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  • germany Luftfahrtausstellung Hermeskeil

    Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate


    Satellite and aerial maps of Hermeskeil Air Museum with nearby locations

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    14.8107 DRK Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Birkenfeld, Rhineland-Palatinate
    23.4327EDRT Trier Fohren, Rhineland-Palatinate
    25.1098ETEK Baumholder, Rhineland-Palatinate
    35.3352 St. Elisabeth Krankenhaus, Rhineland-Palatinate
    36.1036EDFH Frankfurt Hahn, Rhineland-Palatinate
    37.3329ETAD Spangdahlem AB, Rhineland-Palatinate

    1973 to present

    49° 41' 8.16'' N - 6° 57' 39.46'' E

    History of this Location

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    List of aircraft and events at Hermeskeil Air Museum

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    By Date | By Serial

    1973 ExhibitHeeresflieger V43 83+11
    1973 ExhibitHeeresflieger V43 83+21
    1981 ExhibitLuftwaffe MK.52 78+13
    1982 Exhibit MK.52 D-HFUM
    1988-jan RAF HAR10 XP352
    1993-dec RAF HAR.4 8730M
    1997-sep-01 Mi-6A RA-21133
    1998-may Mi-6A RA-21133
    1998-aug-01 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2002-oct-01 MI-14PL 618
    2004-may-02 HAR.4 8730M
    2004-may-02 HC.2 XR527 / K
    2004-may-02 HC.2 XT670
    2004-sep-06 MI-14PL 618
    2004-sep-06 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2005 Exhibit B-2 D-HOBC
    2005-oct-04 MI-14PL 618
    2005-oct-04 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2006-jun ExhibitBMI UH-1D D-HBZV
    2006-jun-15 UH-1D D-HBZV
    2006-sep-01 HC.2 XR527 / K
    2006-sep-01 HC.2 XT670
    2006-sep-01 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2008-may-01 MI-14PL 618
    2008-jul-12 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2008-sep-27 HC.2 XT670
    2008-sep-27 UH-1D D-HBZV
    2009-apr-10 MI-14PL 618
    2009-aug-22 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2009-aug-22 UH-1D D-HBZV
    2010-jun-16 HC.2 XR527 / K
    2010-jun-16 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2011 Schweizer Luftwaffe SA316B V-248
    2011-jun-07 HC.2 XT670
    2011-jun-07 Wasp XS569
    2011-aug-04 AH.1 XR597
    2011-aug-04 HC.2 XR527 / K
    2011-aug-04 MI-14PL 618
    2011-aug-04 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2013-apr-17 Mi-6A RA-21133
    2013-jul-21 HAR.4 XD186 / 870IM
    2015-oct Mi-6A RA-21133
    2016 AAC Sioux XT548
    2017 Exhibit 105CB D-HMUY
    2017 ExhibitHeeresflieger 105P 87+08
    2017 ExhibitRAF HC.2 XR527
    2017 ExhibitRAF HC.2 XT670
    2017 Exhibit ka-26 D-HZPS
    2017 ExhibitRN Wasp XS569
    2017-may AH1 XZ221
    2017-may Mi-6A RA-21133

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