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  • usa MCAS New River

    Jacksonville, North Carolina



    Satellite and aerial maps of MCAS New River with nearby locations

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    15.7144 Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
    20.4311KOAJ Albert J Ellis, North Carolina
    23.320414NC Camp Davis MCOLF Heliport, North Carolina
    52.621445NR NHRMC-ED North Heliport, North Carolina
    53.4068 Craven Community College, North Carolina
    54.8041KEWN Coastal Carolina Regional, North Carolina

    1941 to present

    34° 42' 25.92'' N - 77° 26' 43.07'' W
    2nm SW of Jacksonville, NC
    Elevation: 26 feet

    History of this Location

    Marine Corps Air Station New River is a helicopter and tilt-rotor base in Jacksonville, North Carolina near amphibious assault training facility Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. In 1972, New River airfield received the name of McCutcheon Field for Brigadier General Keith B McCutcheon, one of the fathers of Marine Corps helicopter aviation.

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    List of units at MCAS New River

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2014/    HMH-366S-80 H-53E 2008/   
    2009/    VMM-264V-22 Osprey 2009/   
    2009/    VMM-365V-22 Osprey 2009/   
    2008/    VMM-261V-22 Osprey 2008/   
    2008/    VMM-266V-22 Osprey 2008/   
    2005/    VMM-162V-22 Osprey 2006/   
    2005/    VMM-263V-22 Osprey 2005/   
    2003/16VMX-22K-MAX 2016
    V-22 Osprey 2003/16
    S-80 H-53E 2003/16
    1999/    VMMT-204V-22 Osprey 2000/   
    1996/    HMHT-302S-65 H-53 1987/10
    S-80 H-53E 1987/   
    1995/97HMH-772S-80 H-53E 1995/   
    RH-53D 1993/95
    S-65 H-53 1970/95
    1983/08HMM-266107M H-46 Sea Knight 1983/08
    1981/    HMH-464S-80 H-53E 1981/   
    1980/09HMM-365107M H-46 Sea Knight 1980/09
    1975/05HMM-263107M H-46 Sea Knight 1967/05
    1972/99HMT-204107M H-46 Sea Knight 1972/99
    S-65 H-53 1972/88
    1972/77HMM-268UH-1N 1972/77
    1971/    HMLA-167UH-1Y Venom 2011/   
    209 AH-1 Cobra 1984/   
    UH-1N 1972/12
    UH-1E Iroquois 1968/75
    1971/    HMLA-269UH-1Y Venom 2012/   
    UH-1N 1986/13
    209 AH-1 Cobra 1971/   
    1969/94HMH-362S-65 H-53 1969/12
    S-58 H-34 1962/69
    1966/68HMM-161107M H-46 Sea Knight 1966/09
    S-58 H-34 1960/66
    1965/71HMM-365107M H-46 Sea Knight 1967/71
    S-58 H-34 1963/67
    1962/66HMM-265107M H-46 Sea Knight 1962/70
    1959/05HMM-162107M H-46 Sea Knight 1967/05
    S-58 H-34 1959/67
    S-55 H-19 1952/59
    1959/09HMM-264107M H-46 Sea Knight 1968/09
    S-58 H-34 1959/68
    1957/    HMH-461S-80 H-53E 1988/   
    S-65 H-53 1967/88
    S-56 H-37 1957/67
    1954/65HMM-263S-58 H-34 1962/67
    H-43 Huskie 1956/62
    S-55 H-19 1952/56
    1954/66HMM-262107M H-46 Sea Knight 1965/13
    S-58 H-34 1955/65
    S-55 H-19 1951/54
    1954/08HMM-261107M H-46 Sea Knight 1966/08
    S-58 H-34 1956/68
    S-55 H-19 1951/56
    1952/93VMO-1UH-1E Iroquois 1964/70
    H-43 Huskie ??/64

    MCAS New River News

    VMX-1 Conducting Flight Tests of CH-53K, 26-Feb-21 : #CH53K Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron VMX-1 completed more than 25 flight hours in the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion since testing began last January 15

    First Fleet Flight for CH-53K, 20-Jan-21 : #FleetFlight VMX-1 flew the first non-developmental flight of the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion, the future US Marine Corps’ heavy-lift helicopter.

    Marines CH-53K Simulator Ready, 02-Dec-20 : #simulator Containerized Flight Training Device (CFTD), Helicopter Emulation Maintenance Trainer (HEMT) and Composite Maintenance Trainer (CMT) for the Marines future heavy helicopter CH-53K King Stallion are ready in MCAS New River

    CH-53K First Simulator Ready, 04-May-20 : #simulator Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River in Jacksonville, NC has the first Containerized Flight Training Device (CFTD) simulator for the USMC future heavy lift helicopter Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion

    New Hangar at MCAS New River for CH-53K, 12-Oct-19 : #NewRiver The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) has a new hangar at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) New River, NC for the new CH-53K King Stallion helicopters slated to arrive in the near future

    28-Nov-18 - HMLA-167 Transitioned to AH-1Z Viper #Viper
    16-May-18 - First CH-53K Delivered to US Marine Corps
    12-Apr-17 - First Japanese V-22 Osprey Crew Chief
    23-Jul-16 - Osprey Training Squadron VMMT-204
    15-Jun-15 - Marines MV-22 Osprey First Landing on Dutch Ship
    31-Mar-15 - Marines HMHT-302 Receives New Hangar
    24-Jun-14 - VMR-1 CH-46 conducts mass casualty drills
    03-Jan-13 - New hangar at MCAS New River

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