usa Fort Worth Alliance Airport

Fort Worth, Texas

10.6 4952F Roanoke Northwest Regional, Texas
10.7234T67 Hicks, Texas
11.034016X Propwash, Texas
19.1192KFTW Fort Worth Meacham Intl, Texas
23.3181TX85 City of Fort Worth Heliport, Texas
24.81440TE2 Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport, Texas

32° 59' 15.35'' N - 97° 19' 7.69'' W

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By Date | By Serial

2006-oct-01 AW109E PowerN146CF
2007-may-19 407N833F
2007-dec-07 UH-1N158777 / 04
2008-jan-01 AH-1W Super Cobra164587 / WR-705
2008-feb-10 CV-22B Osprey04-0026
2008-feb-28 429C-FCTA
2009-feb-12 222UTN141CF / 1
2009-mar-01 429C-FTNB / 502
2009-mar-18 AH-1W Super Cobra165288 / MM-17
2009-mar-18 AH-1W Super Cobra165285 / MM-15
2009-oct-24 430N430AP
2010-jun-22 Bell Helicopter412EPN44438
2010-nov-01 Bell Helicopter429N429NA
2011-aug-19 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166735
2011-oct-21 MV-22B Osprey168005 / YR-10
2011-oct-21 MV-22B Osprey168008 / YR-08
2011-oct-22 AH-1W Super Cobra165449
2011-dec-07 Bell Helicopter412EPN436RD
2012-jul-12 429N429NA
2012-oct-08 HH-60G Pave Hawk90-26228 / DR
2012-oct-23 AH-1W Super Cobra165449
2012-oct-24 AH-1W Super Cobra165365 / MP-05
2013-aug-28 US Air ForceCV-22B Osprey02-0025
2013-oct-20 429N429NA
2014-may-14 Bell Helicopter407GXN407GX
2014-aug-08 US Department of Homeland SecurityEC120BN241CB
2014-sep-30 407GXN407GT
2014-oct-24 407GXN416CF
2014-dec-19 Bell Helicopter412EPN446BH
2014-dec-19 US Department of StateCH-46FN673WN
2015-mar-10 407GXN407GX
2015-mar-21 407GXN534LB
2016-oct-13 Bell Helicopter429N429WM
2016-oct-16 CareFlite407GXN417CF

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