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  • netherlands Valkenburg

    Leiden, Zuid-Holland



    Satellite and aerial maps of Valkenburg with nearby locations

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    4.1089 UMC Leiden, Zuid-Holland
    13.0218 MC Haaglanden, Zuid-Holland
    13.4195EHYB Ypenburg, Zuid-Holland
    14.0227 RK Den Haag Sportlaan, Zuid-Holland
    16.2220 RK Den Haag Leyweg, Zuid-Holland
    19.4278EHQT Q13-A, Offshore Netherlands

    1939 to 2005

    52° 9' 57.25'' N - 4° 25' 5'' E
    between towns of The Hague and Leiden
    Elevation: -1 feet

    History of this Location

    Valkenburg Naval Air Station has been closed in 2005, all helicopters are now at De Kooy near Den Helder.

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    List of units at Valkenburg

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1962/73vsq 7S-58 H-34 1968/72
    AB204B 1962/78
    1952/68vsq 8S-58 H-34 1960/68
    OH-23B 1959
    S-55 H-19 1953/63
    S-51 / R-5 / H-5 1953/59


    24-mar-1425-mar-14NSS 2014

    List of aircraft and events at Valkenburg

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    By Date | By Serial

    105CBB-43 13jul97
    105CBB-44 01jun90 20feb96
    105CBB-79 27feb95
    105P87+14 07jul03
    105P87+40 07jul03
    206LPH-HXH 13jul97
    369HSPH-HTH 13jul97
    AB204B220 62
    AB204B221 14apr71
    AH-64A25480 13jul97
    AH-64DQ-08 mar14
    AH-64DQ-13 mar14
    AH-64DQ-16 mar14
    AH-64DQ-21 mar14
    AH-64DQ-25 mar14
    AH-64DQ-26 mar14
    AH.1XP901 jan78
    AH.1XP902 jan78
    AH.1XT629 jan78
    AH.1XX376 jan78
    AH.1XX377 jan78
    AH.1XX380 jan78
    AH1XZ180 15jan92
    AH1XZ182 15jan92
    AH1XZ605 15jan92
    AH1ZD282 15jan92
    AS355F1ZH141 13feb03
    AS532U2S-400 13jul97
    AS532U2S-440 mar14
    AS532U2S-441 mar14
    AS532U2S-445 mar14
    AS532U2S-447 mar14
    AW139PH-PXY mar14
    AW139PH-PXZ mar14
    CH-136136225 01jun90
    CH-136136230 01jun90
    CH-47DD-106 mar14
    CH-47DD-661 13jul97
    CH-47DD-665 mar14
    CH-47DZA712 20feb95
    CH-47DZD982 20feb95
    EC135P2+PH-PXA mar14 28jun16
    EC135P2+PH-PXB mar14
    EC135P2+PH-PXD mar14
    EC135P2+PH-PXE mar14
    EC135P2+PH-PXF mar14
    HAR.3XZ590 09mar92
    HAS.1XV655 01sep78
    HAS.1XV699 01sep78
    HAS.2XZ571 01sep78
    HAS.2XZ697 13jul97
    HAS.2XZ725 13jul97
    HAS.2XZ729 13jul97
    HAS.2 FN267 13jul97
    HAS.3ZD252 13jul97
    HC.2XR506 13jul97
    HM.1ZH840 07jul03
    HU.5XS489 07mar74
    HU.5XS496 07mar74
    HU.5XS498 31oct73
    HU.5XS511 07mar74
    HU.5XS522 07mar74
    HU.5XT459 07mar74
    HU.5XT468 31oct73 07mar74
    HU.5XT485 07mar74
    HU.5XT755 07mar74
    HU.5XT761 07mar74
    HU.5XT766 07mar74
    MK25261 11jan95
    MK25264 13jul97
    MK25265 11jan95
    MK27271 11jan95
    MK27274 10feb95
    MK27276 03apr90
    MK48RS02 14feb95
    MK81277 13jul97 13sep97
    MK81279 11jan95
    MK81281 03apr90
    MK81282 01jun90
    S-76BPH-NZW 09mar92 10mar92
    SA316BA-542 11jan95
    SA316BA-549 03apr90
    SE3160A-209 03apr90
    SE3160A-227 03apr90
    SE3160A-235 03apr90
    SE3160A-261 20feb96
    SE3160A-301 03apr90 16sep04
    SE3160A-342 09mar92
    SE3160A-414 03apr90
    SE3160A-482 03apr90
    SE3160A-489 03apr90
    SE3160A-499 20feb96
    SE3160A-521 03apr90
    UH-12E XS160 20aug73
    UH-12E XS168 20aug73
    UH-12E XS169 20aug73
    UH-12E XS705 20aug73
    UH-1D70+44 10mar92
    UH-1D72+30 23oct73
    UH-1D72+88 23oct73
    UH-1D7343 / 43 21jul99
    UH-2B152190 26sep73

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