norway Kristiansund/Kvernberget

Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal


Satellite and aerial maps of Kvernberget with nearby locations

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49.7215ENML Aro, Møre og Romsdal
100.6232 STX OSV, Møre og Romsdal
105.4227ENAX Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal
106.4235ENAL Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal
110.2052ENOL Ørland, Sør-Trøndelag
130.8076ENRT Trondheim - Rosten Heliport, Sør-Trøndelag

63° 6' 42.48'' N - 7° 49' 28.27'' E
1nm SE of Dale
Elevation: 204 feet

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Kvernberget News

Wintershall Dea Contracts for CHC Norway S-92, 25-Jun-19 : #oilandgas CHC awarded contract from Wintershall Dea to provide S-92 services to their forthcoming drilling program in the Norwegian Sea: Brønnøysund/Toutatis, Kristiansund/Dvalin, Kristiansund/Maria and Bergknapp and Brønnøysund/ Balderbrå and Gullstjerne projects

OMV Oil Contract for CHC Norway S-92, 14-Dec-18 : #oilandgas CHC’ S-92 based at Kristiansund will support OMV (Norge) AS Deepsea Bergen drilling rig beginning Q2l 2019

Centrica Norwegian Sea Drilling Program for CHC, 07-Dec-17 : CHC awarded contract from Centrica to provide S-92 helicopter services in support from Kristiansund of their forthcoming drilling program at the Fogelberg field in the Norwegian Sea

CHC S-92 New Contract for Norwegian Sea, 14-Dec-16 : CHC S-92 from Kristiansund in Norway will suppport Wintershall Norge AS drilling program at the Maria Field from March 2017

List of aircraft and events at Kvernberget

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2001-dec-10 AS332L2 Super PumaLN-OHA
2006-mar-17 S-92ALN-OQD
2007-jul-24 AS332L Super PumaLN-OMI
2007-jul-24 AS332L1 Super PumaLN-OBA
2007-jul-24 AS332L1 Super PumaLN-OPH
2007-jul-24 S-92ALN-OQD
2007-oct-23 AS332L Super PumaLN-OME
2008-oct-07 S-92ALN-OQE
2020-feb-27 Helikopter ServiceAS332L Super PumaLN-OAW
2020-feb-27 Lufttransport ASAS332L1 Super PumaLN-OPL
2020-mar-30 Helikopter ServiceS-92ALN-OQP

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