poland Góraszka Aeroklub

Góraszka, Województwo mazowieckie

Satellite and aerial maps of Góraszka with nearby locations

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21.6264EPWA Warszawa (Warsaw) - Okecie, Województwo mazowieckie
25.6 87EPMM Minsk Mazowiecki, Województwo mazowieckie
27.2290EPBC Babice, Województwo mazowieckie
52.0304EPMO Warsaw-Modlin, Mazowieckie
67.4271EPSO Sochaczew, Województwo mazowieckie
81.9149EPDE Deblin, Województwo lubelskie

52° 11' 3.84'' N - 21° 16' 51.96'' E
Elevation: 361 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Góraszka

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1998-jun-13 W-3RM Anakonda0506
2002-may-01 SW-4SP-PSZ
2002-may-01 W-3WARM0813
2002-may-25 EC120BD-HUAE
2002-may-25 UH-1D7057
2003-may-01 W-3WARM0813
2003-may-17 407SP-FDN
2003-may-17 CH-53G8413
2003-may-17 Mi-2 Hoplite211 Beautiful cat eyes on heli
2003-may-17 mi-2ch5350
2003-may-17 SW-4SP-PSZ
2003-may-17 W-3ASP-PSL
2004-may-15 A109E PowerOE-XSA
2004-may-15 EC135T1OE-XER
2004-may-15 Mi-24V Hind728
2004-may-15 SW-4SP-PSZ
2005-may-04 Bo105P PAH-18608
2005-jun-03 Mi-24V Hind728 / 4
2005-jun-04 407SP-FDN
2005-jun-04 Bo105P PAH-18606
2005-jun-04 EC135T18254
2005-jun-04 EC145D-HWVS
2005-jun-04 SH-2G3543
2005-jun-04 UH-1D7275
2006-jun-10 407SP-FDN
2006-jun-10 EC135T18254
2006-jun-10 mi-24d457
2006-jun-10 mi-24d459
2006-jun-10 SH-2G3545
2007-jun-17 407SP-FDN
2007-jun-17 Bo105P PAH-18762
2009-jun-06 AH-1F CobraN11FX
2011-dec-18 UH-1D7057

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