sweden Stockholm Arlanda Flygplats

Vallentuna, Stockholm

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26.2187ESKB Barkarby, Stockholm
32.4180ESSB Stockholm Bromma, Stockholm
34.3324ESCM Ärna Air Base, Uppsala
35.5199ESSE Skå-Edeby, Stockholm
36.4168 Stockholm Strom, Stockholm
51.8182ESCN Tullinge, Stockholm

59° 38' 47.04'' N - 17° 56' 46.32'' E
Elevation: 137 feet

Originally known as Halmsjöbanan.

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News about this location

Patria to Maintain Norwegian Bell 412, 26-Sep-17 : Patria (Sweden) awarded 3-years 7.1M EUR contract for the maintenance of the Royal Norwegian Air Force Bell 412 helicopters at their Stockholm Arlanda facility

List of aircraft and events at Stockholm Arlanda

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2001-dec-17 212SE-JLP
2003-may-11 EC135P2SE-HPX / 8-0946
2003-sep-05 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2003-sep-18 EC135P2SE-HPZ / 8-0942
2004-jan-20 hkp4b04063
2004-jun-18 EC135P2SE-HPX / 8-0946
2004-jul-06 AB412SPR-03
2004-aug-02 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2005-mar-28 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2005-sep-01 hkp4b04063
2006-mar-24 S-76ASE-JUZ
2006-may-31 S-76CSE-HOJ
2006-dec-03 EC135P2SE-HPX / 8-0946
2007-apr-08 S-76ASE-JUZ / 993
2007-may-27 S-76CSE-HOJ / 992
2007-jun-04 300CSE-JIS / 46
2007-jul-07 S-76CSE-HOJ / 992
2007-oct-31 EC135P2OH-HMV
2007-oct-31 kv-107ii-16 hkp4c04070 / 70
2007-nov-26 kv-107ii-16 hkp4c04068 / 68
2008-jan-10 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2009-jan-09 accidentAS350B3 EcureuilSE-JKF
2009-jan-17 AB206BSE-HGX
2009-feb-09 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2009-feb-26 412SPCP-2
2009-feb-28 412SP149
2009-apr-30 EC135P2SE-HPX / 8-0946
2009-jun-17 EC135P2OH-HMV
2010-jan-29 EC135P2SE-HPU / 8-0944
2010-mar-05 AB206BSE-HGX
2010-oct-27 EC135P2OH-HCP
2010-oct-27 EC135T2OH-HCP
2011-jan-09 EC135P2SE-HPX / 8-0946
2011-aug-01 EC135P2OH-HCO

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