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  • gabon Port Gentil

    Port Gentil, Ogooué-Maritime


    Satellite and aerial maps of Port Gentil with nearby locations

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    110.8149FOOH Omboue Airport, Ogooué-Maritime
    150.2029FOOL Libreville, Estuaire
    166.1089FOGR Lambarene, Moyen-Ogooué
    192.8019FGCO Corisco, Litoral
    215.9106FOGF Fougamou, Ngounié
    231.1150FOOS Sette Cama Airport, Ogooué-Maritime

    0° 43' 9.5'' S - 8° 45' 5'' E
    Elevation: 13 feet

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    Port Gentil News

    Helicopters in Gabon Serving Oil and Gas Industry, 11-Feb-19 : #oilandgas Heli Union’ AW139 providing transport and medevac service offshore from Port Gentil, Gabon. Last contract started last October. Its helicopters operating in Gabon for oil and gas industry since 1975

    Heli Union AW139 New Contract in Gabon, 18-Jan-18 : Heli Union, which is operating 8 AW139 in Africa and Asia, leased another one to be operated from Port Gentil, Gabon for offshore passenger transport

    List of aircraft and events at Port Gentil

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    2006-jun-08 212 ZS-RNR
    2019-oct Heli-Union AW139 F-HUMT

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