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  • united kingdom RAF Greenham Common

    Newbury, Berkshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of RAF Greenham Common with nearby locations

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    8.5356EGN10 Denison Barracks, England
    15.9132EGA63 Basingstoke and N Hants Hospital, England
    17.8224 Bourne Park, England
    20.8170EGHP Popham, England
    22.7209 Picket Twenty, England
    24.8170 East Stratton, England

    51° 22' 43'' N - 1° 16' 56'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at RAF Greenham Common

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    By Date | By Serial

    1973-jul-01 AB206A G-AWGU
    1973-jul-01 HAS.1 XV697 / CU-593
    1973-jul-08 CH-54A 68-18455
    1974-jul Air Show SA341G G-BAZL
    1974-jul-01 47H G-AZYB
    1976-jul-31 444 Squadron CH-136 136224
    1976-jul-31 SA321G 163
    1976-jul-31 32F SA321G 163
    1977-jun-25 IAT 1977vsq 7 /K AB204B 227
    1977-jun-25 IAT 1977AAC AH.1 XW613
    1977-jun-25 IAT 1977MFG5 MK41 89+68
    1977-jun-25 IAT 197732F /G SA321G 137
    1977-jun-25 IAT 19776 Flt SE3130 XN132
    1977-jun-26 HSS-1 B4 / OT-ZKD
    1977-jun-26 MK41 8968
    1977-jun-26 MK50 N16-125 /
    1977-jun-26 SE3130 XN132
    1977-jun-26 IAT 1977AAC Skeeter 7 XM556
    1977-jun-26 UH-1D 7342
    1979-may-29 815 NAS HAS.2 XZ232
    1979-may-31 Grasshoppers SE3160 A-351
    1979-may-31 Grasshoppers SE3160 A-350
    1979-jun AAC Skeeter 7 XL814
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979UK Police Forces 269C / 300 G-BAUF
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979Hæren 369HM H-207
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979AAC AH.1 XZ341
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979AAC AH1 XZ203
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979Army CH-47C 76-22677
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+38
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979RAF HAR.3 XZ588
    1979-jun-23 HAR.3 XZ588 / D
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 197932 (The Royal) Squadron HAR.4 XJ407
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979RAF HAR10 XP359
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979Queens Flight HCC.4 XV733
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979CFS (H) HT.3 XW902
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK25 263
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979RAF SA330E XW235
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 197933 Squadron SA330E XW215
    1979-jun-23 SE3160 M-071
    1979-jun-23 RIAT 1979Heeresflieger UH-1D 72+29
    1979-jun-24 RIAT 197932 (The Royal) Squadron HT.3 XW855
    1980-may-31 AAC AB47G-3B XT131
    1980-may-31 AAC AH.1 XZ341
    1980-may-31 AAC AH1 XZ203
    1980-may-31 845 NAS HU.5 XT449
    1980-may-31 Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK25 264
    1981-jun-01 MK48 RS05
    1981-jun-01 SA321G 122 / D
    1981-jun-01 SE3160 A-499
    1981-jun-27 AAC AH.1 XX444
    1981-jun-27 VisitingARWS /B AH1 XZ174
    1981-jun-27 HC.4 ZA297 / VG
    1981-jun-27 HCC.4 XV732
    1981-jun-27 HH-53C 69-5796
    1981-jun-27 HU.5 XT466 / CU-528
    1981-jun-27 SE3160 M-439
    1981-jun-28 HAR.3 ZA105
    1981-jun-28 RIAT 1981705 NAS HT.2 XW864
    1983-jul-22 Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK27 276
    1983-jul-23 AVES AB212 MM81128
    1983-jul-23 HU.5 XS507 / R-N
    1983-jul-23 Marineflieger MK41 89+60
    1983-jul-23 Marineflieger MK41 89+71
    1997-jun-25 IAT 1977HFS10 UH-1D 73+42

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