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    Bückeburg, Lower Saxony



    Satellite and aerial maps of Buckeburg with nearby locations

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    3.1228 Hubschraubermuseum, Lower Saxony
    8.7176 Rinteln, Lower Saxony
    16.0286 Minden, North Rhine-Westphalia
    16.4246EDVY Gifhorn, North Rhine-Westphalia
    18.0241 Motortechnika Museum, North Rhine-Westphalia
    29.6050ETNW Wunstorf, Lower Saxony

    1946 to present

    52° 16' 47.46'' N - 9° 4' 51.32'' E
    1nm NE of Bückeburg
    Elevation: 230 feet

    History of this Location

    During the Cold War, this Heersflieger base was ICAO location code EDCB.

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    List of units at Buckeburg

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1973/    HFVS910Bo105P PAH-1
    1971/92HFS900Alouette II 1971/92
    UH-1D 1971/92
    1966/71HFVS700UH-1D 1969/71
    Alouette II 1966/71
    1960/    HFWSH135 / EC135T3 2018/   
    206 2017/   
    NH90 TTH 2006/   
    EC135T1 2001/   
    Bo105P PAH-1 1980/16
    CH-53G 1971/12
    UH-1D 1967/   
    Alouette II 1960/06
    S-58 H-34 1959/71

    Buckeburg News

    Fifth and Final H135 Trainer to Bundeswehr, 12-Jun-18 : #training German Armed Forces joint helicopter school at Bückeburg received the fifth and last H135 / EC135T3 from the outsourcing contract to ADAC and Milestone

    90,000 Flight Hours for Bundeswehr EC135 SHS, 27-Oct-16 : The EC135 (SHS) training helicopter fleet of the German Armed Forces reached 90,000 flight hours since introduction in 2001

    CAE to Support German Army Aviation School, 15-Dec-14 : CAE was awarded support services contract for the German Army Aviation School simulators in Bueckeburg.

    200th NH90 goes to Belgium, 24-Jun-14 : NHI celebrated today the 200th NH90 helicopter delivery.

    List of aircraft and events at Buckeburg

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    By Date | By Serial

    105M80+10 10sep06
    105P86+09 10sep06
    105P86+26 10sep06
    105P86+29 10sep06
    105P86+44 10sep06
    105P86+51 10sep06
    105P86+55 10sep06
    105P86+66 10sep06
    105P86+71 10sep06
    105P8626 10sep06
    105P8644 10sep06
    105P8655 09sep06
    105P87+29 10sep06
    105P87+55 10sep06
    105P87+92 10sep06
    105P88+05 10sep06
    105P88+10 10sep06
    105P8805 10sep06
    206B-3D-HMFA mar17 mar17
    206B-3D-HMFB mar17 mar17
    206B-3D-HMFC mar17 mar17
    206B-3D-HMFD mar17 mar17
    206B-3D-HMFE mar17 mar17
    206B-3D-HMFF mar17 mar17
    412SP139 10sep06
    412SP143 10sep06
    A109BAH42 10sep06
    AH-64D01-5243 10sep06
    AH7ZE376 10sep06
    AS332L1D-HEGE 09sep06 10sep06
    AS532ULT-336 01sep06 10sep06
    BK117A1D-HMUS 09sep06
    CH-53G84+05 10sep06
    CH-53G84+11 10sep06
    CH-53G84+13 10sep06
    CH-53G84+14 10sep06
    CH-53G84+18 10sep06
    CH-53G84+27 10sep06
    CH-53G84+32 10sep06
    CH-53G84+41 jun99 10sep06
    CH-53G84+57 10sep06
    CH-53G84+65 10sep06
    CH-53G84+72 10sep06
    CH-53G84+76 10sep06
    CH-53G84+87 10sep06
    CH-53G84+98 10sep06
    CH-53G8405 10sep06
    CH-53G8411 01jun12
    CH-53G8413 10sep06
    CH-53G8414 17oct05 09sep06
    CH-53G8487 10sep06
    EC135T182 51 10sep06
    EC135T182+51 10sep15 01apr16
    EC135T182+52 10sep06
    EC135T182+53 10sep06 jan13
    EC135T182+54 10sep06
    EC135T182+55 10sep06
    EC135T182+56 10sep06 jan13
    EC135T182+57 10sep06 10sep06 11oct12
    EC135T182+59 jan13
    EC135T182+60 10sep06
    EC135T182+61 29aug12 03apr14 10sep15 19jan16
    EC135T182+62 10sep06 01jul19
    EC135T182+63 10sep06 jan13
    EC135T182+64 10sep06 jan13 20mar14 14nov16 20apr17
    EC135T182+65 10sep06
    EC135T18261 12sep05
    EC135T18264 10sep06
    EC155BD-HLTI 10sep06
    H-34AQA+471 10sep06
    H145D-HYAL 20nov19
    HAP2004 10sep06
    HAP2004 / ATE 09sep06
    MD902D-HPNA 10sep06
    mi-24p? 09sep06
    mi-24p335 10sep06
    mi-24p96+49 10sep06
    MI-24V718 10sep06
    MI-8PS93+80 10sep06
    MI-8PSHS-6 10sep06
    MK4189+54 10sep06
    MK418954 09sep06
    MK888309 09sep06
    MK88A83+09 10sep06
    MK88A8309 09sep06 09sep06
    SA316B3E-KX 10sep06
    SA316BM-2 10sep06
    SA316BM-2 / OT-ZPB 09sep06
    SA318CD-HAGI 10sep06
    SA330HZJ954 09sep06 10sep06
    SA342M4210 10sep06
    SE3130 75+51 10sep06
    SE3130 75+55 10sep06
    SE3130 76+23 84
    SE3130 76+92 10sep06
    TTH78+01 26nov13
    TTH78+09 jan13
    TTH78+20 24apr14
    TTH78+21 20mar14 11jun16
    TTH78+27 15
    TTH78+28 15
    TTH78+29 11jun16
    TTH79+22 17nov20
    TTH98+93 10sep06
    TTH9893 09sep06
    UH-1D71+01 10sep06
    UH-1D71+82 10sep06
    UH-1D71+98 10sep06
    UH-1D7101 09sep06
    UH-1D72+10 10sep06
    UH-1D72+27 10sep06
    UH-1D72+80 10sep06
    UH-1D7268 10sep06
    UH-1D73+79 10sep06
    UH-1D98+98 10sep06
    UH-60A88-26019 10sep06
    UHT74+08 10sep06
    UHT7408 06sep06
    UHT98+12 10sep06
    V44B83+32 10sep06

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