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  • usa Houma-Terrebonne Airport

    Houma, Louisiana


    List of aircraft and events at Houma-Terrebonne

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    By Date | By Serial

    1995-mar-14 Air Logistics 206L-1 N1078N
    1995-mar-14 Air Logistics S-76A N712AL
    2003-feb-01 407 N494PH
    2003-feb-14 407 N417AL
    2006-may-21 Air Logistics 214ST N393AL
    2006-oct-01 407 N491PH
    2006-oct-21 EC135P2 N430TM
    2012-jul-25 EC135P2 N344PH
    2012-aug PHI Inc S-76C N779P
    2012-oct-22 accidentEraSAR AW139 N385RH
    2015-mar-01 PHI Inc S-92A N942PH
    2015-mar-08 Acadian Air Med EC135T1 N911XG
    2015-mar-10 PHI Inc S-92A N926PH
    2015-mar-12 ERA Helicopters AW139 N119MW
    2015-mar-18 ERA Helicopters EC145 N968KC
    2015-mar-21 S-76C N785P
    2015-mar-25 PHI Inc S-92A N936PH
    2015-mar-27 S-76C N779P
    2015-mar-30 S-92A N927PH
    2015-mar-30 PHI Inc S-92A N935PH
    2015-apr-01 PHI Inc S-92A N925PH
    2015-apr-02 PHI Inc S-92A N922PH
    2015-apr-03 PHI Inc S-92A N945PH
    2015-apr-06 ERA Helicopters AW139 N328SH
    2015-apr-06 PHI Inc S-92A N929PH
    2015-apr-13 PHI Inc S-92A N939PH
    2015-apr-14 PHI Inc S-92A N937PH
    2015-apr-17 ERA Helicopters AW139 N403CB
    2015-apr-21 S-92A N923PH
    2015-apr-24 PHI Inc S-76C N787P
    2015-apr-27 PHI Inc S-92A N992PH
    2015-may-10 Chevron Oil S-92A N921GL
    2015-may-17 ERA Helicopters AW139 N811TA
    2015-may-22 Bristow US AW139 N925VH
    2015-may-22 PHI Inc S-92A N930PH
    2015-may-28 PHI Inc S-92A N592PH
    2015-jul-01 ERA Helicopters AW139 N109DR
    2015-aug-19 PHI Inc S-92A N946PH
    2015-aug-20 ERA Helicopters AW139 N415JH
    2015-aug-20 PHI Inc S-92A N945PH
    2015-sep-08 ERA Helicopters AW139 N524JD
    2015-sep-12 PHI Inc S-92A N592PH
    2015-sep-15 ERA Helicopters AW139 N553RD
    2015-sep-28 PHI Inc S-92A N947PH
    2015-sep-28 PHI Inc S-92A N950PH
    2015-oct-07 PHI Inc S-92A N947PH
    2015-nov-02 PHI Inc S-92A N947PH
    2015-nov-11 ERA Helicopters AW139 N604DP
    2015-nov-11 ERA Helicopters S-92A N92EH
    2015-nov-18 ERA Helicopters AW139 N159RB
    2015-nov-19 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2015-nov-22 ERA Helicopters AW139 N726MD
    2016-jan-01 ERA Helicopters AW139 N159RB
    2016-jan-01 PHI Inc S-92A N926PH
    2016-jan-01 PHI Inc S-92A N937PH
    2016-jan-02 ERA Helicopters AW139 N415JH
    2016-jan-02 ERA Helicopters AW139 N109DR
    2016-jan-02 ERA Helicopters AW139 N119MW
    2016-jan-02 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2016-jan-03 PHI Inc S-92A N946PH
    2016-jan-08 ERA Helicopters AW139 N524JD
    2016-jan-21 PHI Inc S-92A N936PH
    2016-feb-09 PHI Inc S-92A N935PH
    2016-mar-12 ERA Helicopters AW139 N726MD
    2016-mar-24 PHI Inc S-92A N929PH
    2016-mar-30 ERA Helicopters AW139 N730VM
    2016-apr-10 Chevron Oil AW139 N639GG
    2016-apr-11 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2016-apr-12 ERA Helicopters AW139 N328SH
    2016-may-08 PHI Inc S-92A N950PH
    2016-may-21 ERA Helicopters AW139 N829SN
    2016-jun-02 ERA Helicopters S-92A N92EH
    2016-jun-16 PHI Inc S-92A N945PH
    2016-aug-04 PHI Inc S-92A N925PH
    2016-sep-02 S-92A N923PH
    2016-oct-29 ERA Helicopters AW139 N553RD
    2016-oct-31 ERA Helicopters AW189 N314SS
    2016-nov-03 PHI Inc S-92A N939PH
    2016-nov-04 PHI Inc S-92A N942PH
    2016-nov-11 ERA Helicopters AW139 N604DP
    2020-mar Bristow US AW139 N239BG
    2020-mar-09 ERA Helicopters S-92A N806AP
    2020-mar-12 ERA Helicopters AW189 N503JW
    2020-mar-16 ERA Helicopters S-92A N92EH
    2020-mar-18 ERA Helicopters AW139 N119MW
    2020-mar-18 PHI Inc S-92A N929PH
    2020-mar-26 ERA Helicopters EC135P2+ N302NM
    2020-mar-30 ERA Helicopters AW189 N326LS
    2020-mar-30 Bristow US S-92A N294BG
    2020-apr-01 PHI Inc AW139 N140PH
    2020-apr-03 PHI Inc AW139 N146PH
    2020-apr-07 ERA Helicopters AW189 N314SS
    2020-apr-08 ERA Helicopters AW139 N109DR
    2020-apr-16 PHI Inc AW139 N152PH
    2020-apr-18 ERA Helicopters AW189 N189EH
    2020-apr-19 PHI Inc AW139 N153PH
    2020-apr-24 ERA Helicopters EC135P2+ N228BJ
    2020-apr-30 ERA Helicopters AW139 N808FG
    2020-apr-30 PHI Inc S-92A N951PH
    2020-may-01 ERA Helicopters S-92A N92EH
    2020-may-03 PHI Inc S-92A N950PH
    2020-may-04 PHI Inc S-92A N943PH
    2020-may-07 GM Leasing S-76A N763MH

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