Gibraltar Harbour

gibraltar Gibraltar

Satellite and aerial maps of Gibraltar Harbour with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
RAF Gibraltar , Gibraltar 2.2019LXGB
Hospital Comarcal La Linea de la Concepcion , Andalusia 4.9005
Algeciras Heliport , Andalusia 7.8273LEAG
Punta de Europa Hospital , Andalusia 7.8253
La Almoraima , Andalusia 18.5338LEAA
Ceuta Helipad , Ceuta 26.9177

  Gibraltar Harbour

36° 7' 52'' N     5° 21' 30'' W

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List of aircraft and events at Gibraltar Harbour

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1960-nov-28 Accident814 NAS HAS7 XN307

1961-jun-291961-jul-24 StandbyRN Improved Centaur class R12 HMS Hermes

1967-oct RN Type 12 Rothesay class F106 HMS Brighton

1980-jan RN Broad Beam Leander class F72 HMS Ariadne
1980-sep RN Ikara Leander class F114 HMS Ajax

1981-apr RN Ikara Leander class F18 HMS Galatea

1982-jun-201982-sep RN Broad Beam Leander class F69 HMS Bacchante
1982-aug-131982-aug-15 RN Castle class patrol vessel P258 HMS Leeds Castle
1982-aug-151982-sep Royal Fleet Auxiliary Improved Tide class A75 RFA Tidespring

1983 RN Type 81 Tribal class F124 HMS Zulu
1983 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Engadine class K08 RFA Engadine

1984-feb-02 RN Type 81 Tribal class F122 HMS Gurkha

1986-apr GuardshipRN Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class D89 HMS Exeter

1989-apr-21 Marina Militare Italiana AB212ASW MM81095

1997-feb-03 Off of GibralterRN HAS.3 ZD253

2014-jun RN HAS.2 XZ691
2014-sep-02 Cougar 14Royal Fleet Auxiliary Wave class A389 RFA Wave Knight
2014-sep-022014-dec-10 Cougar 14RN Albion class L15 HMS Bulwark
2014-sep-02 Cougar 14Royal Fleet Auxiliary Bay class L3007 RFA Lyme Bay

2015-dec-05 Port visitRN HM.1 ZH836
2015-dec-05 Port visitRN HM.1 ZH850
2015-dec-052015-dec RN Ocean class L12 HMS Ocean

2017-sep-112017-sep-12 Re-storedRN Ocean class L12 HMS Ocean

2018-feb-062018-feb RN Queen Elizabeth class R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth

2021-may-04 EC135T3 N735VT
2021-jul-072021-jul-11 RN Queen Elizabeth class R09 HMS Prince of Wales

2022-jul-25 RN River (Batch 2) class P224 HMS Trent

2023-oct-092023-oct-12 Littoral Response Group SouthRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Argus class A135 RFA Argus

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