germany Fliegerhorst Wittmundhafen

Wittmund, Niedersachsen

Satellite and aerial maps of Wittmundhafen AB with nearby locations

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14.6 96ETNJ Jever AB, Niedersachsen
25.9101EDWI JadeWeser Wilhelmshaven, Niedersachsen
30.9 31EDWG Wangerooge, Niedersachsen
32.1 94 Wilhelmshaven, Niedersachsen
33.0286EDWS Norddeich, Niedersachsen
34.0301EDWY Norderney, Niedersachsen

53° 32' 53'' N - 7° 40' 7'' E
8nm NE of Aurich
Elevation: 26 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Wittmundhafen AB

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1984-apr-28 UH-1D7046
2004-aug-04 Super Lynx mk88a8323
2006-may-18 EC135T18257
2010-apr-15 EC135T18251
2010-jun-02 CH-53G84+46
2011-sep-02 Super Lynx mk88a83+22
2013-jun-05 CH-53G84+72
2013-jul-28 HeeresfliegerEC135T182+57
2015-aug-03 Sea King Mk.4189+62

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