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  • united kingdom Cranfield

    Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of Cranfield with nearby locations

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    9.6237EGG30 Milton Keynes General, England
    13.9074GBCRT Cardington, England
    20.5030EGVW Bedford (Thurleigh), England
    20.5084EGTH Old Warden, England
    20.9028 Bedford Autodrome, England
    21.3033EGBF Bedford Aerodrome, England

    52° 4' 20'' N - 0° 37' 0'' W
    Wharley End
    Elevation: 358 feet

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    List of units at Cranfield

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base

    List of aircraft and events at Cranfield

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    By Date | By Serial

    1965 Rotodyne XE521
    1976 G I Airframe Ultralight G-APJJ
    1977 G I Airframe AB47G-3B XT143
    1977-sep-03 369HS G-AXEJ
    1984-sep-04 StoredRSAF AB205A-1 1403
    1985-jul StoredRSAF AB205A-1 1401
    1987-oct VisitingARWS /Z AH.1 ZA771
    1990 StoredRN Wasp XT439
    1990-jun-03 105CB-2 G-BFYA
    1990-jul-14 SA341G G-HTPS
    1994-sep-18 AH.1 XT626 / Q
    1995-oct-01 UH-1H G-HUEY / 560
    1996-jun-08 Skeeter 7 XL814
    2004-may-25 105CB G-BTKL
    2005-mar-13 206B-3 G-OCFD
    2005-apr-11 EC120B G-DEVL
    2005-apr-22 AS350B2 G-PROB
    2006-apr-12 BETA II G-CBWZ
    2006-may 206B-3 G-BXAY
    2006-jun-06 SA330E XW216
    2006-jun-23 RAVEN G-WLDN
    2007-apr-06 UK Police Forces EC145 G-MPSB
    2007-may-16 AS350B2 D-HAHN
    2007-jun-01 AS365N3 G-MRMJ
    2007-sep-04 AS355F G-OHMS
    2007-dec-20 407 N775SB
    2008-jan-22 Tiger Helicopters Ltd 206B-3 G-TGRZ
    2008-jul-28 PDG Helicopters AS355 G-BYZA
    2008-aug-21 Capital Air Services Ltd EC135T2+ G-HOLM
    2008-sep-12 206B-3 G-OCFD
    2010-mar-01 BETA G-HONI
    2010-jul-11 Von Essen Aviation 222 G-VOND
    2011-jul-08 AS355F G-WDKR
    2011-jul-19 BETA II G-ROVY
    2011-sep-20 CH-47D ZH894 / HI
    2012-apr-17 Castle Air Charters AW109E G-TRNG
    2012-jun-20 369HS G-LIBS
    2012-jul-07 206L-3 G-LVDC
    2012-jul-08 206B-3 G-ISPH
    2012-aug-08 CLIPPER G-SUNN
    2012-sep-05 RAVEN II G-ROAD
    2012-oct-13 National Rail AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2012-nov-14 Sloane Helicopters AW109SP G-MAOL
    2015-aug G I AirframeAAC AH.1 XX387
    2015-aug G I AirframeAAC AH1 XZ668

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