poland Ziemsko

Drawsko Pomorskie, Województwo zachodniopomorskie

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25.1111EPMI Miroslawiec, Województwo zachodniopomorskie
35.4 10SWID 21st Tactical Air Base / Swidwin, Goiás
56.0282EPSC Goleniów, Województwo zachodniopomorskie
71.9 28EPKO Koszalin, Województwo zachodniopomorskie
73.3262EPSD Dabie, Województwo zachodniopomorskie
110.7 21EPDA Darlowo, Województwo zachodniopomorskie

53° 28' 40.00'' N - 15° 43' 51.00'' E

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News about this location

US, Polish Forces Hone Interoperability Skills, 27-Feb-15 : Operation Atlantic Resolve is a NATO exercise led by the US to test the alliance s interoperability with Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian military forces.

US and Canadians Paratroopers in Poland, 29-Jul-14 : DRAWSKO POMORSKIE, Poland by Spc Hector Rene Membreno-Canales - Paratroopers of the Polish 18th Airborne Battalion, the U.S. Army 173rd Airborne Brigade and the Royal Canadian Regiment worked together during combined training as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve at Ziemsko Airfield July 17.

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2001-sep-17 IT Aviazione dell'EsercitoAB205A-1MM80550
2003-may-28 IT Aviazione dell'EsercitoAB205A-1MM80534

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