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  • united kingdom Stapleford Tawney

    Stapleford, Essex, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Stapleford with nearby locations

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    0.5273 Patch Park, England
    7.7359EGSX North Weald, England
    9.0142EGR45 Harold Wood, England
    9.3169EGH75 Queens Hospital, England
    9.4168EGR48 Oldchurch Hospital, England
    9.5271 Lippitts Hill, England

    51° 39' 9.00'' N - 0° 9' 17.56'' E
    1.5nm E of Abridge
    Elevation: 183 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Stapleford

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    By Date | By Serial

    206L-1G-BWCU may95
    206L-1G-OCRP dec97 jul00
    A109CN637CG 26jun05
    AH.1G-CHBJ jan12
    AH.1G-CHBN jan12
    AH.1G-CHBR jan12 sep20
    AH.1G-HSDL 10feb16
    AH.1XW848 may10
    AH.1ZB673 jun12
    AS355G-BYZA 29jan06
    AS355EG-PASF 26jun05
    AS355FG-IDEB oct09
    AS355FG-ORMA 26jun05
    AS355F2G-ULES 26jun05
    EC120BG-ISSY 26jun05
    EC135T2G-ESEX 14jun04
    HT.3G-CBJZ 13feb02
    HT.3G-CBKC feb02
    SA341GF-GOSO 12sep04
    SA341GG-CDJT aug05 29jan06
    SA342JYU-HET 06jul15
    SA342KYU-HEV may19

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