Georgetown , Ascension Island

saint helena, ascension and tristan da cunha Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha

Satellite and aerial maps of Georgetown with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Wideawake , Ascension Island 6.4156FHAW
off English Bay , Ascension Island 7.8047


7° 55' 0'' S     14° 25' 0'' W
off Georgetown, Georgetown, Ascension Island

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  Operations at Georgetown

Dates Operation
02-apr-8217-jun-82 Operation Corporate

List of aircraft and events at Georgetown

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1972-jan-20 AccidentRN Seawolf Leander class F71 HMS Scylla
1972-jan-20 off Ascension IslandRN Wasp XS534

1982-may-111982-aug RN Castle class patrol vessel P265 HMS Dumbarton Castle
1982-may-141982-may Attrition replacementRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Improved Tide class A75 RFA Tidespring
1982-may-14 RFA TidespringRN HU.5 XT459
1982-may-14 RFA TidespringRN HU.5 XT450
1982-jun-061982-jun-29 A I GuardshipRN Castle class patrol vessel P258 HMS Leeds Castle

1983-nov Royal Fleet Auxiliary OL class A122 RFA Olwen

1984-jun Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort I class (1978) A386 RFA Fort Austin

1986-aug-061986-aug RN Ikara Leander class F15 HMS Euryalus

2011-nov-23 Ascension islandRN Type 23 Duke class F236 HMS Montrose

2016-apr-082016-apr-12 VisitRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Rover class A271 RFA Gold Rover

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