34EGPW Unst, Scotland
52.1 25 Muckle Flugga, Scotland
61.6179EGPB Sumburgh, Scotland
73.3297 Clair platform, Offshore UK
99.4190 Fair Isle North Light, Scotland

1940 to present

60° 25' 58.00'' N - 1° 17' 46.00'' W
17nm N of Lerwick
Elevation: 81 feet

History of this Location

Opened in Apr 1940 as RAF Scatsta under Coastal Command. The base was to protect the long range flying boats moored in the bay at nearby RAF Sullom Voe. Between Jul 1941 and Apr 1942 a second runway (north west - south east) was built. The RAF station component at Scatsta closed after the War, in 1946 and the airfield facilities were left in place but there was little private flying. The US Coast Guard installed a radio navigation station in 1968 but the exploitation of hydrocarbons, beginning in the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea in the early 1970s was a major spur to its further development.
The huge Sullom Voe oil terminus was built in the 9 years from 1973. The airfield reopened in earnest in early summer 1978. By 1982 after the demand to transport and support the construction teams began to fall away, as the terminus moved into operations, there was a small but steady flow of shift staff. With the run down of work at Baltasound (on the nearby Isle of Unst, to the north) operations concentrated on Scatsta. The main runway was extended in 1996 and other improvements made. In Dec 1999, much of the North Sea contract traffic transferred in from Sumburgh, to the south, so that flights now arrive from Aberdeen transferring cargo and passengers to helicopters that then head out to the oil platforms of the Brent and Ninian fields, amongst others in the East Shetland Basin. Scatsta is also a poor-weather diversion for commercial flights to Sumburgh.

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Scatsta News

Bristow New Service Between Aberdeen and Scatsta, 28-Jun-16 : Bristow Logistics Services Shetland (BLSS) launched in partnership with Eastern Airways to fly offshore workers from Aberdeen to Scatsta in the Shetland Islands on fixed-wing aircraft

Waypoint Leasing First Transaction with Bristow: S-92, 14-Oct-14 : Two Sikorsky S-92 are Waypoint Leasing First Helicopter Leasing Transaction with Bristow

List of aircraft and events at Scatsta

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2002-sep-27 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGO
2002-sep-27 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGE
2002-sep-27 AS332L Super PumaG-BWMG
2002-sep-27 AS332L Super PumaG-TIGS
2002-sep-27 AS332L Super PumaG-BMCW
2013-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-IACA
2013-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-IACB
2013-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-IACC
2013-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-IACD
2013-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-IACE
2013-sep-26 BristowS-92AG-IACF
2019-aug BristowS-92AG-IACF

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