netherlands Schiphol

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

1.2240 Aviodome Museum, Noord-Holland
7.1 66 VU Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
9.3 65 Amsterdam RAI, Noord-Holland
12.1 13EHHA Amsterdam Heliport, Noord-Holland
12.9 42 Amsterdam Harbour, Noord-Holland
13.5 40 Amsterdam dockyard, Noord-Holland

52° 18' 31.01'' N - 4° 45' 50.00'' E
Elevation: -11 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/    Politieec135 2009/   
AW139 2009/   
bo105cbs-4 2004/09
MD900 Explorer 2001/05
AS350B2 Ecureuil 1995/02
bo105c 1993/   


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By Date | By Serial

1975-mar-23 S-61NPH-NZA
1976-apr-27 H-3 kolibriePH-NHI
1980-oct-01 S-61NPH-NZA
1981-apr-01 S-61NPH-NZD
1981-dec-12 S-61NPH-NZA
1985-aug-25 222UTPH-HBP
1986-jul-06 S-61NPH-NZD
1987-jul KLM helikoptersS-61N Mk.IIG-BEWL
1987-sep-08 UK British International HelicoptersS-61N Mk.IIG-BEWM
1988-feb-15 KLM helikoptersS-61NPH-NZA
1988-apr-19 KLM helikoptersS-76BPH-NZV
1990-may-11 Koninklijke LuchtmachtSE3160 Alouette IIIA-235
1991-jul-04 NO Helikopter ServiceS-61N Mk.IILN-OSX
1991-oct-10 UK BristowAS332L Super PumaG-BLXS
1991-oct-16 UK BristowS-76AG-BJGX
1992-jan-01 S-61NPH-NZD
1993-mar-01 SE3160 Alouette IIIA-366
1994-oct-01 S-61N Mk.IIEC-717
1994-oct-03 S-76BG-UKLM
1997-feb-04 A109cOO-WGW
1997-feb-05 UK Royal Air ForceCH-47D ChinookZD980
1997-feb-09 A109a-IIOO-AHE
1997-feb-15 DE MHS Helicopter Flugservice GmbHA109cD-HBRK
1998-feb-09 UK Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZA297
1998-feb-09 UK Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZD478
1998-mar-22 UK Royal Air ForceCH-47D ChinookZA711
1998-mar-22 UK Royal Air ForceCH-47D ChinookZA704
1998-mar-22 UK Royal Air ForceCH-47D ChinookZA677
1998-apr-05 Super Lynx mk88a8305
1998-may-01 bo105cbs-2PH-KHD
1998-aug-29 S-61N Mk.IIPH-NZG
1999-jul-11 bo105cbs-2PH-KHD
1999-aug-15 S-76BPH-NZZ
2002-jul-17 MD900 ExplorerN9213Q
2002-aug-14 bo105cbs-2PH-KHD
2003-may-03 bo105cbs-2PH-KHD
2003-sep-01 MD900 ExplorerN9213Q
2004-feb-20 bo105cPH-RPW
2004-mar-08 CH-47C ChinookZD984
2004-mar-09 CH-47D ChinookZA709
2004-mar-27 Sea King HC.4ZD480 / E
2004-mar-27 Sea King HC.4ZG820 / A
2004-mar-30 Lynx AH1XZ180
2004-may-17 bo105cbs-2PH-KHD
2004-jul-01 EC120BG-DEVL
2004-aug-01 bo105cPH-RPV
2005-jan-08 EC135T2PH-EMS
2005-jun-18 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 PH-HHJ
2006-jan-10 Sea King HC.4ZG820
2006-jan-10 Sea King HC.4ZF118 /
2006-mar-06 bo105cPH-RPR
2006-mar-26 S-76BPH-NZZ
2006-jul-14 bo105cbs-4PH-RPZ
2006-oct-29 bo105cPH-RPV
2007-feb-15 Lynx AH1XZ654
2007-oct-11 UH-60A Black Hawk87-24584
2008-jan-26 EC130B4PH-RIS
2008-feb-04 Lynx AH1XZ180
2008-apr-01 AS532UL Cougar2342 / FX
2008-apr-01 FR Armée de l'AirAS532UL Cougar2342
2008-may-21 bo105cPH-RPR
2009-mar-18 bo105cbs-4PH-RPZ
2009-aug-03 EC135P2+PH-PXA
2009-aug-15 EC135P2+PH-PXB
2009-aug-17 EC135P2+PH-PXF
2009-sep-11 bo105cPH-RPV
2009-oct-23 AW139PH-PXZ
2009-oct-25 EC130B4PH-RIS
2010-jan-05 UK Royal MarinesLynx AH1XZ177
2010-jan-05 UK Royal MarinesLynx AH1XZ182
2010-feb-20 AW139PH-PXY
2010-feb-20 EC135P2+PH-PXF
2010-may-05 AW139PH-PXZ
2010-may-16 EC135P2+PH-PXA
2010-jul-08 AW139PH-PXZ
2010-sep-29 AW139PH-PXY
2010-oct-01 230D-HHHB
2011-mar-03 AW139PH-PXZ
2011-mar-03 EC135P2+PH-PXB
2011-apr-03 S-61N Mk.IIG-BIMU
2011-jun-08 ab139PH-SHL
2011-jun-14 EC135P2+PH-PXA
2011-jun-15 AS350B3 EcureuilN609MK
2011-jul-02 EC135P2+PH-PXC
2011-jul-14 AW139PH-PXZ
2011-dec-17 Sea King HC.4ZF117 / VQ
2012-jun-20 AW139PH-PXZ
2012-aug-14 Politie Luchtvaart DienstAW139PH-PXZ
2012-aug-14 Politie Luchtvaart DienstEC135P2+PH-PXB
2012-aug-14 Politie Luchtvaart DienstEC135P2+PH-PXF
2013-apr-18 AW139PH-PXY
2013-sep-26 Politie Luchtvaart DienstAW139PH-PXZ
2013-sep-26 ANWB Medical Air AssistanceEC135T2PH-EMS
2014-mar-15 nightstopUK Royal Air ForceMerlin HC.3ZJ133
2014-oct-02 SA330E PumaZA936
2015-mar-20 night stopUK Army Air CorpsLynx AH1ZD280
2015-mar-20 night stopUK Army Air CorpsLynx AH1XZ653
2015-mar-20 night stopUK Army Air CorpsLynx AH1XZ679
2016-apr-11 AW139PH-PXZ

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