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  • netherlands Vliegbasis Deelen / Arnhem Deelen

    Arnhem, Gelderland



    Satellite and aerial maps of Deelen AB with nearby locations

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    4.0078EHTL Terlet, Gelderland
    12.2312 Harskamp, Gelderland
    24.7029EHTE Teuge, Gelderland
    25.2180 UMC Nijmegen, Gelderland
    27.0143 Scheepswerf De Hoop, Gelderland
    35.8240 Rivierenland ziekenhuis, Gelderland

    1940 to 1996

    52° 3' 0'' N - 5° 52' 0'' E
    north-west of the city of Arnhem
    Elevation: 158 feet

    History of this Location

    Although the fields around Arnhem were used for flying Fliegrhorst Deelen (Deelen Air Base) as we know it was created by the German occupation forces in the 1940-1945 era. After WW2 the airbase was taken over by the Dutch Air Force. It was not before 1955 that the first helicopters arrived. 298 sqn accepted three Hiller H-23B Raven. In 1956 299 sqn received three H-23B's as well. In 1957 both squadrons relocated to Ypenburg Air Base due to the arrival of 306 sqn with RF-84F at Deelen. In 1962/63 both 298 and 299 sqn return to Deelen. In 1964 the Alouette III arrives and in 1965 the last H-23B has left active service. 1967 sees 298 sqn leave for Soesterberg making room for 300 sqn, that arrives at Deelen in 1968. Than 300 flies Alouette III helicopters. From 1976 299 sqn starts operating Bo-105 and transition to this type is concluded in 1979. After a reorganisation of the Air Force 299 sqn relocates to Gilze -Rijen and 300 sqn leaves for Soesterberg. Deelen is closed January 1st 1996.

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    List of units at Deelen AB

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1973/95GrasshoppersSE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1973/95
    1968/95300 SquadronSE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1965/15
    1957/95299 SquadronBo105CB 1975/03
    SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1962/78
    OH-23B 1959/62

    Deelen AB News

    Netherlands Sling Exercise, 06-Dec-18 : #Slingery Dutch Chinook and Cougar helicopters completed external load training lifting heavy cargo

    HWIC 2018 in the Netherlands, 20-Feb-18 : Royal Netherlands Air Force helicopters participated of HWIC/TAC 2018 exercsie at Deelen airbase

    List of aircraft and events at Deelen AB

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    By Date | By Serial

    1971-jun-12 SE3160 H-20
    1975 300 Squadron SE3160 A-266
    1976-dec-17 HU.5 XS482 / A-D
    1978-jun-17 SE3160 A-281
    1983-jun-11 105P 8752
    1983-jun-11 Army CH-47C 79-23398
    1983-jun-11 SE3160 H-75
    1983-jun-11 SE3160 A-470
    1986-jun-10 SE3160 A-246
    1987-jun-01 SE3160 A-336
    1988-jun-28 105CB B-42
    1988-jun-28 105CB B-76
    1988-jun-28 SE3160 A-398
    1988-jun-29 SE3160 A-465
    1988-jun-29 SE3160 H-20
    1988-jul-01 SE3160 A-391
    1988-jul-19 SE3160 A-247
    1988-jul-19 SE3160 A-350
    1993-feb-01 SE3160 A-301
    1993-mar-12 SE3160 A-515
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-68
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-44
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-67
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-37
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-40
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-43
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-66
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-78
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-48
    1994-nov 299 Squadron 105CB B-77
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SA316B A-542
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-528
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-208
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-482
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-471
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-495
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-494
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-464
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-407
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-217
    1994-nov Grasshoppers SE3160 A-324
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-390
    1994-nov 300 Squadron SE3160 A-374
    1994-nov Grasshoppers SE3160 A-350
    1996 RNLAF SE3160 A-343
    1996-jun-08 RNLAF CH-47D D-665
    1996-jun-08 SE3160 A-292
    2005-may-27 RNLAF CH-47D D-103
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   Heeresflieger 105P 87+12
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   Heeresflieger 105P 87+73
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF AH-64D Q-09
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   301 Squadron AH-64D Q-10
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF AH-64D Q-19
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF AS532U2 S-441
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF AS532U2 S-447
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF AS532U2 S-445
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF CH-47D D-661
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF CH-47D D-103
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   SE3160 A-247
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   RNLAF SE3160 A-247
    2005-may-28 Landmachtdagen 2005   Heeresflieger UH-1D 72+86
    2005-may-29 AS532U2 S-441
    2005-may-29 AS532U2 S-447
    2011-jun-23 CH-47D D-667
    2011-dec-16 SA330F D-HAXA / 2
    2019-jan-04 VicinityPolitie Luchtvaart Dienst AW139 PH-PXY
    2021-apr-12 423MHS CH-148 148805

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