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  • united kingdom North Weald

    North Weald, Essex, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of North Weald with nearby locations

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    7.1320EGE03 Harlow Hospital, England
    7.7183 Patch Park, England
    7.7179EGSG Stapleford, England
    12.0231 Lippitts Hill, England
    15.8159EGR45 Harold Wood, England
    17.0174EGH75 Queens Hospital, England

    1916 to present

    51° 43' 18.12'' N - 0° 9' 15.00'' E
    Elevation: 321 feet

    History of this Location

    North Weald was opened by the Royal Flying Corps in Aug 1916. Around 1919 it closed and no further work was done until its potential as a defence base for London was recognised. After some remediation and improvement works, it re-opened as an RAF Station in 1927.

    It served as a fighter base for RAF 11 Group during WWII and after that conflict finished, it was briefly under RAF Transport Command and then with the British Army. It was placed under maintenance in 1958 and finally closed as a military base in Sep 1964.

    There was a brief reprise of its wartime fame, when it featured during 1968 in the making of the film Battle of Britain.

    Ownership passed to Epping District Council under whose stewardship, the site has gradually grown from a gliding base, to a local commercial centre and motorsport venue, as well as being a centre for the care and restoration of vintage and veteran airframes. During 2019, a new helicopter and fixed wing base for the NPAS is also being constructed, which is likely to mean the closure of the long established site at nearby Lippitts Hill.

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    List of units at North Weald

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2008/    EHAATAW169 2017/   
    MD902 Explorer 2010/   
    EC135 2003/10

    North Weald News

    UK’ NPAS New Base at Essex, 23-Jan-19 : UK National Police Air Service (NPAS) building new airbase at North Weald Airfield in Essex to primarily serve London and the South East. The £4 million facility, being built by Kier Group, is scheduled to be ready before end 2019

    List of aircraft and events at North Weald

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    By Date | By Serial

    1968-jun-03 RAF HAR10 XR453
    1986-jun-29 AH1 XZ649 / E
    1988 280C D-HGBX
    1988-may-14 HT.2 XW857 / CU-55
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90 206B-2 G-BBBM
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90AAC AB47G-3B XT131
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90AAC AH.1 XW903
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90AAC AH.1 XZ338
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90AAC AH1 XZ171
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90RN HAS.5 ZE418
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90RN HT.2 XW845
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90UK Air Ambulances SA365N G-HEMS
    1990-may-12 Fighter Meet Airshow 90AAC Skeeter 7 XL814
    2009-sep-13 UK Police Forces EC145 G-MPSB
    2009-sep-13 UH-1H G-HUEY / 560
    2010-jun-19 Wasp G-RIMM / XT435
    2011-jul-02 480B G-TRYX
    2011-oct-29 Wasp XT435 / 430
    2013-jul AH.1 G-NOTY
    2014-oct AH.1 G-CIMX
    2015 Helimed 55EHAAT MD902 G-HAAT
    2015-mar-18 HT.2 G-DFKI
    2015-apr-12 MD902 G-KSSH
    2015-oct-11 HT.2 G-DFKI
    2016-jun-15 RAVEN II G-MENU
    2017-jul-24 UK Air Ambulances MD902 G-HAAT
    2018-feb-12 EHAAT AW169 G-HHEM
    2020-mar-03 CirclingAirtelis EC135T3 F-HSRV

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