usa Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Satellite and aerial maps of Sikorsky Memorial Airport with nearby locations

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0.7 3 Connecticut Air And Space Center, Connecticut
9.7 13KJSD Stratford Sikorsky Heliport, Connecticut
22.8 60KHVN Tweed / New Haven, Connecticut
35.0358KOXC Waterbury-Oxford, Connecticut
37.7307KDXR Danbury Municipal, Connecticut
39.31343C8 Calverton Executive Airpark, New York

41 9 51.21 secs N - 73 7 29.8 secs W
3 mile SE of Bridgeport, CT
Elevation: 9 feet

Previous 1972 named Bridgeport Municipal Airport.

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List of units at Sikorsky Memorial Airport

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1929/    Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92 1997/   

List of aircraft and events at Sikorsky Memorial Airport

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By Date | By Serial

2005 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN8016B
2006 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN8092S
2007 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN4515W
2007 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN45094
2007 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN4517G
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2580V
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2580T
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2584E
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2583M
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2583T
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2578T
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2578P
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2578M
2008 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2577Y
2009 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2064R
2009 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2077V
2009 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN20672
2009 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN20688
2010 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN20880
2010 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2145L
2010 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2088X
2010 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN2198J
2011 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN149LY
2011 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN159Y
2011 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN163L
2012 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN970P
2012 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN194H
2014 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN246EC
2014 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN271X
2014 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN256G
2014 Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92AN272U

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