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  • netherlands Eindhoven Airport

    Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant



    Satellite and aerial maps of Eindhoven with nearby locations

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    3.6328GLV5 Oirschotse Heide, Noord-Brabant
    9.5001 Liempdseweg Heliport, Limburg
    21.1297 St. Elisabeth Ziekenhuis, Noord-Brabant
    22.9300 Tilburg, Noord-Brabant
    23.6172EBNP Neerpelt, Limburg
    25.6354 Hertogenbosch Pettelaar Heliport, Noord-Brabant

    51° 27' 0.36'' N - 5° 22' 28.24'' E
    Elevation: 74 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Eindhoven

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    By Date | By Serial

    1986-sep-01 S61N.MK2 PH-NZR
    1986-sep-01 SE3160 A-515
    1986-sep-20 RNLAF SE3160 H-75
    1986-sep-20 SE3160 A-495
    1986-sep-20 RNLAF SE3160 A-391
    1991-sep-21 AS350B2 OO-RCH
    1992-oct-19 Quick Service Helicopters BETA OO-RJQ
    1992-oct-19 5-159 AVN CH-47D 87-00084
    1992-oct-23 299 Squadron 105CB B-38
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF 105CB B-37
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Army AH-1G 68-17088
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Army AH-64A 87-00413
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993ALAT AS532UL 2327
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993 BETA PH-THB
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Army CH-47D 87-00101
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RN HAS.2 XZ574
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RN HAS.5 ZD637
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RN HT.2 XX441
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RAF HT.3 ZA804
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Vzdušné síly AČR MI-17 0832
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Vzdušné síly AČR mi-24d 0103
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Vzdušné síly AČR mi-24d 4011
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK81 278
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Army OH-58D 85-24724
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SA316B A-550
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RAF SA330E XW206
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RAF SA330E ZA938
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 H-20
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993298 Squadron SE3160 A-209
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 A-514
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 A-453
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 A-398
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 A-324
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 A-390
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993RNLAF SE3160 A-350
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Army UH-60A 89-26153
    1993-jul-03 Luchtmachtdagen 1993Marynarka Wojenna W-3RM 0512
    1993-aug-17 mi-24d 0103
    1996-mar-05 300C OO-SUP
    1996-mar-05 SAR Flight AB412SP R-02
    1996-mar-19 300CBI OO-UNY
    1996-mar-19 HFWS CH-53G 84+14
    1996-mar-19 HFWS CH-53G 84+18
    1996-mar-19 HFWS CH-53G 84+19
    1996-mar-19 302 Squadron SE3160 A-260
    1996-mar-19 302 Squadron SE3160 A-522
    1996-mar-19 302 Squadron SE3160 A-521
    2002-sep-13 AH-64D Q-23
    2003-mar-31 HFR30 UH-1D 72+46
    2003-mar-31 HFR30 UH-1D 73+04
    2003-mar-31 Heeresflieger UH-1D 73+16
    2003-mar-31 HFR30 UH-1D 73+24
    2004-may-03 NHV AS365N3 OO-NHU
    2005-may-05 RAF CH-47D ZA710
    2005-may-05 RAF CH-47D ZA710
    2005-sep-17 MK27 270
    2007-mar-14 RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2007-jun-15 MAA EC135T2 PH-ELP
    2009-jan-05 RNLAF CH-47D D-665
    2011-jan-05 Politie Luchtvaart Dienst EC135P2+ PH-PXD
    2011-aug-04 RNLAF AS532U2 S-441
    2012-jul-19 VisitingFBS BMVg AS532U2 82+02
    2012-jul-22 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-227
    2012-jul-22 vsq 860 NFH N-227
    2012-nov-22 AS532U2 8202
    2012-nov-22 Politie Luchtvaart Dienst EC135P2+ PH-PXD
    2013-jul-17 Maavoimat TTH NH-209
    2013-jul-17 Maavoimat TTH NH-214
    2013-sep-20 AH-64D Q-17
    2015-jun-26 MAA EC135T2+ PH-HVB
    2016-jun-19 MAA EC135T2+ PH-MAA
    2016-oct-30 MAA EC135T2 PH-ELP
    2016-dec-14 CHC NL AW139 PH-EUH
    2018-may-16 MAA EC135P3 PH-TTR
    2018-may-22 AMI AW101 611 MM81869
    2018-jun-15 Politie Luchtvaart Dienst EC135P2+ PH-PXB
    2018-jun-19 Army UH-60M 10-20245
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08188
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08192
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB HH-60M 16-20835
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB HH-60M 17-20940
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB HH-60M 17-20941
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB HH-60M 17-20939
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20914
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20888
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20883
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20880
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20882
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20837
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20842
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20885
    2018-jun-21 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20916
    2018-jun-22 RNLAF AH-64D Q-01
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08184
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08187
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08185
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08186
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08191
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB CH-47F 15-08465
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60L 92-26425
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60L 90-26297
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60L 94-26589
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20840
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20849
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20845
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20843
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20841
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20886
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20891
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20915
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20879
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20884
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20836
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20846
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20848
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20847
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20852
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20871
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20872
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20873
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 16-20874
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 17-20938
    2018-jun-22 4th CAB UH-60M 17-20942
    2020-jan-16 RNLAF CH-47D D-667
    2020-sep-30 vsq 860 NFH N-110
    2020-oct-07 vsq 860 NFH N-110
    2021-may-13 AAC WAH-64 ZJ220
    2021-oct-28 RNLAF CH-47F D-601
    2021-dec-21 RNLAF CH-47F D-601
    2022-jun-08 RNLAF CH-47F D-602

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