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  • netherlands Vliegbasis Leeuwarden

    Leeuwarden, Friesland



    Satellite and aerial maps of Leeuwarden AB with nearby locations

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    4.7131MCL MC Leeuwarden, Friesland
    21.5199 Antonius Ziekenhuis, Friesland
    26.6349EHAL Ameland, Friesland
    27.5113EHDR Drachten, Friesland
    30.6014EHMB AME-2, Offshore Netherlands
    33.1022EHMA AWG-1, Offshore Netherlands

    1936 to present

    53° 13' 0'' N - 5° 45' 0'' E
    north west of the City of Leeuwarden
    Elevation: 4 feet

    History of this Location

    Leeuwarden opened as a civilian airfield in 1936. During WW2 the German Luftwaffe rebuilt the Air Base to a main night fighter base with three hardened runways. After the War the Dutch Air Force took over the base and transformed it to one of the main fighter bases, operating Spitfires, Meteors, Hunters, Starfighters and F-16. With two military target areas in the north sea there was much need for SAR cover. Decission was made to transfer the SAR flight flying Alouette III from Soesterberg to Leeuwarden in 1977. In 1994 the Alouette III was replaced by the Agusta Bell AB-412SP.

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    List of units at Leeuwarden AB

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1997/15303 SquadronAB412SP 1997/15
    1977/97SAR FlightAB412SP 1994/97
    SE3160 / SA316A Alouette III 1967/94


    22-sep-1425-sep-14SAR meet 2014
    25-may-0927-may-09SAR meet 2009
    04-oct-9406-oct-94SAR meet 1994

    List of aircraft and events at Leeuwarden AB

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    By Date | By Serial

    1985-may-01 S-61A-1 U-278
    1985-jun-01 MK41 8961
    1985-jun-01 MK41 8961
    1985-jun-18 SE3160 A-235
    1985-jun-21 SAR Flight SE3160 H-20
    1985-jun-21 RNLAF SE3160 A-246
    1985-jun-22 S-61A-1 U-279
    1985-jun-22 SE3160 H-67
    1986-jun-16 MK81 283
    1988-sep-06 SE3160 H-81
    1989-apr-26 AS-61R MM80989 / 15-20
    1989-apr-26 HAS.1 XV647 / CU-820
    1989-apr-26 HC.2 XR588
    1989-apr-26 SE3160 H-67
    1989-jul-04 SE3160 H-20
    1990-jun-08 AS-61R MM80981 / 15-10
    1990-jun-08 RNLAF SE3160 A-247
    1990-jun-08 RNLAF SE3160 A-177
    1990-jun-08 SAR Flight SE3160 H-67
    1990-jun-09 SA365N PH-SSP
    1990-jun-19 HAS.1 XV650 / CU-180
    1991-may-15 RNLAF SE3160 H-75
    1992-mar-25 SE3160 H-67
    1993-jul-02 A129C MM81392 / E.I.922
    1994-jul-02 SA316B A-536
    1994-oct 771 NAS HAS.5 ZE418
    1994-oct 771 NAS HC.4 ZF124
    1994-oct Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK25 262
    1994-oct Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS05
    1994-oct-04 RNoAF MK43 060
    1997-aug-01 MK27 273
    1997-sep-19 Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre A109BA H10
    1998-jul-03 Slovenska Vojska 412EP H2-36
    1998-jul-03 RNLAF AH-64A 68983
    1998-jul-03 RNLAF CH-47D D-667
    1998-jul-04 105P 8725
    1998-jul-04 A109BA H23
    1998-jul-04 AH.1 XW844
    1998-jul-04 AS532U2 S-453
    1998-jul-04 CH-47D D-667
    1998-jul-04 MK27 273
    1998-jul-04 OH-58B 3C-OE
    1999-jul-20 RNoAF 412SP 141
    1999-jul-26 RNoAF 412SP 141
    2001-jul-06 AH-64D Q-10
    2001-jul-06 CH-47D D-104
    2001-jul-06 MD902 PH-SHF
    2001-jul-07 105CB B-77
    2001-jul-07 300 Squadron AS532U2 S-454
    2004-jul-13 AB412SP R-03
    2005-sep-06 AB412SP R-02
    2006-may-28 105P 8666
    2006-jun-01 AB412SP R-02
    2006-jun-16 AB412SP R-01
    2006-jun-16 AH-64D Q-26
    2006-jun-16 RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2006-jun-16 HAS.5 ZA166 / CU-828
    2006-jun-17 A109BA H29
    2006-jun-17 AH-64D Q-14
    2006-jun-17 AS532U2 S-456
    2006-jun-17 RNLAF CH-47D D-102
    2006-jun-17 CH-47D D-663
    2006-jun-17 EC135T1 8260
    2006-jun-17 MI-24V 7353
    2006-jun-17 SE3160 A-301
    2006-jun-20 AS532U2 S-458
    2008-jun-01 MK48 RS01
    2008-jun-01 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-088 / CSX81697
    2008-jun-20 105P 8625
    2008-jun-20 AB412SP R-01
    2008-jun-20 AH-64D Q-22
    2008-jun-20 CH-47D D-662
    2008-jun-20 CH-47D D-663
    2008-jun-20 RN HM.1 ZH846
    2008-jun-20 MK25 265
    2008-jun-20 AgustaWestland Italy NFH CSX81697
    2008-jun-20 SA316B M-3 / OT-ZPC
    2008-jun-20 Marine SA316B M-3
    2008-jun-20 SE3160 A-275
    2008-jun-20 UH-1H G-HUEY / 560
    2008-jun-21 AH-64D Q-10
    2008-jun-21 AH-64D Q-25
    2008-jun-21 AS532U2 S-453
    2009-may Slovenska Vojska 412HP H2-32
    2009-may 424 Squadron CH-146 146491
    2009-may Marine Luchtvaartdienst MK25 262
    2009-may Marineflieger MK41 89+70
    2009-may Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS02
    2009-may Bristow S61N.MK2 G-BDOC
    2009-may HM Coastguard S61N.MK2 G-BIMU
    2009-may-11 A109BA H22
    2010-apr-09 SE3160 A-275
    2011-may-24 AH-64D Q-17
    2011-sep HFR10 UH-1D 72+64
    2011-sep-15 A109BA H27
    2011-sep-16 105CB B-77
    2011-sep-16 AB412SP R-03
    2011-sep-16 AH-64D Q-13
    2011-sep-16 AH-64D Q-19
    2011-sep-16 AS532U2 S-447
    2011-sep-16 RNLAF CH-47D D-103
    2011-sep-16 CH-47D D-663
    2011-sep-16 HAS.2 XZ692
    2011-sep-16 HAS.5 ZA166
    2011-sep-16 HM.1 ZH837
    2011-sep-16 MI-35 3369
    2011-sep-16 Vzdušné síly AČR MI-35 3369
    2011-sep-16 MK48 RS04
    2011-sep-16 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-195
    2011-sep-16 UH-1D 72+64
    2011-sep-17 RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2011-sep-17 SE3160 A-247
    2013-aug-02 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-175
    2014-aug-04 USN HH-60H 163790
    2014-sep 303 Squadron AB412SP R-02
    2014-sep Escuadron 803 AS332B HD.21-2
    2014-sep Netherlands CoastguardNHV AS365N2 OO-NSZ
    2014-sep Force Aérienne Belge MK48 RS04
    2014-sep-22 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-234
    2014-sep-24 300 Squadron SE3160 A-292
    2016-jun-07 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH N-325
    2016-jun-09 RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2016-jun-09 Marine Luchtvaartdienst NFH ?
    2016-jun-10 Vzdušné síly AČR MI-35 3371
    2016-jun-10 Force Aérienne Belge TTH RN07
    2017-jun-27 MAA H145 PH-OOP
    2018-feb-22 Exercise Skinners Gold 4849 NAS /188 HAS.1 XV714

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