new zealand HMNZD Devonport

Devonport, Auckland
new zealand

1.8173NZMB Mechanics Bay, Auckland
2.0234 Auckland - Queens Wharf, Auckland
2.0 85 RNZN Museum, Auckland
2.2236 Auckland - Princes Wharf, Auckland
2.6249 Auckland - Wynyard Wharf, Auckland
3.6205NZJL Auckland Hospital, Auckland

36 49 49 secs S - 174 47 11 secs E

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News about this location

Royal New Zealand Navy 75th Celebrations, 18-Oct-16 : At least 15 countries will participate in the International Naval Review next month in Auckland to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN)


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1946-jan 1946-mar-19 RefitUK Royal NavyType 15 classF53 HMS Undaunted
1969-feb-28 1969-mar-10 UK Royal NavyExocet Leander classF47 HMS Danae
2016-nov-19 Royal New Zealand NavyProtector OPV classP55 HMNZS Wellington

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