south africa Rand/Germiston Airport

Johannesburg, Gauteng
south africa

Satellite and aerial maps of Rand with nearby locations

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11.3352 Edenvale MOTH Shellhole, Gauteng
15.2 37FAJS Jan Smuts / Tambo Intl, Gauteng
15.9 47 Denel Apprentice School, Gauteng
28.4358FAGC Grand Central, Gauteng
40.4326FALA Lanseria, Gauteng
40.7207FAVV Vereeniging, Gauteng

26° 14' 29.76'' S - 28° 8' 56.76'' E
Elevation: 5480 feet

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List of aircraft and events at Rand

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1995-may-05 206B-3 Jet RangerZS-RBX
2000-may-23 222BZS-HDF
2000-may-23 407ZS-RJR
2004-mar-21 222ZS-HMS
2004-dec-29 A109E PowerZS-RJD
2005-jan-12 412EPZS-HAU
2005-feb-23 EC120BZS-RLO
2005-mar-31 A109E PowerZS-RJD
2005-apr-28 222ZS-HMS
2005-aug-09 407ZS-RJR
2005-nov-11 EC135T2ZS-RPW
2005-nov-28 Bk117A-3ZS-HSD
2005-dec-07 407ZS-RLM
2005-dec-16 EC130B4ZS-RWR
2006-feb-10 R44 Raven IIZS-RUU
2006-may-15 HB350BA Esquilo9J-JIM
2007-jan-01 407ZS-RLM
2007-jan-25 A109E PowerZS-RJD
2007-may-06 A109LUH4014
2007-may-06 EC135T2ZS-RPW
2008-may-03 R44 Raven IIZS-OFJ
2009-may-17 407ZS-RJR
2009-may-17 Bk117A-3ZS-HSD
2009-may-17 Bo105CBS-2ZS-HRI
2009-may-17 UH-1D IroquoisZS-HGC
2010-apr-03 206B-3 Jet RangerZS-RXB
2010-dec-03 AS350B3 Ecureuil7P-MMC
2010-dec-09 Capital Air230ZS-HJV
2011-jan-20 206L-1 Long RangerZS-HMT
2011-jan-20 AS350B3 EcureuilZS-HDK
2011-may-22 A109E PowerZS-RJD
2011-nov-13 222ZS-HMS
2011-dec-17 SA321J Super FrelonZS-HTN
2012-sep-20 AB139ZS-EOS
2013-feb-24 222UTVT-SAT
2013-mar-30 Capital Air206L Long RangerZS-HIB
2013-may-10 R44 Raven IIZS-OFJ
2013-sep-29 222UTZS-HDF
2013-sep-29 230ZS-HPK
2013-oct-05 Capital AirAS350B2 EcureuilZS-RZR
2014-mar Henley Air222UTZS-HDF
2014-mar Henley Air222UTZS-HDS
2014-mar-07 Bk117A-3ZS-HSD
2014-aug-17 222UTZS-HDF
2015-apr 222UTZS-HDI
2015-apr Henley Air222UTZS-HDI
2015-oct-11 Capital Air206B-3 Jet RangerZS-HJU
2015-oct-11 Capital Air407ZS-HJA
2016-aug-28 A109CTN-AJK
2016-sep-12 222UTN20140
2016-sep-31 Capital Air206B-3 Jet RangerZS-HJB
2016-oct-09 Capital Air206L-3 Long RangerZS-RIM
2016-nov-26 Capital Air407ZS-RJF
2017-jan-15 407ZT-RDE

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