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  • usa Scholes International at Galveston

    Galveston, Texas



    Satellite and aerial maps of Scholes International at Galveston with nearby locations

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    40.53117XS0 Polly Ranch Airport, Texas
    42.6093 A-MOPU, Texas
    44.0159 C JUNCTION PLAT, Texas
    44.72916R5 Alvin Airpark, Texas
    46.7307KLVJ Pearland Regional, Texas
    47.8322KEFD Ellington, Texas

    29° 15' 55.08'' N - 94° 51' 37.43'' W

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    Scholes International at Galveston News

    Era SAR Reached 1000 Mission Milestone, 23-May-16 : Era announced its Search and Rescue (SAR) AW139 helicopters, in partnership with Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), has successfully completed 1,000 missions in the Gulf of Mexico

    List of aircraft and events at Scholes International at Galveston

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    By Date | By Serial

    105CBS-4N624MB 24feb99
    206B-3N3889Y 01sep03
    206L-1N1076T 18mar98
    206L-1N10814 jan91
    206L-1N57441 aug92
    212N16974 22oct04
    212N5017H 01sep03
    407N495PH 01mar04
    407N741PH 20oct02 01sep03
    412N3911L 18mar98
    412N419EH 19aug98
    AS355FN58015 91
    AW139N113CV 24feb15
    AW139N119MW 13jun16
    AW139N151PH 18nov15 29apr16
    AW139N153PH 11jun14 20oct15
    AW139N561RV 26sep20
    AW139N808FG 10oct16
    AW139N829SN 07jul14
    CH-47DN303AJ 12jun19
    EC120BN120TX 04mar06
    EC135P2+N324XM 26mar20
    EC155B1N588CF 04mar06
    HH-60G89-26201 13sep08
    HH-60G92-26470 13sep08
    HH-60G92-26471 sep08
    HH-656582 30apr06
    OH-58A70-15150 05jun09
    OH-58A71-20414 jun09
    S-76AN1547D aug92
    S-76AN769AL 20oct02
    S-76CN761P 01nov09
    S-76CN790P 03apr15
    S-76CN861AL 01sep03
    S-76CN928DZ 10sep11
    S-92AN292PH 14jun12
    S-92AN924PH 08nov15
    S-92AN928PH 03apr15
    S-92AN929PH 21oct16
    S-92AN932PH 06nov15
    S-92AN933PH 26mar15 01dec15 01jan16 03dec16
    S-92AN941PH 09oct15
    S-92AN944PH 21sep15
    S-92AN945PH 04dec15 04jan16
    S-92AN947PH 03jun16
    S-92AN949PH 25sep15 06jan16
    S-92AN992PH 18jun15
    UH-1HN22490 22mar11

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