usa Fort Worth Meacham International Airport

Fort Worth, Texas

5.8143TX85 City of Fort Worth Heliport, Texas
9.3167XA36 Cook Children Medical Center Heliport, Texas
9.3232KNFW Fort Worth NAS JRB / Carswell Field, Texas
13.2339T67 Hicks, Texas
18.7 940TE2 Bell Helicopter Hurst Heliport, Texas
19.1 12KAFW Fort Worth Alliance, Texas

32° 49' 11.28'' N - 97° 21' 44.63'' W

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News about this location

First Flight of UH-60A With Glass Cockpit, 08-Feb-17 : Rogerson Kratos’s UH-60A Black Hawk completed first flight after first full digital cockpit modernization upgrade


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By Date | By Serial

2007-oct-26 AH-1W Super Cobra165053 / WR-707
2007-oct-26 HH-65 Dolphin6539
2009-apr-24 TH-57C Sea Ranger162677 / E-115
2009-apr-25 CV-22B Osprey04-0027
2009-apr-25 HH-65 Dolphin6529
2009-apr-25 UH-1N158777 / MM-29
2013-nov-25 US Marine CorpsCH-53A Sea Stallion153715
2014-aug-21 US Marine CorpsCH-46D153369
2014-nov-22 US Marine CorpsAH-1W Super Cobra162553
2015-feb-20 A119 KoalaN315PD
2015-mar-04 429N429NA
2015-mar-10 429N429BH
2017-jan-26 Rogerson KratosUH-60A Black HawkN683DN
2017-mar-23 NBAA 2017H145 / EC145T2N145AH

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